Karate Emergency Ep. 2.14: The Force Awakens


It’s Star Wars week, and once you get past the first five minutes of Slickhawk nerding out to his favorite movie series, you’ll find we discuss things you might actually care about.

The Seahawks have a tailback conundrum so severe that Christine Michael is back. And to make matters more interesting, Ray Rice rumors even popped up for a day or two, leading us to debate whether Rice deserves another shot at the NFL or not.

The story of the Great Basketball Ban is fully revealed, Alex is involved in a Twitter scandal, and Kelly has some terrible news for all the meerkats.

May the force be with you.

One thought on “Karate Emergency Ep. 2.14: The Force Awakens”

  1. fun Episode guys, money intro and nice kickoff into the Ravens getting demolished. after seeing the RB committee this Sunday(vs Brownies) it was cool to hear about Michael and his need to mature. I agree I love his potential and if he stays focused could help us get thru Lynch’s recovery and have as an emergency option should there be more injuries…..could we talk about how many injuries we’ve had though I know it’s common in NFL but It just seems like we are having more then ever specially with big name players which I’m sure influence this perception #DoneWithInjuries.

    crazy to hear about teacher twitter situation my bro teaches and is uber careful as much as he can about his tweets. props on sending the school a letter. Nice show.

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