Local Media Meltdowns: 1090-Percent of Your Ass Will Be Blocked

PrintOh god, Jason Churchill. What have you done?

What follows is a Twitter exchange between one Jason Churchill, radio sidekick on 1090 The Fan’s Steve Sandmeyer Show, and some poor guy named Troy Grant, who dares to ask Churchill a question. The conversation quickly devolves from a very peaceful Q-and-A to something resembling a scene out of The Breakfast Club. Before you can say “Dick Vernon,” Churchill goes rage monster on his haplessly unprepared victim. (Though it should be noted that Grant handles all of this like a seasoned pro.)

Before you read ahead, take two things to heart while perusing the dialogue.

First, you’ll notice that the interrogating fan, played by our newfound friend Troy Grant, remains incredibly civil throughout the entire back-and-forth. About the only time he breaks from his nice-guy character is in pointing out the obvious, that Churchill is a bit “sensi-poo.” But even that doesn’t occur until ten tweets have been issued in this crusade for truth, and one has to figure that after such a vast duration both parties would be exhausted from the knock-down, drag-out nature of such a heated battle. Although Troy could maybe, just maybe, try to limit his questions on Twitter or even take the conversation offline. As it is, he seems to have the inquisitive nature of a three-year-old, or possibly this guy.

Second, lest anyone mistake this for a mano-a-mano confrontation, pay heed to Churchill’s closing move: the all-important period before the handle of his sparring partner in the penultimate tweet of the exchange. BOOM, bitch! You just got served. Now EVERYONE can see that Troy Grant has been dismissed. (One “Favorite” on that tweet, by the way.)

The masturbatory nature of such a conclusive maneuver oozes with a certain self-righteousness that could only be exuded by an individual whose brain screams FINISH HIM, Mortal Kombat style, as he types each letter of authoritative repudiation.

Now in fairness, I have met Jason Churchill once and he seemed like a perfectly normal dude. But I also didn’t ask him any questions about baseball. And it’s not as if he hasn’t set a precedent for this sort of thing in the past.

Long story short, don’t be a jerk. Especially not in 140 characters or less. And for the love of god, don’t ask people who think they know more about something than you, and who you also think know more about something than you, to share that insight with the common masses. Heaven forbid we start sharing.

8 thoughts on “Local Media Meltdowns: 1090-Percent of Your Ass Will Be Blocked”

  1. I’m glad you wrote this up… I saw that exchange last night and was pretty surprised. Churchill takes things too personally on Twitter, and then makes them public way too often. We don’t need to know that you blocked someone, nor do we care. I follow him for his decent baseball insight… but have a hard time when he makes his twitter beefs public.

  2. Churchill has been an assclown for years. The dude is way too serious and wrong about 98% of the time, with his “insights”. Rule of thumb: if Churchill says it, the opposite will happen. Sandmeyer’s an entertaining dude, too bad he’s got Churchill latching on.

  3. I too have engaged Churchill on twitter believing it to be an open exchange of ideas only to find out that he is truly a major dickhead. And I mean that in the sincerest way possible.

  4. Just an update for the story…I did get blocked by Churchill. Not that it really matters much

  5. I saw that yesterday. Churchill is a little bitch, but No offense Alex, so are your buddies over at KJR. They are just as sensitive.

  6. You’re really not trying if you’re not blocked by at least 1 local sports person…

    Mine is Jason Puckett. Can’t tease him about wazzu or he FLIPS out.

  7. Lots of the sports talk sidekicks in this town come across as overly sensitive, more-confident-than-they-ought-to-be, nerdy deuschbags. (Churchill, Puckett, Salk, etc.)

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