A Testament to Seattle’s Pain

There will come a day that we have the Supersonics back.

There will come a day that our Supersonics triumph over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

There will come a day that those beloved Supersonics, Seattle’s own, will win this city its second NBA championship.

But until then, we just sit here. In pain, mostly. Because for every ounce of effort we pour into building a brand new facility that will host those days that will come, for every speck of energy we devote to rallying the masses to call out the name of a temporarily-inconvenienced basketball team, for every shred of our collective hearts we exhaust on emotion for those memories the past has given to us, we often find ourselves at the mercy of the reality of the here and now.

When they win, we curse. When they win, we pout. When they win, we wish bad things upon those winning winners. When they win, we reduce ourselves to juveniles crying on the playground. There is nothing beautiful or respectable or empowering about us, about the deposed losers, when they win. When they win, they can laugh at our plight and shout “Scoreboard!” That’s fine. They have that right. When they win, they have incredible leverage. When they win, it’s their opportunity to make us look like poor sports.

But we do it anyway. All of it. Because we hurt. And when you hurt, you say and do things that might not make you look your best. When you hurt, rationality ceases to surface in the forefront of your brain. You’re an emotional wreck when you hurt. We all are. No one ever got dumped by a perceived loved one and in that moment of impending separation said to themselves, “Yes, this all makes sense right now.” To my knowledge, that hasn’t happened yet. When our hearts are bludgeoned and battered, bruised and broken, we resort to shadows of the most impressive versions of ourselves. We are human. We aren’t perfect.

There are constant reminders of that hurt. They’re brought up every time we see those winners on our television sets. When we witness the exuberance of their fans, the unadulterated joy of their following, the gleeful adulation of their very own when they conquer a hapless foe, we are reminded of what we once had. We’re reminded of what was taken from us. We’re reminded of how we were duped and how we were robbed. How did this happen? Why did this happen? We would like to move on, but we can’t. There are so many God-forsaken reminders of the past that won’t go away. They plague us, gnaw at us, twist us into a state of perennial discomfort, a state of never-ending anger. We were ROBBED! Doesn’t that mean anything to anybody?! Why can’t they understand that? Why won’t they understand that? Why don’t they care? Or do they care? It doesn’t matter. We just want them to feel what we feel. To hurt like we hurt. We want the bad guys to go down with us. We crave that. If we can’t win, why should they get to win? And why should he get to win?

There is a way that you go about your business. In this case, it is that way he went about his business that kills us. It is the very thing that hurts us more than any other. It would be one thing if he had waltzed into town, looked us in the eye, and told us he was taking our team. There would be a certain dignity in the way he went about it. A distinct honesty that would force us to grit our teeth and put up a fight that, hope against hope, we felt we could win.

But no. He rode into town on a wave of deceit. He sat in front of our TV cameras, in audience with our media members, before our skeptical eyes…and lied to us. He did that bad thing we are raised never to do. You make mistakes. We all make mistakes. You may make BIG mistakes. We ALL make BIG mistakes. You may find yourself in tough situations, because we all do. But no matter the circumstances, you do not lie.

Why would you do that? Why would you do it like that? Why would you put yourself in that position — that position to be the most villainous of villains? Why would you make yourself the target of so much venom, so much hate? Why would you turn so many people — hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people — against you? And for what? For something you already had in your possession, something that by virtue of Howard Schultz’s cowardly act of betrayal already belonged to you. Why would you do that? Why would you do THAT? Why would you sacrifice your word for your own property? You owned it. You owned our team. And you had the right to do what you wanted with it. And you lied to us. You lied to so many of us. Because you’re weak. Because you lack any semblance of whatever it takes to be better than that.

We won’t get over this. There are too many of us who know someone just like you. You represent the guy in the office who gets the promotion when he lays claim to our hard work. You’re the former buddy who moves in on our girlfriend, then snatches her up when we’re not looking. You’re the cold-hearted spawn of Satan who murders that thing we love.

