I Don’t Get You, Blue Jays Fans

Jays_Fans_gew6ix3d_yob827dcBlue Jays fans. What the hell, man. I don’t get you. You make very little sense to me. First of all, your team is in Toronto. And yet you all show up in droves every time this team of yours plays in Seattle. Seattle! Do you know how far it is between Seattle and Toronto?! I do. It’s 2,068 miles, according to the internet. That’s roughly the same distance between Seattle and New Orleans. New Orleans! LOUISIANA!!

Look, I get it. Many of you make the trip south from Vancouver, B.C. to cheer on your favorite team. But shit, Vancouver is no closer to Toronto than Seattle. In fact, it’s farther. As the crow flies, 2,089 miles separate the two cities. Yes, that’s even greater than the distance between Seattle and Toronto. It makes no sense. It’s like if Seattleites became unabashed supporters of the New Orleans Saints, the Pelicans, or…what other teams do they have…the Zephyrs! We would never do that. Because it’s crazy. And not fun crazy, either. Alex Rodriguez crazy.

You Canucks are insane. You never cheered for the Expos like this. Is it because Montreal’s Olympic Stadium resides roughly 200 miles farther east than the SkyDome? Was that 200-mile differential all you needed to determine which of the two teams would become your preferred Canadian baseball franchise? Was geography really that important to you?

I honestly don’t understand. You people drive like drunken geriatrics, park like assholes, love the crap out of our outlet malls, can’t get enough of American name brands, and have an unrequited, damn near inexplicable love affair with a baseball team half a world away. Do you see the people of Toronto rushing to celebrate anything that has to do with Vancouver? No. Do you see the Blue Jays organization going out of its way to celebrate an adoring West Coast fan base? No. So what is it? It’s Kawasaki, isn’t it. Just admit that’s it and all will be forgiven.

Every time you come to Seattle, we cringe. It’s a guarantee of a few extra car accidents and a reminder that “O Canada” will have to be sung before the game can get underway. That blows.

Anyway, I’m not really going anywhere with this. I just wanted to point out that what you’re doing is stupid and you’re no better off to me than Red Sox fans. Yes, Red Sox fans, those bandwagon-riding bags of douche.

Get your own outlet malls, jerks.

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  1. Somehow I think there are very few American Canucks fans from Seattle. Just supporting our Country Alex, you’d do the same.

  2. Somehow I think there are very few American Canucks fans from Seattle. Just supporting our Country and team Alex, you’d do the same.

  3. This is the #1 thing you’ll hear west coast Blue Jays fans say…(in fact I’ve heard it 10+ x today)

    “Toronto is the only Canadian based team and I am a Canadian not an American. Therefore it makes more sense that I Cheer for the Blue Jays over the Mariners or any other team in Baseball ”

    I disagree w/ this 100%, but hey that’s just me. What about cheering for the team you can effin see from Vancouver with a telescope? That’d make too much sense though wouldn’t it.

  4. Their 3rd baseman is from B.C. so his family makes the trip out, you fucking idiot.

    As well, Seattle has some amazing coffee and seasfood.


  5. 1)The Vancouver Canadians are a minor league baseball team located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Canadians are the Northwest League affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.

    2) Do you not like our money helping your Economy

    3) Canada has 1 baseball team .. why is it a crime to be patriotic .. you guys never turn down any chance to fly your flags and make it clear what country your from so why hate on Canadians for cheering for a Canadian team .. its not like we chant Canada like you chant USA at sporting events held or while playing a team from another country

    jerk !

  6. Patriotism – something you Americans exercise on a daily basis. I’m having a difficult time understanding the rationale behind writing this whiny article, other than to bash Canadians supporting a Canadian team, ‘casing’ more car accidents and enjoying your outlet malls. Clearly, ‘Alex’ has a problem with Canadians.

    See you at black Friday.

  7. Quote:

    “…Many of you make the trip south from Vancouver, B.C. to cheer on your favorite team. But shit, Vancouver is no closer to Toronto than Seattle. In fact, it’s farther. As the crow flies, 2,089 miles separate the two cities. Yes, that’s even greater than the distance between Seattle and Toronto. It makes no sense.”

