Top 11: Reasons the San Francisco 49ers Suck

sourdoughsamHere’s a list we narrowed down from one-billion. Enjoy.

11. Frank Gore sucks.

He scored a 6 on the Wonderlic test…out of a possible 50. His showing ranks as one of the worst all-time scores in Wonderlic history.

Rather than calling out coverages, perhaps Seahawks linebackers should pepper San Francisco’s running back with stupid questions before the snap. “Hey Frank! Spell all forms of the word ‘there.’ All forms, Frank! Not just one. And then use each form in a sentence so we know you’re not bullshitting us.”

10. Their mascot sucks.

Did you know that the Niners’ mascot is a cartoonish cowboy named Sourdough Sam? Probably not, since Sourdough Sam is the stupidest name ever. I imagine a cowboy named Sourdough Sam would be the first one to die of dysentery on the Oregon Trail. Or worse, he’d drown in the very first river you forded.

“All your oxen survived and all your supplies are intact. But Sourdough Sam is dead. R.I.P Sourdough Sam.”

9. Their dance team sucks.

The 49ers have dubbed their cheer squad the “Gold Rush.” Really? The Gold Rush? The California Gold Rush ended in 1855. The majority of people who participated in the Gold Rush were men. Nothing about the term “Gold Rush” indicates attractive women dancing and holding pom-poms. Your marketing team is an epic fail.

8. Their stadium sucks.

Candlestick Park. Most famous for withstanding earthquakes and being synonymous with a city that no one would give a shit about if it weren’t for Full House.

This butt-ugly venue was built in 1960, the same year that the laser was invented and John F. Kennedy was elected president. It’s fifty-three goddamn years old. The building qualifies for AARP and early-bird specials at shitty chain restaurants. It also holds the dubious distinction of being one of the worst places to play a football game because of the strong winds that swirl into the stadium, creating adverse conditions for, you know, sports.

On top of all that, this decaying rathole housed The Beatles’ final concert in 1966. And at the time, The Beatles had no idea it would be their final concert. Way to go, Candlestick. You’re single-handedly responsible for destroying The Beatles.

7. The best player in the history of their franchise sucks.

Seriously, Joe Montana, what the hell? You couldn’t spawn a better quarterback? Your kid came to the University of Washington for two years and barely cracked the two-deep. Now he’s playing at Tulane, the pride of Conference USA. All you are to us is the father of a kid who wasn’t good enough. That, and the spokesperson for two of the lowliest apparel brands in American history, Mervyn’s and Skechers.

6. The best player currently on their roster sucks.

There’s probably some debate about this, since no current 49er is really all that great. But for the sake of the hype machine, we’ll go ahead and say that Colin Kaepernick is the best player on San Francisco’s roster right now. And my god, is he just a disaster.

First of all, he looks like a Mii. For those of you who don’t know what a Mii is, go to the nearest GameStop, find a Nintendo Wii console, and create a male avatar. Holy crap, right away you realize that your creation bears a striking resemblance to the 49ers quarterback. Kaepernick is the product of an algorithm.

Second, there’s the whole bicep kissing thing. Look, unless you have the arms of a professional weightlifter, you simply cannot take a peck at any part of your body residing between the shoulder and the fingertips. Can’t do it. And if you do, you’re gonna look like a self-absorbed douchebag. This is why people the world around have issues with Kaepernick. Whether you loathe the San Francisco 49ers or not, it’s easy to despise someone who makes out with their scrawny noodle arms.

Third, the tattoos. What’s up with the tattoos, bro? You had a privileged upbringing in the suburbs of Wisconsin. Wisconsin. You’re not from the streets, you’re not from the hood, you aren’t part of some gang we should all fear. You’re just a dude who had disposable income as a child and apparently spent it all on ill-advised, meaningless ink. I get it: You’re biracial and you were adopted. In your own mind, that probably means you had it “rough.” Whatever.

So what’s your story? It was your time in Nevada, wasn’t it? That Reno. With all those geriatrics running around, it’s easy to get involved with a bad crowd.

5. Their uniforms suck.

Their two primary colors are also the colors of piss and blood. They should be sponsored by Tampax and Depends.

