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Most Awesome Moment of the Year Award: LeGarrette Smash

I don’t care who you are. If you didn’t get at least a little excited when Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount socked Boise State’s Byron Hout in the face, you’re not human.

The LeGarrette Punch was absolutely the greatest sports moment of 2009, made even better for those of us living in the great state of Washington. Watching a Duck bastard go apesh*t on a beyotch Bronco is akin to witnessing Saddam Hussain beat up Osama bin Laden. Two figures of our loathing attempting to cancel each other out. Fantastic.

Everything about that moment was perfect. The crap-eating grin on Hout’s face as he talked a little smack. The slightly delayed reaction from Blount. The cold-cocked shot to the grill. The look of pure horror from Hout as he was being drilled. The reaction from Blount as he backed away, practically hopping up and down. The reaction from the surrounding group of players and team personnel. The fact that Hout hit the deck with remarkable aplomb (yes, aplomb).

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Scumbag of the Year Award: Nikola Dragovic

You wouldn’t expect a guy who takes a creepy photo of himself in a hot tub to be a scumbag, but alas, Nikola Dragovic is exactly that.

Dragovic, a 21-year-old senior forward on the UCLA basketball team, endured the type of year that most college athletes can only dream about. And by dream I mean nightmare.

About a year ago, Dragovic was arrested at his Los Angeles home in a domestic dispute involving his girlfriend (or then-girlfriend, if she was smart and didn’t run back to him, Rihanna style). He was taken into custody, posted $20,000 bail (Where are you getting your money, dude?), and was reinstated to the basketball program days later by head coach Ben Howland. Howland even went so far as to call Dragovic a ‘great kid’ in the aftermath of his incarceration.

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Ironman of the Year Award: Adrian Beltre

If you’ve ever been hit in the testicles, you likely join me in applauding the heroics of Seattle Mariners’ third baseman Adrian Beltre.

A warrior in every sense of the word, Beltre endured the most painful of injuries earlier this year when a ground ball struck him directly in the man area. Not one to succumb to physical calamity, Beltre shrugged off the damage like a bad cough and continued playing in the game, unaware that he was suffering from a lacerated, bleeding testicle. Wow, just wow.

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