    Vancouver does not have a baseball team, and clearly patriotism has a large play; in which case, distance and location are irrelevant and Canadians are just there to support their team.

    This is the most retarded article I’ve read all week. Thank you, for making everybody feel dumber.

  8. Yeah, I lived in TO for 8 years and have never regretted emigrating to Vancouver. I’ll cheer for the Jays because they’re Canadian, but I root for the M’s first because they are more local to me. But a big so what to the article. You are allowed to cheer for whomever you want, for whatever reason you want. That’s what puts the fanatic in fan.

  9. Fans in Seattle root for the Canucks in hockey, so yea seriously, what’s the deal? We’d go up to Vancouver for more games if you hosers didn’t buy up all the hockey tickets. If you’re going to root for a middle of the road baseball team with a long streak of not making the playoffs, why not the Mariners! Plus then you can come down for our outlet malls and great seafood AND get great ticket deals on a mid-week series vs. the Astros!

  10. I was at the game last night and those Canadian tools were worse than any Red Sox or Yankees bandwagon invasion I’ve ever experienced. I felt like I was at a road game. And it was weird seeing that many Jays fans at Safeco considering that they represented a larger crowd than the Rodgers center usually sees. In conclusion screw Canada!!! Kings Court will drown out all those wannabe Jays fans!!!

  11. Wow I wanted to rip the article but now I just want to bash Canadians for their comments

  12. “This is the most passion I’ve seen from Canadians since all the wars you haven’t fought. Keep it coming.”

    Yeah that has worked out so well for the US. ‘MURICA, WORLD POLICE!

    Maybe if the Mariners hadn’t been consistently garbage for the last 12 years, they wouldn’t have such a problem with a shitty fan base that lets their stadium get taken over regularly? Embarrassing.

    PS- Not a Jays fan.

  13. Maybe you should be complaining about the fact that your “Home Fans” don’t buy tickets to see your team play….You don’t like other teams fans in your park out numbering your own city’s fans, boo hoo bitch…saving there money for sonics games I guess…oh..wait….

  14. I’m going to where my “invade Canada” T-Shirt to the game tomorrow night. Screw you bandwagoning Canucks!

  15. To the person who said otherwise, yes, I do root for the Canucks, though assuming Seattle gets an NHL team soon, that will change. The thing is, neither team is going to the playoffs and whoever wins this series could find themselves 1 or 2 spots out of the protected top 10 picks of the MLB draft next year, so for the rest of this season anyway, I’m not all worked up about hard-fought losses.

    I do have to credit the Blue Jays fans though for still supporting a team that has been generally regarded as the biggest disappointment in baseball after their spending spree and all the pre-season playoff predictions, unlike Yankees or Red Sox bandwagon fans in the area, who most likely have never spent much time in NYC or Boston. But today and tomorrow, please, don’t do “The Wave”, don’t boo M’s pitchers tossing to first base or catcher visits to the mound, it’s kind of like putting your feet up on the table when visiting someone’s house.

  16. I love how insecure Candians are that they feel the need to root for a ‘Canadian’ team. You morons realize that people from Seattle were rooting for the Canucks during the Stanley cup because they are from the Northwest. We weren’t rooting for Boston because they are an ‘American’ team. Idiots.

  17. On the contrary, west coast Blue Jays fans are pretty easy to get. First, never discount the influence of national pride. Second, most of the Blue Jays contingent on the west coast makes the trip down because they grew up at a time when Blue Jays games were the only ones they could see on a daily basis on TV. Even now, if you live in Canada and you get a basic cable package it dominates the coverage wherever you look. If you see a team play on a daily basis it’s easy to develop a rooting interest. Couple that with the fact that those who grew up with the World Series winning teams of the early 90s are now in the 25-45 age range and it all seems pretty straightforward to me. And that is without even mentioning that Vancouver is the hometown of one of the Jays’ players (the highest Canadian position player ever taken in the draft) and one of their minor league affiliates.

