Players Propose NBA Charity Game In Seattle

According to Frank Hughes of Sports Illustrated (and formerly the Tacoma News-Tribune), a group of NBA players with ties to the area are campaigning to host a charity game in Seattle’s Key Arena.

The idea was conceived by former Sonics guard Ray Allen, and was contrived as a way to give back to the city of Seattle, as well as help the NBA realize that this market needs a professional basketball team once again.

Allen has recruited an All-Star list of talent to help him with the charity game. Players already on board with the plan include: Jason Terry (from Seattle’s Franklin High School), Brandon Roy (Garfield High School and the University of Washington), Jamal Crawford (Rainier Beach High School), and Aaron Brooks (Franklin High School). Current and former pros linked to the event include: Lenny Wilkens, Paul Silas, Detlef Schrempf, and Gary Payton. One would have to figure that a handful of others with ties to the area (Shawn Kemp, Spencer Hawes, Jon Brockman, Nate Robinson, Marvin Williams, Martell Webster, Luke Ridnour, Will Conroy, Rashard Lewis, just off the top of my head) would likewise be interested.

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Buster Olney Hates The Mariners

Buster frowns on Seattle.

I like Buster Olney, and there are many reasons why.

He’s a damn fine reporter of Major League Baseball, for one.

He has a man’s voice, unlike Tim Kurkjian, for another.

He’s not a pompous ass, unlike most ESPN analysts, for a third.

Fourth, he tends to come up with some pretty unique points of view in his articles, avoiding the standard fare that many national guys will give you.

And fifth of all, he speaks intelligently and sensibly on television, which can be hard to muster for many journalists.

All that in mind, Buster Olney has done something rather egregious that is worth mentioning: He has picked the Seattle Mariners to finish dead last in the American League West. Insane, I know.

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There’s Always The Bigger Dance

The 2010 Big Dance has been an epic year of upsets and last-second victories. Unfortunately, that has led to the absolute destruction of everyone’s brackets.

Not to worry, sports fans.

If you enjoy filling out brackets, sports radio 950 KJR’s Bigger Dance will kick off next week and allow you the chance to pick 64 more winners, as well as the 2010 Queen of the Hardwood.

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Cougars In Disarray, Homis To Blame

What is homis?

DeAngelo Casto was arrested and cited for assault on Friday morning. Cougar fans are up in arms.

One Cougar fan provided this detailed, eyewitness depiction of the events leading up to Casto’s arrest:

“[Casto] tried to get into a party at a live-out up on B St. and the door duty would not let him in.  He started swinging at people and gave one of the guys a black eye with a sucker punch and was subsequently pushed down the stairs.  Casto then put the Fraternity presidents head into a wall, giving him a gash. They called the cops…Don’t shoot the messenger, this was an eye witness account from someone who lives at the house.”

In other news, Reggie Moore has started a rumor that he could transfer to Washington on his Twitter account. Cougar fans, once again, are up in arms. is providing this subscriber-only article on Reggie Moore’s use of the word “homis” (aka “homies”) in his tweets. Apparently, they’re still waiting on UrbanDictionary over there in Pullman. Grade-A premium content from the staff at the Cf.C.

Peter Nowak Is A Disgrace

After losing 2-0 to the Sounders FC on Thursday night, Philadelphia Union head coach Peter Nowak decided the best way to deal with the inevitable barrage of losses that will follow his subpar expansion team around all season would be to accuse opposing players of being cheaters. Fantastic.

In a sport littered with flopping, dishonest behavior, and oft-suspect injuries, Nowak chose to single out Sounders FC forward Freddie Ljungberg as the sole perpetrator of all three traits. Never mind that Ljungberg is one of the best players in MLS or one of the better players in the entire world. And who the hell is Peter Nowak, anyways?

An article by The Seattle Times’ Josh Mayers does a good job of capturing Nowak’s misguided emotions. To briefly paraphrase:

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The Number One Sports Fan I Love To Hate

A while back, a pair of articles on the Top 11 Sports Fans We Love To Hate (Part I, and Part II) were well received on these very pages. In fact, to date, they’ve been the two most popular articles ever published on this site.

After discovering so many sports fans we could all live without, I never thought I’d find a new breed of fanatic that pissed me off even more than the first twenty-two. Until today. The number one sports fan that I now love to hate is The Guy Who Complains About The Guys Who Complain About The Refs. Specific, I know.

We can all agree that complaining about officiating in sports is one of America’s pastimes. Like it or not, it is. But to a degree, harping on the men in stripes can wear thin. If things are going bad, the refs might occasionally make them worse, but they should never be the sole source of blame for a losing effort by your team.

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‘Twas A Good Season

There are any number of four-letter words to sum up how I feel right now. But we’ll try to stay positive and ignore that.

Sometimes you just run into those games that weren’t made for you to win. Today was one of those games.

First, let’s take our hats off to West Virginia. They outplayed the Huskies in every facet of the contest today. Yes, they may have had a little help from the guys with the whistles (we’ll leave that touchy subject alone), but even without the stripes there to back them up, they would have won this game. Don’t kid yourself.

In particular, I was impressed with the game-planning by head coach Bob Huggins. In the first half, you may have noticed that West Virginia played a tough, in-your-face man defense almost exclusively. As a result, the Dawgs were able to take a two-point lead into the locker room at intermission.

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