There is business. And they say it shouldn’t be personal. And they may be right about that. There are apologists who will always make the argument that what Clay Bennett did was just business. But are they right about that? No. Business is investing in something and doing what you want with it. It becomes personal when you pull the rug out from under your opponents, driving a steel blade into their back as they fall to the earth. Business doesn’t have to be that way, even in the most hostile of takeovers. So what he did wasn’t just business. It was personal. It was horrible.

There will always be those outsiders who roll their eyes at our plight or scoff at our passion over what may seem to them like an insignificant cause. These are the same people who might find themselves snickering at a crowd of mourners in the wake of human tragedy. We aren’t whole. We’re trying to get there, but we’re nowhere near where we want to be. Not yet. With every win those winning winners rack up, another small piece of us wilts like a rose petal under the summer sun. With every shrill shriek of excitement roared in the bowels of that utterly adequate arena they call home in the middle of a state we know nothing about, we wince.

And every time they show his face to the millions watching around the world, clapping and cheering like a square-headed moron, more diabolically brilliant than that simpleton look on his crusty, tilted mug would ever let on — every time that happens — we boil.

There will come a day when we are healed. When the world, where Seattleites are concerned, isn’t flipped upside-down in some bizarro universe where our Supersonics fail to exist. With each passing minute, that day becomes closer to a reality. We anxiously await that glorious day.

But until that day arrives…

Fuck those winning winners and their lying, evil, no-good, bastard of an owner.

70 thoughts on “A Testament to Seattle’s Pain”

  1. Awesome. You captured the ass-kicking our collective psyche has taken since 2008. I hope Chesapeake Energy arena is swallowed by a fracking sink-hole prior to the finals.

  2. May Clay, Stern, Schultz, Aubrey, Keller, Nickels, and everyone else involved including the okc fans all die a horrible painful death. Soon.

  3. Did you see at the Mariners-Angels game the the Angel’s PA announcer said “Congrats to the Supersonics for advancing to the NBA Finals” as the Thunder game went final. What a jerk.

  4. This in honestly probly the best article i’ve ever read. Im glad to see that there are people out there with the same passion as me. Everytime i see that fucker clay bennett on my t.v. i just want to tear it out of the wall.

  5. Sounds like a lot of lonely drinkers in here, and in Seattle you know what that leads to…. Next time try voting yes on the arena tax and you would still have you team. Cheer up and just get on the Thunder wagon,, we here in OKC will accept you as fans of the team and there is plenty of room for everyone to get on board even if they are not still in your town. Our Town, Our Team, Our Time, ROLL THUNDER!!

  6. of course the lone oklahoman troll shows no class whatsoever. sounds about right.

    Anonymous :
    Sounds like a lot of lonely drinkers in here, and in Seattle you know what that leads to…. Next time try voting yes on the arena tax and you would still have you team. Cheer up and just get on the Thunder wagon,, we here in OKC will accept you as fans of the team and there is plenty of room for everyone to get on board even if they are not still in your town. Our Town, Our Team, Our Time, ROLL THUNDER!!

  7. Hey Anonymous,I hear they already want a remodel of your arena,not quite up to NBA standards,or something like that,someday they will come calling for more money,more sky boxes,whatever.And they will be looking in your pockets for what they need,instead of they’re own.Good luck when that day comes, you better be willing to pay for play.

  8. Good stuff as always. It’s interesting that someone from OKC would find this article. I wonder what they were searching for, besides their balls of course.

  9. Haven’t watched an NBA game since the Sonics left because every time the word “NBA” or a a headline about it comes up I get the same surge of anger that you describe so well above. You nailed it, it’s the fact that he lied to us that makes my systolic jump 15 points. Damnit. How can a man live with such a deception? What a dick.

  10. Great article, well written! Learn from the past and use your anger to change the future. We will not give up until the Sonics legacy is restored and the banners hang at the new arena!

  11. You are a talented writer and this article is something most fans would love to see in a local paper, as it is far superior to anything the clearly anti-arena Seattle Times is putting out. Keep up the good work, you even have Zombie fans commenting on it! Obviously a good sign of relevancy.