    I’m a Seattle and a Toronto fan, but when push comes to shove, the Jays win out. Proximity means almost nothing when it comes to sports allegiances. If there is a traditional “dividing line” like a national or state boundary (and only one team lies on that side of the line), that often will be more important for some people than absolute distance from a city or stadium. And finally, once somebody considers themselves a fan of a particular team, they tend to stay that way. You’re not going to find west coast Blue Jays fans who watched them win two World Series switch to the Mariners en masse just because it’s easy to get to games. Since when was being a sports fan about it being “easy”. I’m a friggin’ Canucks/Jays/Seahawks/one-time Grizzlies fan. It would be a lot easier in a number of ways to be a Red Wings/Yankees/Patriots/Heat fan, and yet I wouldn’t/can’t be. You can’t always choose what sports teams you’re a fan of.

  18. The Canucks aren’t from the Northwest; they’re from the Southwest. But really they’re from Cascadia. Which will be the greatest country ever if we can ever get around to creating it.

  19. You’re ignorance is only out shined by your untactful attack on people who are helping support your pitiful economy. if you knew anything about Vancouver you’d know that it is overrun with people who moved there from…TORONTO.

  20. The article doesn’t account for the countless Canadians that come down to support the Mariners every game who you don’t notice because they’re in M’s gear. Or the fact that they help the local economy by coming down repeatedly. Or that there are thousands of Torontonians who live in Vancouver who can’t cheer their team because they live thousands of miles away. Or the fact that a quarter of season ticket holders of the Hawks are Canadian. Nope. Just keep complaining and picking fights. Easier than thinking.

  21. We actually don’t all love your shitty, cheaply made brands or your garbage outlets. I think people support this team cause it’s Canadian. I am quite sure that if the USA had only one baseball team but had a bunch of canadian ones at close proximity they would only cheer for the American one!

  22. The 1992 & 1993 World Series Championship teams captivated a whole country. I was 9 years old when the Jays beat the Braves, and I will never forget it. Since then, I’ve lost much of my wild-eyed wonder and naivety about the magic of pro sports.

    As a young, impressionable child, certain things were been ingrained in my (sporting) being:

    -I will always be a Vancouver Canucks fan (no matter how much I dislike many of the personnel the team employs)

    -I will always hate the Leafs (growing up around 2 die-hard Habs fans will do that to you)

    -I will always be a Jays fan, no matter how bad the team is

    I’m a little bit shocked that no one has mentioned those World Series teams in the comments yet. Maybe if the Mariners had ever won a championship, people would support them like they support the Jays.

  23. Hey Alex, keep writing more articles like this. We Canadians will continue to come down in even larger waves!

  24. Really, I’d like to get a few wins so we can be sore winners and not sore losers. This story was obviously tongue in cheek and can easily be substituted with Cougars, Huskies or Ducks.
    It should not cause an uproar.

  25. “You morons realize that people from Seattle were rooting for the Canucks during the Stanley cup because they are from the Northwest.”

    Wait… so because Seattle is closer to BC, the people of BC should cheer for the Mariners? How does that make any sense. How about you cheer for whoever you want to cheer for. If Americans in the pacific northwest want to cheer for the Canucks, it should be because they WANT to cheer for the Canucks, not because of something as stupid as region or geography. I live in Montreal… does that mean I’m forced to like either the NY Giants or NY Jets? No, my NFL team is the Houston Texans because I chose them as my favorite team for whatever reasons I did. I also happen to like the Toronto Raptors, not because they a ‘TEAM FROM CANADA’, but because growing up, basketball was my favorite sport and they were the team I was able to watch on a daily basis.

    This is pro sports, not NCAA football/basketball. There is no such thing as team attachment by regionality.

  26. People who randomly glom onto a team because “I chose them as my favorite team” are the worst type of sports fans there are, no matter what country you come from. That is why we have kids who grow up as “big fans” of the Florida Gators, Boston Red Sox, Detroit Red Wings and Dallas Cowboys who end up becoming serial killers.

