You’re Welcome, Oklahoma City

You may have seen these shirts that some Oklahoma City Thunder fans managed to come up with recently:

What you likely haven’t seen is my shirt, which I just created a few minutes ago:

Sure, it’s a little crude in its design, but I’m no t-shirt entrepreneur. It has potential, though. Always nice to be polite. Please, Thank You, and You’re Welcome. Never forget.

8 thoughts on “You’re Welcome, Oklahoma City”

  1. I think a simple fuck you and the horse you rode in on would suffice (plus, you know they fucked that horse).

  2. Thunder fans clearly didn’t create this. Obviously someone was taking a stab at the fact they stole the Sonics. I don’t like them as much as the next guy but lets not start blaming them for something they didn’t do

  3. I’ve always thought the “So-and-so can suck a dick” retort is weak. First of all, anyone with a mouth CAN suck a dick. That’s a fact. You have two lips. You are capable of sucking dicks, along with anything else you might want to suck. No one can deny that. So if you really want to punk someone, you should either simply say, “So-and-so, suck a dick,” or “So-and-so MAY suck a dick.” Saying one CAN suck a dick is an irrefutable fact. Your insult is valid, yes, but misses its point. I’m just trying to help here. Best of luck with future insults. Feel free to use me as your target. Give it a try. I’m a willing recipient. Also, suck a dick.

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