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The PTBNL Podcast – Episode 9: The Return of Karate Emergency

Ashley Ryan joins the show as this summer’s most compelling miniseries comes to its dramatic conclusion.

Rex is heading back to Pullman for the fall and, sadly, The PTBNL Podcast must end its nine-week run.

Along with Ashley’s arrival in-studio, however, an exciting announcement about the return of one of Seattle’s favorite sports podcasts is made. The band is getting back together for the reboot of Karate Emergency.

This and more in the final episode of The PTBNL Podcast.

THE PTBNL Podcast – Episode 8: ESPY Controversy, Road Rage Fights, Husky Football, and More

Christian Caple, intrepid Husky football reporter for the Tacoma News-Tribune, joins the podcast as we go unedited for the first time in PTBNL history.

Executive producer Kevin Shockey kicks off the show by recounting a harrowing road rage incident on the mean streets of Seattle. Later on, we discuss UW’s quarterback controversy, followed by a much bigger controversy at the ESPY Awards.

Check it out in this week’s episode of The Podcast To Be Named Later!

The PTBNL Podcast – Episode 7: Russell Wilson’s Abstinence, Fireworks-Related Injuries, and the Future of the Mariners’ Broadcast Team

If you’ve found yourself wondering what the Seattle Mariners broadcast team will look like in 2016 — Is Dave Sims getting canned? Will Aaron Goldsmith be back? How long can Jay Buhner stay squishy? — we’ve got the inside analysis in this week’s podcast.

In addition, the inimitable Matt Holt joins the show to talk about the hilarity (I mean, tragedy) of fireworks-related injuries among pro athletes, the craziness of the DeAndre Jordan free agency saga, Robinson Cano’s stomach issues, Russell Wilson’s abstinence, and much more!

The PTBNL Podcast – Episode 5: A New Approach to Tinder, LeBron James, and Mariner Magic

Intrepid reporters Josh Liebeskind (The Seattle Times) and Jacob Thorpe (The Spokesman Review) join the program for a cavalcade of discussion topics.

From bachelor parties, to dudes tanning themselves on the beach, to LeBron James, to the warmth of Jack Zduriencik’s hot seat and more, we touch on all the things you may or may not care about in Episode 5.

The show really takes off with the return of the Rex Looks for Love segment, which answers the question “What happens when you only send quotes from Ichiro Suzuki to prospective love interests?”


The PTBNL Podcast – Episode 4: Jon Ryan

Is there a better representation of true American heroism than Seattle Seahawks punter and native Canadian Jon Ryan? I don’t think so.

On this week’s episode we welcome the Super Bowl Champion and 2005 CFL All-Star to the show to discuss everything from Bar Rescue, to American Ninja Warrior, to his social media prowess, to actual on-field football banter. And amidst all of that, Ryan will talk you back onto the Seattle Mariners bandwagon, if you aren’t there already.

Matt Mikolas, aka Slickhawk, from Sports Radio KJR’s Mitch in the Morning show joins us as in-studio guest host for the hour. And if you’ve ever had any debate over whether weddings held on the Fourth of July are fair or foul, we break it down from the opening bell.


The PTBNL Podcast – Episode 2: Now 50-Percent More Engaging!

Somehow, we’ve made it to multiple episodes of The PTBNL Podcast, which means this thing might be here to stay.

On this week’s edition of the show, we welcome Sportspress Northwest’s Adam Lewis into the studio, as we discuss many things of non-importance and other things that are slightly more important.

Hot takes include Mariners talk, Russell Wilson on-field and off-field action, the stupidity of crowd funding pro athletes, a discussion around the SODO arena, and a new segment we like to call “Rex Looks for Love.”

Find it all by clicking play up above.

And once you’ve listened, please be sure to coax someone into donating to our Free Tom Brady GoFundMe campaign.

The PTBNL Podcast – Episode 1

With great pride, I present to you the debut episode of The PTBNL Podcast. Never mind the fact that The Podcast To Be Named Later Podcast is somewhat redundant, a la “PIN number,” or that we may or may not keep the lack of a name we’ve employed for the time being.

All you need to know is that Rex Carlin and I have taken our oral talents and turned them into aural pleasure for anyone who dares to click play on that which you see above. If nothing else, it should be a madcap adventure.

Our inaugural foray into this world of hot takes includes discussion around your 2015 Seattle Mariners, the Seahawks’ Bruce Irvin, a commentary on Bill Simmons and media, and features the first of our weekly guests, Minnesota Timberwolves’ guard and reigning NBA Slam Dunk champion Zach LaVine.

Check it out if you dare, and thanks for listening.