  27. I will admit I am a Mariners fan living in Vancouver, BC and laugh at how some of my fellow Canucks completely throw away the “Everything about Toronto sucks” mentality when it comes to the Blue Jays. Cheering for Canadian based teams is just what some people up here thing is the thing to do. For instance, when a Canadian team is in the Stanley Cup Final there is always people who say “we have to cheer for them or we aren’t true Canadians.” Which is also BS.. Anyway, two points I will take issue with from this article.

    1. Comment about Canadians not loving the Expos.. 100 percent not true. Lots of people I know of the older generation ( I’m 29 so talking about people my father’s age) loved the Expos and are still upset they are no longer there.. If the Expos were an American League team that visited Seattle every year you would have seen plenty of Blue Clad Expos supporters.. When the Jays and Expos came to Vancouver for exhibition games in ’94 (Same year the M’s were here with Colorado) there was almost as many Montreal fans.. And the Jays had just won their second straight World Series..

    2. No need to rip us for invading your outlet malls… I understand it was probably said tongue in cheek and I laughed a little, but if it wasn;t for us Canucks your economy and tourism dollars would be lacking…

    Other than that, really enjoyed it…. Now hope the Jays lose the next two.

  28. Mariners fans are also bitter because we tried to be good peacemakers back in the 90’s and play some exhibition games up in Vancouver, but then your turf was so shitty that Edgar tore his hammy because you couldn’t even zip up the turf correctly. So screw you and your Canadian astroturf!

  29. Vancouver is about a 2 hour drive to Seattle. Toronto to Vancouver is a 5 hour flight, approx about 2.5 day drive!

  30. Hey dumb ass. Let me make this clear, Canadians bring in money to your cute lil state. The reason why so many people in Vancouver love the Blue Jays is because that was the only baseball team worth cheering for when many of us were growing up. Maybe if the Seattle Mariners actually won something there would be more of us cheering for your pathetic team. I’m sure the Mariner organization can’t wait for teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays to make an appearance because there will actually be people in your stadium. Oh I should educate you on something else, a lot of people from Ontario have moved to BC over the years. You can’t blame them, it’s the best province in Canada and a premier destination in the world. In fact thousands of people from Ontario move out to BC every year. Trust me I could write a blog about the retarded Americans who drive up north, drive like retards, can’t get out of their cars because they are too fat, and have to go to Google to find out that Ontario is on the other side of Canada. Congrats on once again showing us how dumb and ignorant Americans are. Signed…Canada.

  31. “It’s the best province in Canada” belongs in the Hall of Fame of unintentionally hilarious quotes.

  32. In response to guy who said lots of Ontario folks move out here, it’s a valid point. Leafs fans still invade at least half of the rink when they visit Canucks and the fans are getting younger and younger.. More hard for these people to say “yeah i rooted for them in the original six days,” which was what they said for years and years.

  33. Somebody has to spend money in this country, The mariners love it… If it wasn’t for The Beatle and The Blue Jays Safeco would be empty.

  34. It is because of the Canucks and everyone traveling to their away games, now that is the cool thing to do and Seattle is the closest stadium. Therefore pretending your a Jays fan and going to Seattle is as close as we can get in the summer. Plus as mentioned the Jays are the only team in Canada, which is more important than regional allegiances.

    If Boston was the only team in the USA and they were playing for the cup, you would have jumped on their band wagon too.

  35. The hilarious thing about all these Toronto fans is that not a one of them has pointed out that the Blue Jays are owned by Rogers, the same telecommunications conglomerate that owns Sportsnet, one of the two national sports networks up here. Sportsnet broadcasts every Jays game nationally and they don’t have shove them down your throat. It was pretty hilarious how quickly the pre-season ads about how great the Jays were going to be disappeared once the season started, though.

    Imagine how many more annoying Red Sox fans there would be in Seattle if ESPN actually owned the Red Sox.