4. Their Super Bowl victories suck.

Two of the wins came against Cincinnati. Those shouldn’t even count.

3. Their players’ names suck.

NaVorro Bowman. According to a Google search, the name “NaVorro” has no meaning. Way to go, mom. Your kid is meaningless.

Anquan Boldin. The name “Anquan” means “companion.” You’re not a leader. You’re not a powerful individual. You’re an effing companion. Might as well be Tonto.

Perrish Cox. A misspelling of the word meaning “to die.” That’s, uh…cool.

Colt McCoy. Named after both a baby horse and the annoying middle child in the 3 Ninjas movies.

Kassim Osgood. His name means “dispenser of food and goods.” That’s just awful. He’s like a Safeway, or a Union Gospel Mission, or a…Pez.

2. Their fans suck.

I mean, they’re not that bad for uneducated inbreds.

1. Their coach sucks.

In general, society’s biggest gripes with Jim Harbaugh are the following:

-He whines too much.

-His fashion sense blows.

-He always has that goddamn red Sharpie hanging around his neck.

-He over-dramatizes every single little thing on the sideline.

-He makes ugly faces.

I understand all that and I certainly agree with the sentiments. But my biggest issue with Harbaugh is none of these things. No, I’m disgusted by the 49ers’ head coach for a different reason. What is that reason, you ask? Simple: He took an acting gig on Saved By the Bell: The New Class.

By now, this isn’t news. Everyone should know that Harbaugh was on the shitty red-headed stepchild spinoff of the Saved By the Bell series. But in case you weren’t aware, here’s a video of the Emmy-worthy performance:

That was horrendous. And there are so many things wrong with this.

First, everyone knows that The New Class was a disgraceful embarrassment to Saved By the Bell’s good name. It just was. As someone who avidly paid witness to all forms and spinoffs of Saved By the Bell, The New Class was little more than a train wreck. Trust me on this.

Second, Harbaugh played Screech’s cousin and Screech was the worst character in the history of the entire SBTB franchise. We’re talking about a guy who had a knack for screwing everything up all the time. Not only that, but the man who played this bumbling idiot went on to star in a homemade porno that was highlighted by a Dirty Sanchez, which is gross.

Third, what self-respecting athlete accepts a gig on The New Class, anyway? You either have to have the worst agent in the world — some Bob Sugar-esque ne’er-do-well concerned about nothing more than the almighty dollar — or possess no dignity whatsoever as a human being. With Harbaugh, I’d guess it’s the latter.

All things considered, Jim Harbaugh epitomizes the absolute suckiness of the entire organization he represents. So…much…suck.

29 thoughts on “Top 11: Reasons the San Francisco 49ers Suck”

  1. Ha ha ha! This is hilarious. “XRATS”, jealous of WHAT?! THAT is the funniest thing I’ve read yet!

  2. 11- Frank Gore’s test scores have nothing to do with his talent on the field. Football is an athletic sport, and academics have nothing to do with it. So that is completely irrelevant.
    10- sourdough Sam has historical significance. San Francisco is known for sourdough bread, and obviously the gold rush; due to him being a gold miner. Better than a stupid seahawk. Nobody like annoying birds anyways.
    9- it is just a cheer team, and the name makes sense. Yeah there weren’t any cheerleaders during the gold rush, but it goes with the team. The “sea-gals” ? Really? Are you telling me there are girls that happen to be Seahawks as well? You don’t have a good argument.
    8- they clearly don’t have a great stadium, but it was built a long time ago, what do you expect? It holds the history of 5 winning seasons. And how about that seahawk stadium? And are you dumb? The 49ers are building a new BEAUTIFUL stadium that will shit on the seahawk stadium.
    7- their best player in franchise history clearly doesn’t suck. He holds 5 Super Bowl rings. Does the best player in seahawk history have that? I didn’t think so. You’re ignorant.
    6- wether kaepernick is currently the best player or not, appearance has nothing to do with it. It’s about the wins at the end of the season.
    5- their colors are relevant. Red is for the blood they gold miners lost, and gold is for the gold they mind. White also stands for the courage and virtue they had. What about that bright like green and blue? The green itself makes me want to throw up, and it is very unappealing.
    4- they still have more wins thank the hawks. You have no argument there.
    3- the players names still have nothing to do with the way they okay football. Stop pulling stupid arguments out of your ass.
    2- to be honest every nfl fan base has good and bad fans. I would say San Francisco has fans on the better side, but then again I’m biased due to me being a niner fan. Atleast we are not loud and annoying like Seattle fans.
    1- Harbaugh has 2 winning seasons as coach and on his way to 3, so the way he dresses and all that is irrelevant. Pete carol is as annoying as it gets.

