Oklahoma Still Sucks

Take a look at this ESPN poll. Anything seem weird there?

The first time the Zonics come to town to face the Sonics, I plan on blowing this photo up, sticking it on posterboard, and writing YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS underneath. Keep it simple, right?

Bring back our Sonics.

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Still Sucks”

  1. I plan to lightly applaud Durant and Collison. And boo the HELL out of everyone else. And if David Stern shows his impish face I may get arrested. Go SuuuuuuuuuuuuperSonics!!!!!!

  2. It appalls me that non-seattle ites don’t understand our disdain for OKC fans. They are completely bat shit crazy. If we get a relocated team I would wish that city/fan base a replacement team ASAP and feel truly bad for their fans. Clearly not the case in “gods country”. They have been drinking the clay bennett kool-aid for far too long.

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