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Local Media Meltdowns: 1090-Percent of Your Ass Will Be Blocked

PrintOh god, Jason Churchill. What have you done?

What follows is a Twitter exchange between one Jason Churchill, radio sidekick on 1090 The Fan’s Steve Sandmeyer Show, and some poor guy named Troy Grant, who dares to ask Churchill a question. The conversation quickly devolves from a very peaceful Q-and-A to something resembling a scene out of The Breakfast Club. Before you can say “Dick Vernon,” Churchill goes rage monster on his haplessly unprepared victim. (Though it should be noted that Grant handles all of this like a seasoned pro.)

Before you read ahead, take two things to heart while perusing the dialogue.

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SSN/KJR Podcast

In case you missed our chat with Ian Furness on 950 KJR this afternoon, here’s a link to the podcast for your listening enjoyment.

Big thanks to Josh “Pink Headband” Sabrowsky for getting us the link, and of course to Ian Furness and all the guys at KJR for making our visit possible. With any luck, we’ll be back at it again soon!

And again, thanks to all of you for supporting us through everything. Couldn’t do it without you guys!

SSN On 950 KJR Thursday!

Tune in live to the Ian Furness Show on 950 KJR AM Seattle Thursday afternoon (today or tomorrow, depending on when you read this) and join a segment featuring none other than — yes, believe it — Seattle Sportsnet.

We’ll be taking the airwaves with Ian around 2:20 PM local time, and you can expect us to address any number of subjects. From Hugh Millen, to Dawg Pack Dirt, to FSN, to all things that you, the fans, want to hear about.

If you’re not near a radio, you can catch the streaming broadcast at And if you miss it altogether, we’ll do our best to get the podcast up on the site as soon as we can.

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Hugh Millen: National Hero

In case you haven’t noticed, the Hugh Millen vs. The Seahawks Receivers story has gained national attention in the past 24 hours. After we initially detailed the events shortly after they occurred, the story was picked up by Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times, before making it to the hallowed pages of The consensus from all parties was clear: the Hawks receivers were more or less out of line, and Hugh Millen is a genius.

We’ve discussed Hugh Millen at length before, so you know where we stand. The man is the Moses of football analysts, and questioning his word is akin to telling untruths with your hand on the Bible. Why the trio of wideouts felt the need to issue a veritable gang raping of Football Moses is beyond me, but suffice it to say everyone hates them and, in turn, loves Hugh.

Hugh Millen is only one man, but damn if he hasn’t become the mouthpiece for Seattle’s football fans in the past few years. How many of us have wanted to confront T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Nate Burleson, and Deion Branch the way Hugh did yesterday? Housh is a highly-paid big mouth that has been nothing short of a bust this season; Burleson fits under the same umbrella as Housh, though over a longer term; and Branch has epitomized unfulfilled potential after arriving from New England in 2006. All three of these guys are failures when it comes to on-field performance.

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Hugh Millen vs. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Round 1

Listen to the Hugh-Housh fight by clicking here.

If you weren’t listening to 950 KJR AM around lunch hour this afternoon, you missed out on a rare opportunity to witness a member of the Seahawks exude passion this week.

It all began when regulars Nate Burleson and Deion Branch brought fellow wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh into the studio with them for their weekly show. Following their usual format, Branch and Burleson sat down for a cross-talk segment with midday host Dave ‘Softy’ Mahler before their show officially began.

A few minutes into their chat, frequent KJR contributor Hugh Millen joined the program via telephone and essentially littered the room with kerosene before lighting a match. (It should also be noted that Hugh Millen is close friends with Seahawks head coach Jim Mora, though that was not alluded to during the conversation.)

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Loyal SSN Reader To Host KJR Morning Show

If you happen to be near a radio tomorrow (Tuesday) morning between the hours of 6:00 and 10:00 AM, go ahead and tune to 950 on your AM frequency and enjoy the dulcet tones of one Ryan Divish.

