Karate Emergency Episode 2.4: Taking Down the SeaPimp


Slickhawk kicks off Episode 4 by verbally suplexing another one of Seattle’s most loathed creatures. It’s a Karate Emergency tradition.

We then dispose of your Facebook hoaxes in a raging dumpster fire, analyze all the Golden Tate rumors, theorize about Momma Lynch’s grammatical acumen, weigh in on the Mariners front office, piss on the ashes of Oregon football, and tie it all together with a deep and meaningful conversation on dating one’s ex.

Check it all out in the fourth installment of Karate Emergency: The New Class, and be sure to find us on iTunes!

2 thoughts on “Karate Emergency Episode 2.4: Taking Down the SeaPimp”

  1. Any way to add a download link on the show page? No iPhone here, and pocket casts won’t let me download for some reason.

  2. He was trying to get some pussy from a tattooed married stripper named Kitty Manson or something like that.

    Fuck Twelves in fact. Seattle sports fans and men especially are the biggest group of passive fags that ever lived. I know because I am always right.

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