  36. As someone who lives in Vancouver, it’s fairly safe to say that the baseball fans (of which there are about 3-4 in Vancouver…because let’s face it, baseball sucks) in Vancouver are probably split 50/50 between the Jays and Mariners. Just like the Seahawks games, there are a few thousand Vancouverites at any Mariners game…we just blend in well

  37. Not that being in Canada should should automatically make one a Jays fan anymore than being in the Northwest automatically make someone a Mariners fan, but as someone who is more likely to consider themselves a Cascadian/Northwesterner/Westerner, I’d say that Seattle does make more sense as an automatic expectation of fanship than Toronto.

    It’s not like a lot of us out here like Toronto as a city or state of mind in the first place. Not to mention, more of us than you’d think don’t even identify with Canada in BC.

  38. Americans go south to Mexico to party in a poor, unsafe country with its cheap liquor and less educated locals desperate for tourists to inject money into their failing economy. Canadians just do the same.

  39. Um you need to learn geography and math. Your distance is waaaaaay off buddy. Goes to show how little you know. And we don’t NEED to participate in wars to wave our flag. We help prevent them before they have.

  40. Oh fantastic, another naive American Asshole who thinks that’s Canadians do nothing all day except harvest sap and tend to our igloo’s. Why don’t you actually come up here and actually meet some people, you’d be surprised that they even knew English cause all you do is search up “Canada” on your home computer while devouring your 7 Big Mac. Get a life jackass. P.S. I hate when American teams come up to canada and i have to hear your god AWFUL anthem before we can play.

  41. There’s one Canadian team in MLB. The Blue Jays have branded themself as CANADA’s team not Toronto’s team. Comparing that to people from Seattle cheering for a New Orleans team is dumb. Enjoy having your ballpark invaded though.

  42. There are 3 letters which will be a sufficient replay. L.O.L.

    That is all. Go Jays Go from Kamloops, BC!

  43. People like you are the reason that the average, decent American has to deal with the stereotype of being an idiot. Its not Toronto fans flying over to watch the game, its people from BC, etc. especially with our 3B being from BC…it happens to all of the cities near the border (Detroit, Cleveland, etc.). You should be glad your city is getting tourism money. If you hate it so much, then how about your own fans try to fill your own building instead of leaving enough open seats for away fans? Perhaps if you went to a school and received an education, you’d be able to contribute positively to society, get a job, and get enough money to help make it so that your team’s attendance isn’t ~10,000 per game less than the Jays.

  44. Alex on behalf of all Canadians with more than 1/2 a brain I’d like to just say we’re not all as insecure as the majority of the people posting on this blog post today.

  45. “And it was weird seeing that many Jays fans at Safeco considering that they represented a larger crowd than the Rodgers center usually sees. In conclusion screw Canada!!! Kings Court will drown out all those wannabe Jays fans!!”

    Blue Jays average attendance – 31,752
    Mariners average attendance – 22,312

  46. Alex,

    You are what’s wrong with The USA. Get a grip, mind your business and let people cheer for whomever they damn well please.

    I don’t watch baseball but I do watch football, and I grew up a Vikings fan…so what cause Seattle is geographically closer I should switch teams. That makes no sense. Get your head out of your ass and write about something that truly matters.

    I am a proud Canadian!!!

  47. Here it is. In 1993 I was 9 years old when Joe Carter walked off to win the World Series. I remember bits of the ’92 run but that jack in ’93 cemented my allegiance to the Jays and that will never change. I can’t stand the Maple Leafs, Raptors or anything Toronto except that little piece of international friendly waters that I still call Skydome.

  48. Fun Fact: Did you know that since the 93 Blue Jays WS winning season (Which I might add a hefty % of people in Safeco last night cheering for the Jays were barely alive for) last won their world series the Seattle Mariners have won 20 more games? (Incl. last night’s debacle). “But you’re just so darn proud of your last place, underachieving and overpaid Blue Jays squad.”

