Dawg Pack Dirt: Cal State Northridge

Dawg Pack Dirt: Cal State Northridge

Volume 8, Issue 7, December 22, 2011

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Written by dedicated Dawg Pack members

The game:

-Cal State Northridge Matadors (3-6) @ Washington Huskies (5-5)

-Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion, Seattle, Wash.

-Thursday, December 22, 2011, 7:00 p.m. PST.

The team:

-Northridge is currently 3-6 on the season.

-Freshman guard Stephan Hicks leads the Matadors with 17.5 ppg and 8.5 rebounds.

-Head coach Bobby ‘Bras’ Braswell is in his 16th season at CSUN after coming from Oregon as an assistant coach.

-Braswell’s son and two former players stole over $6,000 worth of merchandise from a local Best Buy in 2009. They were released on $20,000 bail.

CSUN’s website has not been sufficiently updated 10 games into the season. We hope their Sports Information Director sees this.

The players:

#0 G (So.) Josh Greene – Lakeview Terrace, CA

-Good to know 200-level classes still assign book reports:

-If you still need to get Josh a Christmas present, here’s a hint:

-Oh, and he apparently just turned 16:

-Lists his favorite player as Klay Thompson.

#5 G (Fr.) Aqeel Quinn G (So.) – Lawndale, CA

-So many reasons “Why Not?”

-He has “Why Not” tattooed on his wrist.

-He also has “Why Not?” listed as his favorite quotation.

-Apparently there is a #WhyNotLifestyle:

Why Not Facebook page

Why Not Twitter

-Facebook status: “If that girl BAD, I put her on my To Do List…”

-Pretty sure this is him in this video. Things got deep…like a well.

#4 G (Fr.) Ishmael Godfrey – Hawthorne, CA

-He hates sushi.

-Played soccer growing up.

#10 F (So.) Frankie Eteuati – Los Angeles, CA

-The tallest player on CSUN at 6’10″.

-Leads the team in blocks.

-His second-favorite sports team is CSUN Basketball. His favorite is the Pittsburgh Steelers, giving us at least one reason to hate him.

-Girlfriend’s name is Melissa.

-Has two pet snakes named Doofus and Ru.

-Literally took and posted a picture of his own pee on Facebook. Caption: “I piss excellence.” We could not make this up:

-If you are a 15-year-old girl, maybe:

-Frankie on medicine:

-Member of Team Jacob to Win the World Cup 2010! on Facebook.

#11 G (RS Sr.) Vinnie McGhee – Oakland, CA

-Looks like he gave birth to a basketball.

-Yep, he did give birth to a basketball, and this is how he achieved it (it’s cool…they are in a relationship):

-This is Vinnie’s Mr. Potato Head. And, well, it looks absolutely sketch:

#12 F (So.) Thomas Jacobs – San Diego, CA

-Likes hugs:

-Can’t seem to find Ms. Right. His friends suggest RedTube.

*Editor’s note: If you don’t know what RedTube is, DO NOT GOOGLE IT AT WORK! You’ve been warned.

-Irritated by jersey-chasers:

-And yet he befriended us…

-…and here are some of our mutual friends:

-Hopefully, he’s still shaking his head:

#14 G/F (Fr.) Lonnie Watson – Paso Robles, CA

-“And you gotta blame my momma for the lil lightskinnin”

#15 G (Fr.) Justin Yeargin – Oakland, CA

-ihoop, ieat, isleep, ibechillin, oh yeah and ihoop:

#3 G/F (Fr.) Stephan Hicks – Thousand Oaks, CA

-Nickname is Steph.

-Dating Hayley B. Gurriell since November 2011.

-Made this wonderful confection:

#21 F (Fr.) Stephen Maxwell – Woodland Hills, CA

-Self-proclaimed “Stephen Mr. Sportscenter Maxwell.” Or something like that:


-But may have had a rough senior year of high school:

G (Fr.) Davon Potts – Cerritos, CA

-Order of Operations…

-Lies! He definitely just added us on Facebook:

#25 G (RS So.) Bryce Smith – Woodland Hills, CA

-Seems like poor form to me:

-Closing in on a three-way:

-This doesn’t look right either…

-At least he’s honest:

-Yet overconfident…

#30 F (Fr.) Trevone Williams – Los Angeles, CA

-Stays away from pork. Just because.

#32 F (Fr.) Ari Feldman – Santa Monica, CA

-Ginger. No soul:

#33 F (So.) Jordan Mitchell – Gardena, CA

“The Chase”

#42 F (Sr.) Michael Lizarraga – Dixon, CA

-Goes by the nickname “Big Mike.”

-Not dirt, but interesting factoid: Lizarraga is the only NCAA basketball player who’s deaf and was recently given a NCAA waiver to play the final games of this season.

-Awarded a special Inspirational Award by the Big West Conference head coaches as the nation’s only deaf NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball student-athlete.

-If anyone knows American Sign Language, it would be great to have some basketball-related signs.

-Parents are his greatest heroes.

-Recreation, Tourism and Management major.

-On October 25, 2005, at approximately 9:26 he shattered a backboard.

-Nice legs:

-Well, this is cute…

-The caption of this photo is “thats what up” — not really sure what he is pointing to…

-This is definitely a new interpretation of the traditional sorostitute bathroom picture:

#43 F (Sr.) John Hayward-Mayhew – Eugene, OR

-Born in Seattle…

-…but grew up in Eugene. Epic fail.

-“No one knows how much John loves to surf the internet.”

-Would title his autobiography John’s Life, and if a movie was made, the lead would be played by Denzel Washington.

-He likes the Huskies, so he probably won’t mind that we win:

-Apparently, he has created his own iPhone app. (john@johnsiphone.com)

-Likes Taco Bell, Popeye’s, and Dairy Queen.

-Addicted to cheese Bugles.

-Note where his hand is…

*Editor’s note: I can respect that. Sometimes you just need to put your hand down your pants. I do it all the time. It’s warmer in there.

#34 F (Fr.) Teddy Agbonwaneten – Los Angeles, CA

-Doesn’t exist on CSUN’s website. Whatever.

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