  12. I wish y’all crying ass serial killers would shut the fuck up & quit bitching.

  13. While lying made it worse, he would still be hated if he told the truth from day one.

  14. I love how the dumb Okies always say we voted down an arena. Where do they get this from? There was never a vote on an arena. Matter of fact, the last time we voted on an arena we approved it, which later became Key Arena. Either they can’t live with the fact that the reason they have a team is because it was stolen and would rather makeup lies to try and justify what happened and make themselves feel better, or they are just plain stupid.

  15. Dear Anonymous “fan”,
    What you fail to recognize is that in Seattle we have approved public funding on professional sports arenas in the past. They house our other two sports teams: the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners. They play football and baseball, respectively. We used to have 3 teams here, but the other was stolen. You know them as the Thunder, we called them the Supersonics. We’d love to beat up on your teams in baseball or football, but we can’t, because you don’t have those. You’re small time. We’d have to travel to another state to compete against a football or baseball team you root for, because you’re a Thunder fan; you root for someone else’s team. We’re Seattle, a major sports town that loves its teams. We root for OUR teams. So we’ll patiently await the return of OUR team to OUR city for the chance to compete against your 1 team. Just don’t forget about us this summer and fall when you’re sitting in your double-wide watching someone else’s team on your TV. We promise won’t forget about you either, while we’re cheering on OUR teams from the stands of our other two professional sports facilities.

    Seattle, a real city

  16. What’s funny is that okc said they wanted a team because they believed it would make them a world class city but it didn’t work. They are still known as a podunk city. They are a podunk city that stole a team. The world knows it but they don’t. The team will always be known as the former Sonics more than the thunder. The city will always be known as a hick filled craphole that is home to proud to be thieves.

  17. And “Thunder Up” is so gay. It sounds like something the Ambiguously Gay Duo would shout.

  18. Sour grapes…..and it’s hilarious. Just the thing to make this a great Friday. It’s been 4 years — get over it already.

  19. I guess it’s true you don’t realize what you had until it’s gone. How many times did you guys sell out a game? Exactly. You only care now because the thunder are winning. Okc might be a smaller town, but at least we aren’t dishing out death threats using paring sports to devastating disasters like the Okc bombing. We have more class than that. And the comment about how we care so much about OUR new team because we don’t have any other professional teams…. You’re right, we don’t have a pro football team with a losing 7-9 record, but we’re to busy watching our awesome college teams to care. TTFU!!

  20. As hilarious and well written as the article is, it seems by this article and the correspondence from these so-called Sonics fans that most never surpassed an elementary mentality. Why do you cry? From your responses, are you really on the floor kicking and screaming in a tantrum? Why do you care now when you never sold out games? Why do you complain now after 4 years? Why don’t you channel this anger towards getting another team instead of dwelling on the one you didn’t care to go watch when you had it?

    I truly hope the weather in Seattle is creating these tears rather than a sports team that was moved 4 years ago because of the lack of fan base and community support (game attendance). Trust me…I have watched NBA basketball my entire life. Seattle may be a bigger city than OKC, but you never supported your team; therefore, “big name athletes” continued to leave. If you couldn’t keep All Star players or attendance at a certain level, what makes you think you could keep an NBA team?

    As for class, please go back and read some of the responses from these so-called Sonics fans, as well as parts of the artifice. Are you kidding me? Do you really think you can talk about class, Seattle? In regards to how this article was found, it’s called “social media”. Maybe you’ve heard about it…or maybe not. Either way, quit crying and acting like little kids. It’s a sports team that your community didn’t support, your ownership couldn’t afford, and one that an “Oklahoma businessman” had the opportunity of purchasing. If it hadn’t been OKC, you would be saying this about Kansas City because they built the Sprint Center in hopes of getting a team. They’ll be getting a professional team before you know it. Maybe even before Seattle, since your town had its opportunity and blew it. ;-)