  49. Alex. While growing up in canada we watched this neat thing called t.v. Guess who they showed 162 games of…Toronto…or Seattle? Not all fans were from vancouver. I know people from all provinces at that game. And toronto did this neat thing twice…they actually won a world series. Sorry we didnt ditch them when we grew up to cheer for your 1 pitcher team with scrubs. Shame on us. I should tell my kid to follow theMs because were 900 miles from Seattle and catch 20 games year on tv.

  50. “All the wars we never fought in”?

    That’s funny. Do you know why your white house is called the white house? It’s because is had to be whitewashed after a bunch of Canadians burned it down in the war of 1812.

    If only trolls would spend more time trolling around wikipedia.

  51. You should be grateful for every dollar we put into your dying economy.

    Furthermore YOU’RE going to whine about US being patriotic? Wow…

  52. Ok Alex you shit for brains. First of all for all the fans in the west we didn’t cheer for Montreal because we generally don’t like Quebec out here and therefore that only leaves Toronto as a Canadian team for baseball to cheer for. Second of all the little comment about us not going to war is so far off you should have your chicken shit american head examined. You do know that we have fought in every war alongside if you except the bullshit war you started with Iraq in false information. In FACT you American pussies were late into both world wars while a small country like Canada was one of the first to goto war with the allies a whole two years earlier than the US. You nearly had to be nipple twisted into entering WW2 because you didn’t like the amount of death from WW1. Pussies!!!!! You never help anyone out for sake of helping them out unless there is something in it for you come the end. Boy you really helped out in Rowanda. The only person who tried to stop genocide was a Canadian General. So really get your shit straight before you open your mouth covered in a American flag thinking you run the world.

  53. Canadians are never this angry in real life. The internet rids you Canuck bastards of all your usual passive aggressiveness, eh?

  54. This sort of opinion is one of the main reasons as to why the rest of the world hates Americans.

  55. And it is for this article that everyone hates the states. Too bad so many Americans are too blind to realize that from their ignorance, thinking they are the only ones who can do whatever they want. Well here’s a reality check, everyone else in a democracy around the world can. Deal with it cause you’re only making yourself look like an idiot. But than again, go figure.

  56. An article from a tongue in cheek Seattle sports blog is why the rest of the world hates America? LOL, get over yourselves.

  57. I’m from Vancouver and I think I’m pretty typical of baseball fans in Vancouver. I was a Jays fan when the team was good in the early 90s, but also cheered for the Expos and Mariners. When the Mariners got good with Griffey and then later with Ichiro, I became a bigger fan of the Mariners. Over the last 10 years, I have become more of a Jays fan again. Yes, I jump ship a bit, but that’s because I’m a hockey fan and only watch baseball in the summer because there’s no hockey on TV.

    In Vancouver, we used to get almost equal exposure to the Mariners and Jays. Now, it’s not even close. Every single Jays game is on one of our national sports channels while we see probably only about 50 Mariners games on TV. More than that though is the coverage the Jays get on SportsCentre and other sports shows. They’re treated like a local team. There are previews and analysis, while the Mariners get as much time as the Cleveland Indians on national sportscasts. Local broadcasts treat the M’s are treated like the Canucks are treated in Seattle.

    In short, it’s actually easier to be a Jays fan in Vancouver (other than the fact that you can only really drive to see 3 games a year).

    With that said, there’s still a lot of Mariners fans in Vancouver that drive down to watch in Seattle, you just don’t notice them. I’d guess the fanbase is split in Vancouver, 70% Jays fans and 30% Mariners. I would say that the Mariners everyone’s 1st or 2nd favourite team for sure.

    As for the outlet malls, I have no excuse for that. We just like outlet malls.

  58. Oh? The fat Americans don’t like Canadians spending money in their country? Too many Canadians cars clogging the roads and making it difficult to get to the closest drive-thru?

    Sucks to be American, I guess.

