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Moments/Quotes From The Oregon-Boise State Game That Have Made Me Laugh So Far

Oregon Boise St FootballI will continue adding moments/quotes as the game goes on. Please feel free to add moments/quotes of your own in the comments section.

-“In the WAC, we strive to be champions.” –From an advertisement for the WAC. Keep striving.

-The Boise State return man stiff-arming an Oregon defender to the ground with authority.

-A Boise State defensive back wagging his finger Dikembe Mutombo style at an Oregon receiver.

-“Who would have thought that the Oregon offense would be SO inept?” –The broadcast crew.

-Rece Davis saying something about the “O” on Oregon’s helmet being a scorekeeping device for their fans.

-Lou Holtz talking/spitting.

-Mark May’s trendy white-guy glasses.

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College Football Season Starts NOW!

espn-college-football-300x287It’s 4:00 PM PDT which means that the moment is upon us: college football season is officially underway!

ESPN is broadcasting the first big game of the year as we speak, between South Carolina and NC State. Okay, so “big” game is being used loosely. But at least it’s not Wofford vs. San Diego State or anything like that.

The nightcap of their CFB double-header features a battle of two UW rivals, as the hated Oregon Ducks travel to Idaho to take on the slightly-less-hated Boise State Broncos. Personally, I find rooting for either team to be a tough task in this one.

On the one hand you’ve got Oregon, the arch-enemy of the purple-and-gold. Nike U. is a symbol of all things evil in this world, in spite of the fact that I wear Nike apparel and really like their kicks, but that’s beside the point. The point is the Ducks, to me, are the sweat on the devil’s testicles, the absolute lowest of the low in terms of the scum of the nether world.

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Top 11: University of Oregon Pro Sports Busts

pitcrew1Disclaimer: This list is straight propaganda. If you’re a University of Oregon fan, you will absolutely hate it. If you’re an anti-Duck, it will probably bring a smile to your face. You’ve been warned.

Kick ’em while they’re up, that’s what I say. Just make sure if you’re gonna do it, you aim right for the testes.

No college athletics program is more up right now than the University of Oregon.

Their football team is everyone’s sexy pick to oust USC and win the Pac-10.

Their basketball team went as far as the Elite Eight just a few short years ago.

Their track program is one of the best in the nation.

And on top of all that, they just added a baseball team after more than two decades without one.

Yeah, I’d say the Ducks are flying high, which is why it’s time we bring them down a bit.

That’s why we’ve devoted an entire Top 11 to the pro sports busts who have emerged from the UO. It’s an impressive list, and one worthy of your time. If you hate Oregon, you’ll love this.

(For each entry, we have listed the player’s name, the league he was a part of, and the year he turned pro.)

11. Samie Parker, NFL, 2004

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Coach’s Son Leaves Shaky WSU Football Program

jtlevensellerWhen your own son turns his back on you, you know things aren’t going well.

That’s exactly what happened in Pullman over the weekend, as sophomore quarterback J.T. Levenseller announced that he would be transferring from the Washington State University football program. Levenseller is the son of WSU receivers’ coach Mike Levenseller.

J.T. Levenseller, who was slated to redshirt during his freshman season, played in four games in 2008 due to a litany of injuries that ravaged the Cougar quarterback corps.

Entering fall practice, Levenseller sat third on the team’s depth chart, but dropped to fourth after freshman Jeff Tuel began to show promise in recent days.

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Why We Love Steve Spurrier (Hint: Because We Hate Tim Tebow)

stevespurrierSimply put, we love Steve Spurrier because he didn’t vote for that attention whore of a bastard Tim Tebow for All-SEC preseason first team QB.

Spurrier claims it was a mistake, but I’d say it was his subconscious coming through to make the right decision.

And now Americans everywhere are in an outrage. Especially ESPN, which cannot BELIEVE, cannot FATHOM, cannot COMPREHEND why someone, ANYONE, would not vote for Lord Tebow for any award that he could capture. This is quite possibly the gravest injustice in the history of mankind.

Now Bristol’s finest are forced to take the airwaves in absolute solemnity, as if someone has just died or something.

There’s Robert Flores shaking his chubby face in pure disdain for Spurrier’s actions.

Now here comes Jay Harris with a torch, ready to burn Spurrier’s home to the ground.

Here’s Tony Kornheiser so irate over Tebow-Votegate that he just invented a new word to fully express his anger as he talked over PTI co-host Mike Wilbon for the one-billionth time: “Frumbobulated.”

Hell hath no fury like ESPN on a day when Tim Tebow has been wronged.

We need to get King Tebow’s take on this slight ASAP. Where’s Erin Andrews when you need her? Oh, right.

Leaf Posts $45K Bond, Apparently Hasn’t Blown All Of Signing Bonus Yet

Uh-oh. He's got that crazy look in his eye. (Bellingham Herald)
Uh-oh. He's got that crazy look in his eye. (Bellingham Herald)

If there was ever a town that Ryan Leaf would be willing to pay $45,000 to exit, it would have to be Bellingham. The former Washington State University quarterback did just that yesterday, shortly after being arrested crossing the U.S.-Canada border in Blaine.

By posting bond, Leaf agreed to turn himself in to Texas authorities by a Thursday afternoon deadline. The ex-first round draft pick is wanted in Texas for drug and burglary charges.

Leaf has fallen on hard times recently, what with his drug addiction, job loss, and home invasion tactics, but that hasn’t kept him from saving a few pennies for a rainy day.

One has to wonder if paying $45,000 for one night of freedom is entirely worth it. Let’s just hope he had a good time. My guess is he went to see The Hangover at Bellis Fair. Good flick.

Tebow opts to stay in school; didn’t want fourth round money, I guess

Oh and in case you were wondering, Tim Tebow is staying in school, opting to return to Florida for his senior season rather than take an early stab at pursuing a backup quarterback job in the NFL. The guy who most experts (and I use that term loosely) have deemed a “bad pro” for his inability to showcase a prototypical skill set for an NFL quarterback, Tebow was projected by many to be a third- or fourth-round pick in the ’09 Draft. That, combined with the fact that he has the opportunity to become a two-time Heisman Trophy winner and three-time National Champion, probably helped nudge Florida’s superman back into his orange-and-blue cape for one more season.

Not that anyone cares or anything. Tebow would have obviously been hard-pressed to justify bolting for a professional career, but that didn’t stop him from making a show of his announcement to come back. Amidst the hubbub of UF’s championship ceremony, Tebow backtracked after finishing a speech on stage, grabbed the microphone, and announced he was “coming back.” Fans cheered, girls squealed, Erin Andrews renewed her contract for one more year, it was great. Good luck with that Tebow. Maybe in your senior season, you can get some reps in at running back or possibly tight end, both positions that guys like Mel Kiper, Jr. (about as reliable as Wikipedia) say you’ll end up at in the pros. Until then, the fourth round of the draft will be waiting for you in 2010.