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Tennessee’s Hostesses: Redefining The Oral Commitment

Thought about going with “NCAA Probing Tennessee’s Hostesses,” but ESPN already alluded to that in their article.

Yeah so anyways, the University of Tennessee is employing female students to attract high school recruits to the football program. I think they call that ‘robbing the cradle.’

It’s not like this is anything unprecedented. We saw it go down in uncensored fashion in He Got Game. This kind of thing happens everywhere.

I’d imagine, however, that it puts things into perspective for the females in question when they’re labeled ‘hostesses.’ They likely see themselves as jersey-chasing fans of the football program, out to catch an athlete and secure a future with an accidental pregnancy. The NCAA doesn’t see it that way, though. They view them as escorts, ladies of the evening, harlots, sex objects.

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Chip Kelly Unveils Waffle Soul To Rival Nike

chipkellyChip Kelly is weak.

First he drops the hammer on his star running back, suspending the volatile LeGarrette Blount for the remainder of the college football season.

Then, barely one month later, the head coach of the Oregon Ducks backtracks on his honorable defense of good character by stating that Blount could be back playing by November 7th, enough time to get in four regular season games.

What happened to your balls, Chip?

Kelly’s immediate reaction to Blount’s attack on Boise State defensive lineman Byron Hout, however severe, was one made with conviction and a seemingly rational digestion of the events that took place during the season’s first week.

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Dear BYU: You Need To Recruit This Kid

mercadoThe look on his face says he’d be perfect for your school.

This article also shows his willingness to do whatever it takes to kick.

It’s not every day we hype up prep athletes with bright futures.

But this kid, Cameron Mercado, looks like perfect BYU material. Just gotta get that crazy look in his eye out of there. And whatever it is he’s storing in his cheeks.

*Special thanks to Jeremy for passing along the linked article.

Join The Employ Paul Wulff Forever Campaign On Facebook

Washington St Stanford FootballGood news, everyone! The Employ Paul Wulff Forever Campaign is now a reality, and you can join our cause on Facebook.

Simply click here or follow the link on the left-hand sidebar to find the fan page for The Official Employ Paul Wulff Forever Campaign on Facebook. From there, you can become a fan of the campaign, engage in intellectual conversation with other fans of the campaign, and stay updated on the crazy mixed-up world of Washington State University head football coach Paul Wulff.

If you want to see Paul Wulff coaching football forever and ever and ever, then make sure you join the campaign today!

Employ Paul Wulff Forever!

Washington St UCLA FootballOver the past year and two weeks, it has become painfully clear that Paul Wulff has no idea what he’s doing. The head coach of the Washington State University football program is overmatched as a play caller in the Pac-10, and on top of all that his team is virtually talent-less. It’s a bad situation.

That said, I took the liberty of Googling the phrase “Fire Paul Wulff,” to which I received nine individual search results. Either nobody cares about Wulff, or people don’t want him fired, but I’m going with the former.

Next, I Googled “Employ Paul Wulff Forever,” whereupon I received zero, zilch, nil, no results. I broadened my search by eliminating “Forever” from the text, and simply searching “Employ Paul Wulff.” Still no returns. That’s job security right there.

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