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Pic O’ The Day

In a picture taken from this week’s Sports Illustrated, President Barack Obama schools UNC forward Tyler Hansbrough on his way to an easy layup. Reports out of Chapel Hill confirm that Obama called Hansbrough a “punk beyotch” on his drive through the lane, and told Hansbrough later on that he “played defense like Luke Ridnour’s little sister’s wheelchair-bound friend.” Ouch.

Uh oh, WNBA fans: Candace Parker is pregnant (and Pic O’ The Day)

You know what that means. Lady Jordan is going to be sidelined for a while with a baby, meaning the Tiger Woods of her otherwise floundering sport won’t be on the court to be the Superwoman of the league. If anyone can bounce back from having a kid, though, it’s probably Air Parker, who is without a doubt the WNBA’s main (only?) attraction.

Interesting note about Parker: her husband is former Duke Blue Devil and current Sacramento King Shelden Williams. Yeah, that guy. He’s not what one would call normal looking, but when you’re a chick that’s 6’4″, you can’t really be too choosy. Anyways, because here at SSN we’re good people, we went ahead and morphed an image of Parker with an image of Williams to show you what the baby will one day look like. Here’s the result:

The outline in the background is due to the discrepancy in hair lengths, Parker’s being long and Williams’ being short. Surprisingly, however, the face on that kid is okay. Apparently he’s/she’s got more Parker in him/her than Williams, and that’s a good thing. The light facial hair is kind of Michael Jackson-esque, assuming Michael had stayed black. Anyways, that’s the result whether you like it or not. Sorry WNBA fans, better luck next time.

Caleb Forrest, Dirty Player and Pic O’ The Day

The overwhelming reaction in Huskyland these days is that Washington State University forward Caleb Forrest is a dirty player. Forrest, a 6’8″ senior who resembles a cross between a giant leprechaun and mountain hillbilly (a “leprebilly,” if you will), punched UW forward Darnell Gant in the head in the closing minutes of Saturday’s game setting off a miniature melee and sparking a debate on whether Forrest should have been ejected from the contest.

Either way, Forrest’s impression of Manny Pacquiao didn’t come off very well on the west side of the mountains and has been the talk of local sports radio for most of the day. So is Forrest really a dirty player? Who knows for sure, but I did find this picture of Forrest matched up against North Carolina forward Tyler Hansbrough in last year’s NCAA Tournament. A warning, it is fairly graphic and Hansbrough’s reaction seemingly tells the whole story. Needless to say, Forrest was way out of line.