The Mariners Would Like To Show You Their Tube Steaks This Saturday


Back in the 1950s, the cool kids apparently used to refer to hot dogs as “tube steaks.” Fun.

These days, the term “tube steak” is largely understood by anyone under age 60 to refer to a dude’s penis. So what we have here is quite the conundrum.

I know we’ve all questioned how out of touch the M’s organization may very well be with their fan base, but this has to be a new comedic high (or low, depending on your viewpoint). Sure, Chuck Armstrong and Howard Lincoln may be quite fond of the tube steak, but the average fan? I don’t know about that.

Regardless, I encourage anyone attending Saturday’s Turn-Back-The-Clock game to order up tube steak after tube steak and induce giggles from concession stand workers who otherwise might not get a laugh in during their shift.

Can I get a foot-long tube steak? Tonight, sir, you can.

2 thoughts on “The Mariners Would Like To Show You Their Tube Steaks This Saturday”

  1. I was around in 1977 (as far back as the Mariners can turn their clocks) and tube steaks were dick jokes back then. I don’t know of a point in history when that term was not a dick joke. I’m not going to be there Saturday, but I will ask for a tube steak on Wednesday so that I can get a jump start on appearing hip. Thanks for (just) the tip.

  2. I am assuming that the concession workers will be putting tube steaks in some spread open buns before serving them, correct?

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