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Brian Davis is a traitor!

Traitor! Brian “B.D.” Davis is a traitor! You may remember him as the guy who epitomized the mediocrity of FSN, the hyperactive joke of a broadcaster who either made you laugh at how insanely bad he was at his job, or cry because you were forced to watch him make a mockery of his profession. That’s B.D. These days, you may wonder where Davis has gone in the past year. Well wonder no more, we’ve uncovered the answer for you. Brian Davis, traitor of traitors, is now the TV play-by-play man for none other than the Oklahoma City Cloudfarts, Bennett’s Band of Jovial Losers, the Hijack City Blunder. Son of a B.

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Who is your favorite sportscaster?

Okay, Seattle sports fans. Time to vote on your favorite sportscaster. We’ve broken these reporters up into different groups and want you to have your say as to who the very best is. Without further ado, the nominees.

Favorite kid-loving sportscaster: Eric Johnson, KOMO News 4.

No, he’s not the guy that wrote “Cliffs of Dover,” but he is one of Seattle’s longtime broadcasters and the founder of “Eric’s Little Heroes,” a frequent KOMO segment that spotlights youth sports. Johnson has worked for Seattle’s ABC affiliate since 1993 and has received more than 25 local Emmy awards, according to his bio on Johnson also sports the unique ability to multitask, occasionally filling in at the news desk in a pinch and reading the day’s non-sports headlines, as well. Johnson is a former college baseball player at Washington State and has been the Sports Director at KOMO for much of his tenure.

Favorite prima donna sportscaster: Paul Silvi, KING 5 News.

All you really need to know about Paul Silvi is that he has his own Myspace page with a self-taken bathroom shot of his abs. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but go to and you’ll see that I’m at least telling a half-truth. Silvi is Silvi, and you either love him or hate him. He’s basically a poor man’s Jim Rome with half the pull, all the attitude, and a gigglier disposition. He’s been to known to get into confrontations with other media members and is the host of the High School Sports Blitz on weekends and Northwest Sports Tonight on Northwest Cable News. Like Eric Johnson, Silvi is also a former collegiate athlete, having played football at Bowling Green State University.

Favorite whore of a sportscaster: Gaard Swanson, KIRO 7 News (currently).

It may be no fault of his own, but Gaard Swanson seemingly appears on a new station every time you turn on the TV. When he first came to Seattle in the early ’90’s, Gaard backed up Paul Silvi at KING. When he realized Silvi wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, Swanson returned to his native California to do the sports there. He returned to Seattle shortly thereafter, taking his act to the new Fox Sports Northwest when it came to be in the late ’90’s. Finally, in 2002, Gaard landed at KIRO where he’s been the Sports Director ever since. In his spare time, Gaard branches out, hosting Generation Renovation on the Home and Garden Network.

Favorite under-the-radar sportscaster: Dan Devone, Q13 Fox News.

If you’re getting your news from Q13, then you’re not really getting your news at all. If KING, KIRO, and KOMO are the major leagues of local news, Q13 is their Double-A farm club, relying on gimmicks (9 PM news), antics (Top 40 music playing during commercial wraps), and a laid-back approach to reporting in order to separate themselves from those conservative stiffs on the other stations. Dan Devone, then, is arguably the Crash Davis of sports reporters in the Emerald City. He’s been bringing you Q It Up sports for nearly a decade, but chances are you don’t know who the guy is. Neither does anyone else. A Google search on Devone reveals little about the enigma he truly is, and a full-scale scrubbing of the Q13 website leads nowhere. Devone is a mystery to most Seattleites, but he remains loyal to the city and the local sports scene.

Favorite local cable sportscaster: Angie Mentink, FSN.

The former Husky softball player has been a fixture at FSN since its inception in 1999. She has seemingly endured millions of on-air pregnancies and yet has always remained upbeat in reporting news on the local teams. Even after being paired with the likes of Jason Gesser and Bob Weiss during her tenure, Mentink has managed to remain a stalwart on the local Seattle sports scene. Despite bad on-air partnerships, numerous losing seasons, and all the bumps in her lap, Mentink has remained as the lone bright spot on an otherwise subpar sports broadcast.

Favorite national sportscaster: Erin Andrews, ESPN.

Picture Rosie O’Donnell, the anti-boner. Now picture the exact opposite of that. You have Erin Andrews, ESPN sideline reporter and certifiable bombdotcom sportscaster. Andrews is a 30-year-old University of Florida grad, who first appeared on our TV sets in 2004 when she started working at ESPN. Since then, she has reached a level of stardom that few sideline reporters will ever achieve, making news despite interviewing players’ parents at the College World Series and assistant coaches on losing basketball teams. Women love her attitude, men love her other features.

In a male-dominated profession, Andrews has received her fair share of criticism, be it for attiring herself in too-revealing fashion, or for taking indecent liberties when conducting interviews. Fair or unfair, Andrews has been a lightning rod for attention ever since she first hit the mainstream airwaves and as of right now, her star only continues to rise.

Those are the choices. Now it’s your turn to pick your favorite. Check out our poll on the lefthand sidebar to make your selection. Thanks for voting!

Jamal Crawford traded to Golden State

The Warriors acquired Jamal Crawford from the New York Knicks in exchange for forward Al Harrington today, essentially swapping problems with one another. Harrington, a versatile big man with impressive athleticism, had expressed his desire to be traded after falling out of favor with head coach Don Nelson. The Knicks, meanwhile, were looking to rid themselves of Crawford’s large contract.

Crawford now has a chance to excel in a system suited for his style of play. As Baron Davis can attest, the offense-first mentality perpetuated by Don Nelson allows skilled scorers to flourish despite weaknesses in other areas (namely, defense). Crawford is likely to run the point for the Warriors until Monta Ellis can return from injury. At that point, Golden State may run into problems with a logjam at shooting guard, though an abundance of scorers in a quick-scoring offense shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

For those of you fantasy basketball players out there, this move should increase the value of both Crawford and Harrington in all formats. Harrington had been riding the pine in Oakland, but should see immediate PT in New York. Crawford will get a chance to improve his scoring and assist numbers in Golden State, at least for a few weeks. Those negatively affected by the move would have to be Warriors rookie Anthony Morrow, a shooting guard who has pieced together a couple amazing performances in the absence of scorers, and Zach Randolph in New York who will likely relinquish some of his rebounds and points to Harrington (*Note: Immediately following the posting of this article, Randolph was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers along with Mardy Collins in exchange for Tim Thomas and Cuttino Mobley).

Tuba Man Memorial Tonight

Just a reminder that there will be a public memorial for Tuba Man Edward McMichael this evening at 6:30 PM at the Qwest Field Events Center. Doors will open at 5:30 PM for the event and will feature musical guests, a variety of guest speakers, and representatives from the Mariners and Seahawks.

Issaquah native Lincecum wins Cy Young

San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Tim Lincecum capped off an All-Star sophomore season by winning the National League Cy Young Award yesterday. Despite his team’s 72-90 record and second-to-last-place finish in the NL West, Lincecum managed to piece together an 18-5 record, 2.62 ERA, and Major League-high 265 strikeouts while featuring a fastball that consistently topped out above 95 MPH to complement a vicious, “12-to-6” curveball.

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