  59. This article is really funny, and apparently a lot of people posting can’t see the humour.

    Just so our American friends can understand this better, here are some points:

    1. Baseball fans in Canada grow up watching the Blue Jays because it’s the only team our sports channels focus on during the summer (although MLS is now being covered since we have 3 teams).
    2. Vancouver and Toronto have a big trade off in migration. In other words, there are many people from Toronto who relocate to Vancouver because it’s not cold like out East.
    3. The Vancouver Canadians (minor league team) is affiliated with the Jays.
    4. We never cheered for the Expos because Montreal based teams are usually considered the team of “French Canada.”

    Finally, the Toronto focus is in other sports as well. The Toronto Maple Leafs predate the Vancouver Canucks by at least 2 decades, and English Canada used to just cheer for the Maple Leafs prior to the expansion of pro hockey. Even today, comes to BC to play against Vancouver, half the crowd is cheering for Toronto. This is why we Canadians sometimes refer to Toronto as “the centre of the Universe.”

  60. Figure out that over half the Canadian provinces are closer to Seattle then toronto. You dumb maroon.

  61. It’s a 3 hour drive from Vancouver to Seattle. Why is that hard to comprehend? That’s a quick trip to see your team play. The Jays are all we have now, so why not cheer for them?

    Montreal is very Francophone, which may play a small part as to why nobody liked the Expos. For years some politicians in the province of Quebec have been pushing for Quebec to become their own sovereign nation, so naturally the rest of Canada takes offence to that and would rather cheer for the Jays over the seperatists. The western provinces have a strong economy and continue to financially support the eastern provinces (mainly maritimes and Quebec). So why Quebec would ever want to leave Canada is beyond me. The reality now is the Expos are done, the Jays are not, and the only people that lost any sleep over it was the French.

    As for the outlet malls, it’s not like we don’t have that stuff, it’s just way cheaper in the USA. Might as well stock up while your there. Don’t complain, it’s helping your broken economy! Hopefully that helps you wrap your mind aroud our craziness. Go Jays Go.

  62. Well, not of us from British Columbia are Jays fans. I’m a die hard Mariner’s fan and we love visiting your city proudly wearing our Mariner’s jerseys. Okay, so we are from Victoria but I know many many Mariner’s fans in Vancouver as well.

  63. I’m with Jason. I’m a BC guy and a hardcore M’s fan and have been since the team’s inception. Toronto means nothing to me. I dislike hockey and hate the “Canucks” but if Seattle gets an NHL team I will become an instant fan of them, even if just to spite the insufferable hockey fans in BC. Go M’s!!

    And the reason we shop at outlet malls in the US is because they essentially don’t exist in Canada thanks to high duties and tariffs imposed by our federal government, who are completely tone deaf to our complaints and calls for change. It’s also the reason many of us fly out of US airports. ridiculously high rents (airport land is fed property) and landing fees fed gov’t charges. Again, calls for change fall on deaf ears.

  64. I think the article was meant as tongue-in-cheek when it was first written last year but the perception of a whiney American is evident as well. I guess he doesn’t like the fact that over 50% if the stadium tonight was cheering for the Jays! Tsk, tsk!

  65. Shut the fuck up man! I’m a vancouverite but I cheer for the mariners. I consider the Jays as my second favorite team. Without us your already shit economy would be even worse!

  66. What a terrible article. I’m a Canadian Blue Jays fan who has made the trip to Seattle annually to see the Jays since my first trip to the Kingdome in 1991. I have always found the atmosphere surrounding this series to be so much fun or I wouldn’t return year after year. I’ve had Mariners fans be dicks to me and my family and I’m sure there have been plenty of Jays fans make asses of themselves while guests in Seattle as well. I don’t give a shit about this. There are boneheads everywhere and they are overwhelmingly the minority. I love Seattle, I love the Blue Jays and this series is something I look forward to every year. I’ll see ya in July.

    PS although I’m not a mariners fan I sure as shit miss the Supersonics.

  67. Don’t be afraid young Mariners’ fan. We come in peace. Many times throughout the year actually.

    My wife and I are big sports fans. We travel down from north-western BC a few times a season to check out M’s games (starting with Opening Day) and one Hawks’ game… (Could anyone afford to go to 2?)

