Strideline: Because Even If You Suck At Sports, Your Socks Don’t Have To

20141209_123651-1-1I am the worst kind of basketball player. Just good enough to be dangerous, just reckless enough to be stupid. My shot selection is best witnessed through beer goggles, and my go-to move is trash talk. No one in the world would confuse me, at the age of 30, for an athlete. Yet I still find myself playing ball a few times each week, determined to whittle the cartilage in my knees down to pure nothingness.

About the only thing going for my game is how I feel. I might not play all that well, but I feel well, at least. And isn’t feeling well what really matters?

In a kind-hearted effort to keep me feeling well while (hopefully) making me look and play a little better, the good people at Strideline sent me an array of Seattle-themed socks in time for the start of the winter season. And since I’ve been wearing their gear since they first came on the scene some five years ago, I could hardly resist their offer to take on more of their goods.

A local company founded in Seattle in 2009, you’ve probably seen Strideline’s city socks by now — at the gym, the park, upon the legs of very cool-looking people. Their city socks are fantastic, and if you’re a native Seattleite, you can take pride in the fact that the Seattle skyline was the first to adorn the calf of their stocking.

These days, Strideline is more than just city skylines — though they are up to 23 municipalities now. (Including Spokane, people of Eastern Washington! And if you’ve ever been there, you know crafting an artsy imagining of the Spokane skyline can’t be easy…)

Head over to the Strideline website and you’ll find they have a ridiculous assortment of footwear to choose from at reasonable prices. If mall shopping is more your thing, you can find Strideline products at Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Lids, among other retailers.

It’s the holiday season. Everyone needs socks during the holidays. No one has ever complained about getting more socks. Especially socks that look and feel good.

This is the only product I’ve ever endorsed on these pages. Having been with these guys for a long time now, I can tell you their socks are fantastic. While they may not make you a better ballplayer (or, more precisely, make me a better ballplayer), Strideline will at least have you looking and feeling good. And if nothing else, why not support a local company instead of a major conglomeration that may or may not take your hard-earned cash and donate it to the University of Oregon?

Check ’em out.

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