Body By Aziz

A year ago, we had the Wroten Workout Plan, in honor of Husky Basketball player Tony Wroten. It was a fairly simple plan. For every turnover committed by the freshman point guard, participants would perform 25 push-ups as penance for the miscue. Likewise, 25 push-ups would also be performed each time Wroten made a free throw, though those push-ups would certainly be more of the celebratory variety. So if at game’s end Wroten had knocked down five free throws and committed five turnovers, all of us loyal Wroten Workout Planners would owe 250 push-ups for the young man’s effort. It was a great way to stay in shape while committing the sins of most sports fans watching a game — those being the snacking and beer drinking that come along with couch-sitting.

Oddly enough, the Wroten Workout Plan not only caught on, but it worked, too. People actually got a little muscle in their upper body thanks to Wroten’s performances each game. On top of that, it gave us something to do while watching the Huskies play. It made us active. It kept us engaged when we otherwise may have lost focus on the contest playing out in front of us. And in the end, it was fun. Sports should be fun. Being a fan should be fun. We need more fun in our lives.

As fate would have it, Wroten bolted for the NBA during the spring and left us WWPers with a void in our season-long exercise routine. With Wroten’s departure came the death of the Wroten Workout Plan. Which got me thinking about how we could still get our push-ups in this year, despite the fact that Wroten would not be with us.

With Wednesday’s exhibition game against Western Washington, the new season is very nearly upon us. And so it happened that with the new season, Body By Aziz was born. And for those of you looking to get on the newest workout plan that will soon be sweeping the nation (or at least a small portion of Seattle), I encourage you to watch Husky games with a keen eye on senior center Aziz N’Diaye. Here’s how it works:

Keeping alive the spirit of the Wroten Workout Plan, we’ll have both punitive and celebratory push-ups owed for two separate acts committed by Washington’s big man.

Should Aziz head to the charity stripe and miss a free throw (not make a free throw, as was the case with Wroten a year ago), 25 push-ups are due from all participants. Those are our punitive push-ups. It gets better, though, Husky fans.

Should Aziz help out the squad by hauling in a rebound, a celebration will ensue and 25 more push-ups will be due from the masses. Yay, rebounds.

So to recap, here’s a simple formula to remember as you watch ballgames:

Any Aziz rebound = 25 push-ups.

Any Aziz missed free throw = 25 push-ups.

With any luck, we’ll be pushing-up in celebration of big nights on the boards that lead to UW victories. Missed foul shots? We don’t want anything to do with that, but begrudgingly will drop to the ground and give 25 reps as punishment for Aziz’s shortcomings at the line.

So get your Body By Aziz this winter and improve your overall well-being. Guys, you’ll get girls with that added muscle. Girls, you’ll get guys with that toned physique. And most importantly, we’ll all get fit as we enjoy Husky Basketball. Win or lose, we’re all a little healthier by game’s end.

The 2012-2013 season officially gets underway on Nov. 11. Mark your calendars, and get your practice in now. Only 17 days left!

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