The Huskies Just Don’t Give A…

The problem with the Husky Basketball team is that they appear to not give a shit. In any sport there will always be wins and losses. That’s a given. But win or lose, you can only hope that your team gives a shit every time they play. So far this season, the Huskies have failed to prove to me — and to many others, I’d imagine — that they are among the shit-giving elite in college basketball. That’s not good.

As a collective unit, this year’s squad resembles Matt LeBlanc in Joey. After Friends, that guy completely mailed it in. He used to care. And then Joey came along. At which point, he more or less gave up. NBC was still signing off on his paychecks. That’s really all that mattered. Lazy bastard.

Since the Huskies neither star in a sitcom spinoff nor get paid, I can’t imagine what’s motivating them to take the court these days. Maybe it’s the free gear they get, the nice kicks they wear, or perhaps all the hot college chicks they get to bang. I don’t know. I am not a psychologist. All I see is a lack of effort, hustle, and desire. Which leads me to question the heart of the entire program.

When things go bad for this team, the body language tells the whole story. Players sulk. They pout. They mope. They walk around, frankly, like losers. Nothing about the collective attitude of this ballclub screams “winner” when the rain starts to fall.

Adversity is an impossible hurdle for this team to overcome. One could make the argument that they’re young and aren’t mentally equipped to handle heavy doses of adversity. That would be a fair argument. But the fact is, the talent of this group should outweigh any emotional obstacles they could face. It’s like they say in high school. If you just show up and put in a little effort, you’ll get at least a “C.” In the figurative sense, the Dawgs aren’t coming to class and they certainly aren’t putting forth much effort, hence the continued failures.

For evidence of this, one look no further than the defensive end of the court. The Huskies are committed to some Godawful form of defense that we have never seen before. It’s not man, it’s not zone…it’s basically five guys playing rover. It’s pitiful. No one guards anybody. Luke Ridnour, who once got crossed over by a paraplegic, would laugh at this team. They are that abysmal. They have relinquished an average of 74.4 points per game to their opponents, most of whom aren’t even that good. Which is absolutely tragic. Because all defense really is is effort. And if defense isn’t being played, then effort isn’t being given. That’s damn unfortunate.

The thing about not giving a shit is you can’t hide it from the masses. The Dawgs have played poorly before, but rarely has it inspired this much venom from the fan base. I can see what’s on my Twitter timeline and my Facebook feed. People are pissed off. And it has nothing to do with the losses so much as it has to do with the way the team is losing. No one wants to watch the uninspired. No one wants to watch the heartless. Yet that’s what we’re being asked to do with these Huskies.

Like Joey before them, the Dawgs are on the verge of being canceled. It’s still too early to write off the entire year, though. There’s a chance, however fleeting, that Washington could make a run at the NCAA Tournament. Until these players decide to play with passion, with desire, with energy, and with attitude, however, it will not matter one bit.

This team is a lost cause if it doesn’t start to care. We’ll just have to see how badly they want it.

8 thoughts on “The Huskies Just Don’t Give A…”

  1. Thanks for writing this! Nailed it. I’ve been saying this since the start of the season…it’s not that they’re losing, it’s how and WHY they’re losing that’s just killing me.

  2. I thought at the start of tonights game they had it figured out, but before I could call my brother watching in Michigan, they found a way to fall apart on us. The big problem is that there is no leadership on this team. Wroten has by himself decided that this is his personal tryout for the NBA and none of his teammates have put his freshman ass in place. On Defense everyone is looking around at the other guys wondering why they didn’t make an effort. I’m not jumping on the fire Romar bandwagon like some will, but I’m starting to wonder about the players we’re bringing in here. Just cause your from Seattle doesn’t make you a lock for the NBA. You have to earn a shot at that. Thanks for writing what most fans are feeling right now.

  3. Jeff is right, there is no leadership. Darnell Gant has to be the most disappointing Husky in the Romar era. This guy was a starter as a freshman and has not evolved or improved his game one bit in 4 years. He needs to step up and take charge of this team as a player.

  4. Romar is the coach, he needs to fix this. Sometimes it is more important to draft for chemistry and screw the divas.

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