    I’m a 49er fan so of course I am going to be biased, but if you are going to hate on them at least come up with valid, educated reasons. I think the history books says it all. May the best team win.

  3. How many niners fans does it take to change a light bulb?


    They just stand around and talk about how great the light bulb used to be.

  4. Seattle fans change the light bulb and then go back to enjoying their 10-1 record.

    That said, this article is a clear example of trying very hard to find things to complain about. Waste of time.

  5. Seacocks how did that lost feel you trolls? All that mad trash talk all week and then they all disappear after the cocks lose. Seattle ain’t shit on the road, and they are beatable in that shit hole they call home. Niners all day!!

  6. haha, they let you watch the game in jail, Robert? What is it with 9er’s fans calling us Seacocks, I thought flying cocks would be a 49er’s fan’s dream. Ain’t shit? How about that shutout today? Besides, your kicker is your MVP, I’m glad you FINALLY scored an actual touchdown last week

  7. As a Seahawks fan, all I can do is shake my head at this list. Completely stupid. The Whiners suck for so many reasons and this is what you came up with? This is what happens when you leave your computer unlocked and your 6 year old kid finishes your column for you. Lame.

  8. That’s the lamest argument a fan can make. It’s also pathetic. Sports is about relevancy. How relevant is your team now and within the last few years, tops. Nobody (except for some lame-ass fans) gives a shit that you won your last Super Bowl almost two decades ago. Look at the records of both teams in the last ten years and tell me who has had more winning seasons.

  9. Lol stfu u fckn cunt 9ers for life gore is a pretty good ass running back don’t talk shit about joe he’s better thn it bitch ass quarterback I hate kapernick to and are coach is good are colors are colors fag with ur neon green the end ps we are all equally good believe it or not Seahawks and 49ers are like a reflection

  10. first off, your 31 should be losing the T not the W in his last name… second, not only does your coach pefectly represent your team, he’s the perfect clown to decorate your sideline ( biggest crybaby whining vagina in football) next, your baby deer of a quarterback – tell that self-centered hitler-moustache wearing ( and nothing else coverboy ) tippy toed san fransicko faggot to be careful – those knees look pretty wobbly – i see a couple acl’s getting fixed pretty soon. bring earplugs and book your flight to that rice/sanders exhibition game, that’s where you buttplugs belong – in an exhibition game – let the nfc west champs spank 18 into retirement. i can all ready hear the whining begin… GO HAWKS!!!!!!!
    lol… piss and blood

  11. I don’t like the niners either but man, this argument on why they suck is pretty stupid. It’s a bunch of personal rants that make another hater like you mainly sound like an illogical fool. Stop embarrassing the rest of us non-niner fans here and come up with better–smarter points to discuss if you wanna write something worthy of reading.

  12. Super Bowl Champs!!!! Yeah this is late. But SF can suck it. BTW, the way ur boy Kaepernick ran his mouth about throwing that same pass on Sherman 10 out of 10 times was idiotic. More bulletin board material for us. And Crabtree is a mediocre bitch of WR. Can’t wait to see his ass get kicked twice next year.

  13. And the santa clara 49’ers with their horrible coach and qb lost at home again. great thanksgiving. hope it felt good watching us eat your turkey on your field.

  14. This made my eyes bleed. I’m hoping this is a joke. There is no facts or reasoning. If all Seattle fans thought like this, well, I guess none of them would have a brain. I was expecting professional commentary but this is just garbage. Overall, any sports analyst will tell you that the 49er franchise is one of the most successful franchises in the NFL.

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