Zombie Nation: The 2012-2013 Husky Men’s Basketball Team

huskiesYou gotta be kidding me with this shit. Every single game this season has been a waste of time. The UW men’s basketball team has been atrocious. Simply atrocious. They lack talent, they lack ability, they lack excitement, and worst of all, they lack effort. How can you so blatantly lack effort when you suck? If you suck, and the results prove you suck, you better be willing to work your ass off to overcome obvious shortcomings. So far, the Huskies haven’t shown much desire to do that.

I’ve watched Husky basketball for the majority of my life. I can’t remember a team that strung together more heartless performances than this one. Each time they take the floor, they look like zombies. Like they don’t want to be out there. Like they don’t care to be out there. Like they’d rather be doing almost anything else besides playing basketball. I haven’t seen emotion. Not a smile, not a scowl, not happiness, not anger. Nothing. It’s embarrassing. It’s demotivating. It’s flat-out unfortunate.

I imagine these players work harder in practice than they do in games. They have to. If they were putting their cool jackets on to cruise through practices the way they do through each and every contest, they wouldn’t live long enough to see gameday. They’d be running so many lines, so frequently, that the odds of survival would be stacked against them. So this can’t be an everyday thing. They have to give some sort of effort in practice.

What the hell happens on gameday, then? What the shit is going through their minds when they put on their jerseys, lace up their shorts, and watch the ball go up at tipoff? Are they thinking about school work? Are they thinking about their girlfriends? Are they pondering the meaning of life? What is it? What can be so goddamn important that it prevents this team from trying?

Win or lose, this year’s rendition of Washington basketball is a disappointment. If you’ve watched Husky teams from the recent past — teams led by the likes of Todd MacCulloch, Donald Watts, Will Conroy, Brandon Roy, Nate Robinson, Bobby Jones, Jon Brockman, Isaiah Thomas — paying witness to this abomination makes you sick. Just sick. Show us something. Prove that you want to wear our jersey, that you want to sport our colors, that you want to represent our school, our city. Prove something. ANYTHING! Signs of life would be appreciated.

I hope this Husky ballclub hears the critics and gets pissed off. Be mad at “the haters,” gentlemen. Be mad at me. I’ll be the one to tell you you suck right now. I’ll be the one to tell you how uninspiring your effort has been. I’ll be that guy. Get mad at me. Get upset. Use it as fuel. Then take it out on your opponents. For all of us. Because we can’t watch this right now. It’s a joke.

You can quit. You can tell us to f**k off and leave you alone. You can ignore us. You can make excuses. You can use the “we’re just kids” claim. You have options here. You can take the easy way out. Or you can do something about this disgusting display of sport that’s played out before us over the past two months. It’s up to you. We’re just spectators. And this — this grotesqueness — is what we’ve been talking about when we spectate. It’s harsh. It probably hurts. But it’s reality. Do something about it.

Go Dawgs.

4 thoughts on “Zombie Nation: The 2012-2013 Husky Men’s Basketball Team”

  1. UW lost 2 first round guys to the NBA last year. Tell me how they’re suppose to be good a year after that? And even when you had those guys, you were a NIT team. I’m not arguing your article, it’s pretty clear your right. But you really shouldn’t have that high of expectations after losing the best two players.

    I’m a Coug, we don’t look like Zombie’s, but it’s clear both teams need work. Unfortunately for you UW needs a little more. Hopefully it will be at least a good game this Saturday. GO Cougs!

  2. Kyle, it’s a matter of expectations. Lorenzo Romar has elevated the Husky basketball program to new heights. Heights that make all Dawg fans expect NBA caliber players that play scrappy hard nosed basketball. The University of Washington basketball team has become the #3 team in the conference. The Pac – X will always have national pundits up on the jocks of UCLA and UA, that’s just the way things are. After those two teams, the Pac has been a crap shoot. Now it’s less of a crap shoot, the Huskies have elevated themselves to consistently be on top of the Pac – X standings. What is troubling about this years’ squad is that they’re flat out boring. This team is composed of a bunch of role players. The Husky basketball brand is built upon playing fast and exciting basketball while making 3s here and there.

    All programs have down years, and it’s becoming apparent that this is one for UW, any fan should be OK with that. However the problem with the Husky team is that they’re not staying true to the formula that the program has established. This team is bland, so fucking bland. At least before in down years fans could expect some sort of athletic explosion here or there that made people go ‘wow’. Not so much this year. This team is not scrappy, or athletic, or anything really. It’s a hodgepodge of good, not great players. That’s our biggest problem.

  3. “This team is bland, so fucking bland. At least before in down years fans could expect some sort of athletic explosion here or there that made people go ‘wow’. Not so much this year. This team is not scrappy, or athletic, or anything really. It’s a hodgepodge of good, not great players.”

    You just perfectly described Abdul Gaddy…our floor general…sigh.

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