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Seattle Sportsnet’s 2009 NBA Draft Highlight Reel

88620135AB017_BLAKE_GRIFFINBecause Jay Bilas’ commentary wasn’t good enough for you, we relive the highlights of the 2009 NBA Draft first round, and let you in on some of the insights you may have missed. Enjoy.

Pick No. 1: Don’t feel bad for Blake Griffin. Sure, he’s going to play for arguably the worst franchise in the history of pro sports, but think about this. The guy is going to be making millions of dollars while playing in front of fans who have zero expectations. He can focus entirely on where he’ll be playing after his rookie contract runs out, who he’ll be partying with after the game, and whether he wants to wake up to a blonde or brunette in the morning. He’s 20 years old, a multi-millionaire, physically fit, and living in L.A. Just point him to the nearest Costco and show him where they keep the Trojans.

Pick No. 2: The premise of the movie Major League is simple. Rachel Phelps, the vindictive widow of the deceased owner of the Cleveland Indians (nay, the deposed son of the king of Nigeria…just kidding, I just wrote the first part of that sentence a little weird), wants to run the franchise into the ground so she can move the team to Florida. She enlists the crappiest players and the worst coaching staff she can find to help her achieve the goal. Things turn tragic for Phelps when the cast of misfits starts winning in spite of their evil owner, and makes the playoffs, ensuring the team will remain in Cleveland.

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