  21. You guys are pretty beat up about this. You know how I know you guys are all gay? Cause you make arguments about stuff you nothing about. Maybe Clay did steal your team. Quit being a bunch of pussies and move on. He’s a business man and clearly made the correct choice. This state has embraced the Thunder unlike you guys ever could with the Supersonics(cool name by the way). And stop talking about class like every post on here is so thought out and respectful. Every other post is a cowardly threat from a geek behind a computer screen. Finally, if you want to talk shit about a city, go there first so you don’t sound like a fratastic

  22. “why do you cry?” (you will get your chance, trust me. Thunder4Life you will not live long)
    “why do you complain after 4 years” (where you been, moron? watching nba your entire life? yeah.)
    “never supported your team” (you will get your chance, trust me – its roses now but weeds will come)
    “big name athletes continued to leave” (name one)
    “talk about class, Seattle” (your inbred brother brought up class, I just commented on it)

    What an idiot. I’m in shock at how brain dead these okies are. It is truly amazing.

  23. “OKC is da bomb” Tim McVeigh

    Didn’t some Seattle guy say that?
    Hey OKC screw you!

  24. Bunch of little babies. Sorry Dad took your passifier away. He did it so you would have straight teeth. Grow up and stop making these bull shit claims hoping for people to die you sick bastards. It’s not funny. It’s not passionate. It’s sick. I suggest you put you parka on. It’s probably raining outside.

  25. Anonymous :
    OKC where Ryder trucks happen

    Just oozing with class Seattle. 169 innocent people dying is really funny isn’t it. Over 20 children lost. I really hope you Seattle residents can see how absolutely heartless and sick something like this is. The sad thing, In about 50 posts, it’s not the only one.

  26. Anonymous :
    “OKC is da bomb” Tim McVeigh
    Didn’t some Seattle guy say that?
    Hey OKC screw you!

    Just to remind you all of what I’m talking about. Don’t encourage this.

  27. Okie Hater, guess you’ve been a Sonics fan forever, huh? You asked that I name 1 All Star player that left Seattle. Please tell me you aren’t that big of an idiot?! How about future Hall of Famer Ray Allen for starters?!?! Shows how big of a dumbass you really are.

    If you ever question OKC’s support of OUR team, go to cbssports.com & read Doyle’s recent article. That will answer your question about when the pasture isn’t so green how OKC will still support their team. You guys seriously have to get out of the floor from kicking and screaming.

    As for class, who in their right mind would bring up a tragic event and use it as a joke. No one says anything about the astronomical amount of annual suicides in Seattle. Why? Because its a travesty and Oklahomans have more class than that.

  28. I hear Okies bringing up suicides all the time when mentioning Seattle, in fact you just did so I’m sure you’ve used it too just trying to hide it and seem better than us that’s all. Fuck OKC no go to a bar and get bombed in the later way OKC knows how to.

  29. Fuck anybody that has a problem with OKC Y’all mad because u couldn’t keep your team up and running. keep on hating it’s motivation. Quit crying suck it up and Thunder up You BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. That’s where you are wrong and show your obvious immature, selfish personality. Never have I nor would I ever use suicide as a joke; unlike your fellow Sonics fans. It’s a serious issue. We can compete all we want, but using no class is not in my nature. When you get to that level, just maybe Seattle gets a new team. Until then, that city doesn’t deserve one.

  31. “Class” is going on Seattle boards. You are here, and not just here but commenting so are your pals. That’s “class”. Now go back to sifting through rubble of blown up buildings and trailers hit by tornados.

    Will Rogers never met a man he didn’t like. He’s either not really from Oklahomo because no one likes Okies not even themselves or he was gay.

  32. I’m a Portland fan and have been for so many years and I am just as pissed as all those in seattle. I miss all those rivalry games in the great northwest. I would love to see those days return when either or both Portland and Seattle were having good seasons and fighting towards the ultimate goal of NBA champs

  33. I do miss having the sonics in town and hope that one day…. But I wish no ill will towards the the Thunder coaches and players. I wish them all the luck in the finals and in the future but hope that one day…….

