Why The Huskies Will Win The Alamo Bowl

So we go to this liquor store today to buy Crown Royal. There’s a history with Husky football tailgates, my friends, and Crown Royal. First of all, Crown comes in purple-and-gold packaging, so there’s that. Secondly, we are undefeated (1-0) in bowl games that we bring Crown to, which is also quite important. Long story short, we go out of our way to bring Crown Royal to games and there’s a very limited track record that tells us this is a good idea.

Anyway, we get to Twin Liquors in San Antonio, find our desired purchase, and make our way to the cash register to pay. The following conversation then ensues:

Cashier No. 1 (upon seeing our Husky and Sonics attire): What are you guys in town for?

Side note: Big sports fans in this town, as you can plainly see.

Me: Football game, the Alamo Bowl.

Cashier No. 1: Oh, yeah. That’s today isn’t it. Isn’t that today?

Cashier No. 2 (in borderline Rosie Perez voice): I don’t know. Don’t look at me. I’ve never watched a football game before.

Me: Yeah, it’s today.

Cashier No. 1 (having rung up our purchase): Okay, your total is $28.10.

Me (having misunderstood the total): Sorry, how much did you say? $20.10?

Cashier No. 1 (having now misunderstood me): Yeah.

Me (reaching into my pocket, pulling out a $20 bill and a dime): Here you go.

Cashier No. 1 (handing me the receipt): Hold on, I’ll get you change.

Me (thinking, Why is he getting me change? then looking at the receipt and realizing I’m $8 short): Wait…

Cashier No. 1 (waiting for the change I don’t deserve from Cashier No. 2): Alright, go Baylor Bears!!!

Me (deciding if he’s going to make jokes, I will not say anything).

Cashier No. 1 (thinking I must have given him $40.10 and not $20.10, handing me $12): Here you go. Go Baylor! And I overcharged you for that, too (laughs).

Me (laughing): Okay, dude. See you later.

We get outside. We realize we just bought a $28 bottle of liquor for $8. We appreciate the irony of the joke the cashier made at our expense, not realizing that he shorted himself by $20. We figure this can only be a good sign for the rest of the day. We reason that this single act alone will lead us to an Alamo Bowl win.

Small victories. They lead to big victories.

Go Dawgs.

3 thoughts on “Why The Huskies Will Win The Alamo Bowl”

  1. Didn’t quite work out…..I do love San Antonio though. Soooooo you guys going to keep your sh***y D coordinator or what? I expect a very well writen maybe drunk rant on why holt should be fired from you soon.

  2. That’s NOT what I taught you. Now go right back there and pay what you should have in the first place! Your grandmas are crying right now.

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