Join the (Free) SSN/Heart Athletics Bracket Challenge – Win A Custom T-Shirt!


I guess the one positive for Husky fans in this post-apocalyptic world of day-after-Selection-Sunday is the fact that this year, no one will be plagued by an irrational NCAA Tournament bracket that has the hometown team winning it all. I realize that’s not much of a positive. But we’re looking for anything here. So let’s go with this.

That said, the Big Dance kicks off in just a few days, which means you probably have thousands of requests to join the bracket pools of all your friends. But how do you choose which pools to join? That’s a good question with no easy answer. Can you really turn your back on lesser friends and their lower-quality pools? That’s cold-blooded, but yes, you can.

At the risk of sabotaging your relationships, I’d like to invite you to join the Seattle Sportsnet/Heart Athletics Bracket Challenge. It’s a joint production, like a Biggie and Puff Daddy cut. My friend John Harris runs the one-of-a-kind clothing company that is Heart Athletics, and we’re teaming up to bring you a free tournament pool that includes a custom-designed t-shirt for the overall winner. You can see examples of a shirt John was kind enough to make for me below, as well as other designs on the Heart Athletics website.

The winner’s shirt will feature a “Bracket Champion” distinction, their name, their picture, vital tournament statistics, and a description of the winner’s road to the title (and yes, it will make you sound like an incredible conquistador).

We’re not the only tournament pool out there, but we like to think we have the most unique prize. And since you can’t get a prize like this anywhere else, be sure to sign up and compete! It’s free, fun, and…free. Yeah, I ran out of words that start with “F.”



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