A Robert Sacre Crying Montage

Because those of us who are anti-Gonzaga need to remember this. Always.

And I’m pretty sure Robert Sacre is that douchey guy at the club wearing Ed Hardy and too much Axe body spray that macks on anything that moves. Either that or the devil. He might also be the devil.

All images courtesy Getty. Thank you, Getty. Thank you so very much.

10 thoughts on “A Robert Sacre Crying Montage”

  1. Those that are anti-gonzaga are only bitter that UW didn’t make it…..lets be real.

  2. At least they made the tourny and their coach is willing to play uw. Unlike romar and your AD that don’t want to keep losing to the zags….

  3. Whoever wrote this is a punk and bet you wouldn’t say a word about him if he stood in front of you. I’d bet you’d be the one crying. Go back and hide behind your keyboard!

  4. And now he’s playing for one of the best NBA franchises in history, with a very good chance to win a title. (who’s crying now?) *lol*

  5. The only reason there aren’t pictures of Huskies crying is because nobody is around to take pictures when the Huskies season ends… without a trip to the NCAA Tournament.

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