For those of you who don’t know Ryan Divish, he happens to be the Mariners beat writer for the Tacoma News-Tribune and one of Seattle Sportsnet’s most loyal readers.

On a personal note, Divish hails from Havre, Mont. and is a proud alum of the University of Montana. As one of the few Seattleites who has been to Havre, being able to say I know someone from that small town is a huge accomplishment. Husky women’s basketball fans may also recount that former player Loree Payne also hailed from the bustling metropolis of Havre (which, for the record, is pronounced ‘Hav-err’ and does not rhyme with the last name of a quarterback named Brett).

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This week is Sports Heaven

heavenRegardless of who you are, or who you root for, this week is sports heaven.

The Seattle Mariners are tied for first place and hopes are high at least for at least the next seven days with the start of the season tonight against the Twins of Minneapolis. Felix Hernandez is the leading Cy Young candidate in our eyes and we are all making cases for how the Mariners can pull the impossible and be this season’s Tampa Bay Rays.

The NCAA Basketball National Championship game is also tonight. While we are switching back and forth between the Mariners game and the basketball game, we can all become Michigan State Spartan fans as we will a state that is down on its luck to victory.

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Hey Dawg Pack! Come to the Coach’s Show!

The Dawg Pack has been asked by Dave “Softy” Mahler of 950 KJR Sports fame to show up in force for the weekly Coach’s Show with Lorenzo Romar this Monday at 5:45 p.m. The show will be recorded at Anthony’s at Shilshole Bay. Coach Romar will speak for an hour with Bob Rondeau and Mike “The Gas Man” Gastineau and they will take questions from the audience and people that call by phone. KJR really want us to have about 25-30 Dawg Pack members to show up and be loud so if you can go you really should. If you are interested in attending, make sure to wear your purple. This is definitely a great way to show how devoted we are to our first place Dawgs and a way to surprise Romar who is usually only used to a small crowd being there.

If you plan on attending, please send an email to saying how many will be going with you so we can let KJR know how many people to plan for.

Click HERE for the address to Anthony’s at Shilshole Bay.

KIRO 710 AM to switch to all-sports

Jayda Evans of The Seattle Times is reporting that KIRO 710 AM radio will become an all-sports station beginning April 1, 2009.

If you’re a Seattle sports fan, this is fantastic news. For as long as I can remember, there has really been only one sports station in the area, 950 KJR AM. KJR does a decent job with their local sports talk, but really provides no national perspective on issues until around 10:00 PM each night when they switch to an ESPN feed. If anything, this development should breed competition between the two outlets and force both the old (KJR) and the new (KIRO) to step up their on-air game on a daily basis.

My only advice to KIRO is to leave the objectivity at the door. I can understand trying to appease the Hawks and M’s (and Sounders, I guess) by toning down the on-air criticism, but fans are entitled to voice their opinions and hear those of the on-air personalities, as well. In the Mariners first go-round with KIRO (which ended a few years ago), the station would always have New York Vinnie host a post-postgame show where the conversation could get a little salty at times. I say bring back Vinnie and have another go at that, he’s not doing anything these days.

And on a side note, I can’t tell you how happy I am that the Mariners are leaving KOMO Radio. There’s no reason why anyone should listen to KOMO unless they’re stuck in traffic. KOMO spent the last couple years butchering Mariners broadcasts to death and seemingly attempting to take down the career of Dave Niehaus with all their ridiculous BS. The pre- and post-game show hosts they had were straight garbage and offered nothing more than an elementary school opinion on the quality of play; honestly, if you listened just to those broadcasts you wouldn’t be able to tell if the Mariners were in last place or first place, it was that bad.

In addition, almost all the postgame calls they received came direct from retirement homes, with old guys demanding more playing time for Willie Bloomquist. “What about that Bloomquist fellow, why don’t we play him more? Put him at first base in place of that Sexton, see what he can do there. I don’t understand why they’re not playing, don’t they want to win….” Yeah.