  34. Stupid4Life

    Ray Allen didn’t leave. He was traded. He had no say in the matter either way you stupid fuck. You tellin me any player traded from your team left because you didn’t support them. Who exactly is the dumbass?

  35. You really are the idiot I thought you were, Okie Hater. I suggest you pick up your pacifier, your toys, & run home to mommy. That’s exactly how you’re acting. Your life must be miserable. Have a great weekend and enjoy the watching OUR team in the Finals. LMFAO!!!!!

  36. Thunder4Lif – Are you 4 yrs old? According to your reply name apparently so because that’s all the time that you’ve had a team for. 4 yr olds shouldn’t be on this blog. It’s a Seattle blog, dipshit, where we can piss and moan about having something we’ve been passionate about for 41 yrs ripped away from us by your lying, deceiving, stupid-ass looking owner. Go enjoy the team your city didn’t dignifiably earn instead of trolling on a Seattle blog. Fucker.

  37. As an aside, Alex you ought to think about deleting the idiot’s posts about OKC bombing. It’s a sick, idiotic, pathetic slam that doesn’t represent Seattle. We’re much better than that, as we are a much better city than OKC.

  38. Sorry…last one. Just read your article again this morning after reading it last night. That’s beautiful work Alex. You captured our current psyche magnificently.

  39. Wow, SeattleFan, as much as I appreciate the gesture of removing the bombing comment you still show Seattle has zero class in your previous post. I also wasn’t aware that these blogs were limited to one particular city, county, state, etc. As for earning OUR team, pretty sure when we built Chesapeake Arena, played exceptional Host to the New Orleans Hornets after the hurricane (it was the first time the team had turned a profit in years), your ownership couldn’t afford the Supersonics anymore because your fan base sucked, our ownership group purchased the team, & then the NBA approved the move, that’s when OKC “earned” OUR team. Therefore, why Seattle fans continue crying about their team being “stolen” is absolutely amazing to most around the country. As I am well aware the statement about the fan base doesn’t pertain to everyone, there weren’t enough fans attending games and/or purchasing Official Supersonics gear, or the NBA would have never approved the move. If you wish to be mad at someone, maybe you should be mad at the Commissioner. Although, it’s my belief that had you channeled that entire city’s anger (because everyone in that city is apparently angry & bitter) over the past 4yrs, I’m sure the City of Seattle could have found a way to bring another franchise to Seattle. Instead, you wish to still be pissed off about something YOUR city could have controlled with a little more support. SO…keep showing the entire country how much “class” Seattle has by calling people names that you know nothing about.

    One last thing, even after being an a-hole, if you would like to come to OKC and watch an NBA game next season, I’ll buy your ticket.

  40. SeattleFan STFU you dot represent me. The guy who wrote that shit was on Big Lo’s show and Big Lo thought it was funny as fuck. Big Lo represents Seattle much more than you pussyass.

  41. Stupid4Life

    I’m an idiot for proving you’re a moron? Ok, I’ll take that. You win.

  42. There are rational comments and irrational comments on here. Those of you making blatantly stupid, sick and ignorant posts know who you are. You know you don’t mean what you say and that it is classless to say it. Seattle will have the Kings in a couple years and change the name to the SuperSonics and we’ll have a fun rivalry to watch. Then Seattle fans can listen Sacramento bitch and moan and they’ll make the same arguments OKC fans make. Just support your team and it will never be an issue. Owners won’t have to sell, fans won’t have to hurt. I read this article to try and put my self in a Sonics fans shoes and I can completely understand why the Thunder’s success is salt in the wound. As for Bennet trying to keep the SuperSonics tradition alive through OKC, I fail to see where the backlash is coming from. He’s a smart man who knows his basketball and he wants honor the history of the franchise by displaying the banners and colors of the Sonics in the rafters. We would absolutely love it here in OKC. The minority who gloats and rubs the success in Seattles face does not represent the OKC fan base. The sales of such shirts and use of such rhetoric is a great example of that. Miniscule support for that kind of junk is from ignorant idiots who don’t understand the pro sports world. Let’s collectively come together and root against the Heat. If the Thunder win, I think you’ll see some gratitude from the OKC ownership as well as the fans of the Thunder. All of that being said, THUNDER THE FUCK UP!!! WELCOME TO THE THUNDERDOME!!