    Seattle is a great town and we love hitting it up. Easily one of the best cities, if not the best, in America. Usually we’re rocking M’s gear or wearing a ’12’ flag as a cape.

    But it’s different when the Jays are in town.

    This will be the 5th straight season we attend the Jays/ Mariners series at Safeco. These games are the most fun of the season. The ball park is full of energy and the Jays fans are loud and enthusiastic. Which in turn gets the M’s fans making more noise than usual. (The King’s Court games are the most fun, of course.)

    Not being able to understand why Canadians support their 1! ball team is odd to me. Every Jays game is on the tube in Canada. Has been for years. I grew up a Jays fan. Watched them win many division titles and a couple WS.

    Canada supports the Jays. Deal with it.

    Seattle may see the largest influx, but all the US border towns get a Jays invasion of some kind during game days. You guys just get the most because you have the coolest town to visit.

    Personally, I tire of the nationalistic stuff at the games. Blue Jays fans waving Canada flags… M’s fans chanting, “USA! USA!” like it’s the Olympics… But this stuff is minor. The gams are a ton of fun.

    Maybe ask the staff raking in the tips while selling beer at the concession stands what they think of Canadians… We’re popular. (Most beer sales of the season, not surprisingly.)

    You shouldn’t get choked that we show up in droves to support our boys of summer. Instead, feel flattered that we enjoy visiting your city so much that we do it year after year.

    Canadians choose to come down and spend a ton of our hard earned cash in Seattle… even with a horrible exchange rate, more often than not! We could spend it in LA or SF pretty easily too. (But I won’t….. 49’rs suck!)

    Possibly I’ll see the author of this blog at the Coors Light Rail Bar for $5 king cans during BP and we can hang out by the bullpen. (Or maybe not because he’s 15 and still lives in his folks basement.)

    See you there.

  68. I’m Canadian (born and raised in BC) and a Mariners fan. I am pretty certain that the vast majority of Blue Jays fans that come down to see these games are not from BC originally. They are mostly ex-Ontarionites. Therefore, they are cheering for their beloved province that they left behind. They are usually the loud and abnoxious ones in the stands. Go Mariners!

  69. I’ll be honest as an American and Mariner fan I don’t care, for multiple reasons. I do the same thing in hockey, I drive up to Vancouver to root for the Blackhawks and don’t feel bad about it. I don’t feel any connection to the Canucks, regardless of how close they are geographically. Besides, Seattleites should worry more about actually supporting their own baseball team and less about what Canadians are doing

  70. I cringe everytime I have to listen to that stupid song whenever an American team comes to Toronto. :)

  71. Its about 1/3 the cost of airfare, and half the trip time from Calgary to Seattle versus flying to Toronto to see a game. So yeah… I’m probably going to Seattle as it’s more time and cost effective.

  72. I am from Vancouver and i support the Seahawks big time these fans are bandwagon jumpers that is all they are.

  73. I think your all idiots. Regardless of were you live you should support the team you want. I live in Ottawa and l have always been a Habs fan and that will never change. If there are a lot of Jays fans in Vancouve that make the trip to Seattle to attend a Jays game it’s probably because Toronto is the only canadian team in the league. It as nothing to do with distance. I know lots of people in Ottawa who are Redsox or Orioles or even Nationals fans. It’s not about distance it’s about supporting your team. So stop complaining about something so trivial. I bet no one is complaining about all the money that is being spent in Seattle by this so called Canadian invasion. You bunch of whining idiots. As far as the Canadian anthem Being performed before the game it’s called being patriotic something Americans are not shy about. Besides Americans should be the last people to complain about being invaded by another country if you all catch my drift.

  74. I live in Vancouver and am an Angels fan, since I grew up watching their triple A club. The “fans” you speak of are merely a giant overloaded band-wagon. I hadn’t heard one word about the Jays in over 2 decades, and now there are millions of “fans” who don’t know squat about baseball. I am sick of hearing about the jays. GO INDIANS !!!!!

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