  43. I guess you could say we are angry because we were LIED to. And we were sold out by Mr. Starbucks and Seattle politicians. Mostly though because we were lied to. We don’t have a choice but to deal with it, but you stop trusting people.
    Then when you read what the idiots from OKC post you realize that OKC must be a pretty poor excuse for a major city, mature they are not.

  44. I’ve tried to be nice. Nothing in that post was derogatory towards Seattle in any way. I sympathized with you people. After those responses the only thing I can say is, you guys are fucking stupid and this site needs to work harder to get a more intelligent following. Have fun watching OUR team tonight losers.

  45. You guys cry like little bitches. It’s pretty funny, actually. Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone cry for 4 years. Even better, I suspect it will continue for another 20. You clowns seriously need to get laid. LMAO!! THUNDER UP!!!

  46. I wish you guys would stop crying, you already get enough rain up there! Hating us Okies wont bring the Thunder (oops I mean the Super Sonics) back lol. Even when your coffe boy owned the team you would not put up the $$$. Why would Clay think that you would for him? But believe me before the deal was final OKC was already voting to raise $$$ for improvements. See the difference? So either shut up or THUNDER UP. Enjoy the FINALS LMAO

  47. Are you still here? Don’t you mouth breathers have a stolen team to watch?

  48. If you keep laughing your ass off, you’ll have no ass left. And then you’ll just look foolish, Assless.

  49. Guys, lay off the bombing humor. It isn’t funny at all. Yeah I’m from OKC and yes I realize you’re upset that we have the team that is in the finals, so vent about sports and the team you no longer have. But leave the history of our city out of it. Those are low blows. Especially to someone like me who knew a lady that lost her life due to Timothy. If you were true “supersonic” fans like you’re claiming to be then root for them, even if they have a new name and new home.
    You guys sound so heartless bringing in the bombing subject when it is irrelevant. Just love the game of basketball and accept that we have the Thunder in our beautiful and loving state. We promise to take good care of em, I’m sure if we could have split custody on them we would try but right now it doesn’t seem like an option. kbye.

  50. Agreed on the boming stuff, not acceptable; however stop with the idiotic “just accept it” and “root for them even though they moved” nonsense. You came into our house, stole our stuff and keep coming back to make comments like that. What do you want to piss on the rug too? Stay on your own forums and let us grieve. If you come to a Seattle sports site expect people to hate on what was done to us, there is no rational response or discourse to it. Just go away, you people have done enough damage.

  51. We haven’t done anything. My name isn’t Clay Bennet. I’m a Thunder fan. I’m from Oklahoma and I voted to pay more taxes to give my team the money it needs to have a world class facility. I root hard and take offense to people making jokes about the OKC bombing. Take one walk through our memorial and see what happened to our friends and families and you’ll understand the outrage. With that, I’m going to go throw my Thunder gear on cause I have a game to watch. THUNDER UP!

  52. Love this article, it is SUPERSONIC!!! When spoiled brats also happen to be greedy punks, other people suffer from their insatiable practices. I am a firm believer that David Stern is the most deceptive of all the spoiled rich kids in this story. Secondly, I think Clay Bennett is as conniving as they come. Howard Schultz was just a coward plain and simple. That pretty much sums it up. Don’t blame any of Seattle’s political figures because their priorities first and foremost are to do what is beneficial for the city as a whole, and they really can’t afford too much effort for one of their sports teams because they have to think about the citizens’ well-being first. Don’t blame the OKC fans either because they’re just happy to have a pro team because who wouldn’t be? It’s a rich man’s world we live in and we are all slaves to their bidding, so how do we solve this problem? Well we certainly outnumber them. Hmm…

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