An Open Letter to the Holiday Bowl

Dear Holiday Bowl,

Let me start by discussing Facebook Groups. What’s up with those, right? They absolutely suck. Why create a Group when you have Pages? Having a Facebook Page gets your point across without messing with everyone’s freedom. Facebook Groups are straight up anarchy. Anyone can create a Group, anyone can add you to a Group, anyone can post in a Group, anyone can impose their Group upon you. I hate that. I’m contemplating creating a Group called “Because I Want To Make Your Life A Living Hell” and inviting everyone I know to it. There’s nothing more unfulfilling than logging into your account, seeing a red notification up there to the left, clicking the notification, and finding out that 50 different people posted in a Group that you don’t give a damn about. Maybe a hot chick wrote on my wall. Maybe someone commented on the one picture I look good in. Maybe I got a “Like.” No. None of the above. Someone posted in a f**king Group. What a f**king joke. F**k you, Zuckerberg.

Speaking of unfulfilling things, how ’bout that Alamo Bowl, huh? That was a professional segue right there. You might not have noticed. Thought I’d call your attention to that. Oh, and in case you’re wondering what that entire first paragraph has to do with the rest of this letter, the answer is nothing. It has nothing to do with the rest of this article. I just wanted to rant about Facebook Groups and rile you up a bit. If you’re still reading, then I’ve accomplished both goals.

Anyway, here’s the thing, I don’t want my Huskies to go to the Alamo Bowl. I know, I know, it’s supposed to be the more prestigious bowl game. Whatever. It costs a couple hundred more bucks to fly to San Antonio and it’s far, far away. Screw those guys. I might not even go to the game if they play there. That’s how badly I don’t want to go to the Alamo Bowl.

But you know what. Let me tell you something. I would like to go to the Holiday Bowl. You know why? Because last year’s Holiday Bowl was effing amazing. Seriously. I had the time of my life in San Diego. And I owe it all to you. Had you not been such gracious hosts for our football program, we likely would not have descended upon your fair city. But you were, and we did, and it was glorious.

I don’t even remember much of my time there. I remember it being chilly. I remember meeting Hugh Millen. I remember the sun being too bright in the morning. I remember partying on New Year’s Eve with Jake Locker. I remember riding a trolley and talking about going to Tijuana, only to be told by a man twice my size that he would never go there, so why would we? Duly noted, large man.

I remember the important things. I remember being with my friends, I remember kissing a girl, I remember waking up with a hangover and forcing myself to run three miles as punishment, I remember trying to start our hybrid rental car. These were awesome memories. Just incredible. And I want to relive them all.

San Diego is beautiful, Qualcomm Stadium is badass (minus the $9 beers), the public transportation is conducive to safe nights, and I still need to get some USD Toreros gear.

So please, have us back. Or else I’m going to create a Facebook Group called “The Holiday Bowl.” And invite everyone I know to it. And post shit every day. To make people’s lives a living hell. Think about that. You don’t want that.

We love you, Holiday Bowl.


Seattle Sportsnet

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Holiday Bowl”

  1. And as a little bonus it’s not at the exact same time as the first PAC-12 game of the season for Husky Basketball

  2. The entire week was epic…Minus my ailing back. Note to self: you’re in the “30+ years old” category. Don’t repeat the events from last year!

  3. I want to go to San Antonio! I have cute boots and a cute hat and there will be lots of beer and whiskey!!! Plus the food. The food will be AMAZING.
    AAAAAND, we can do a field trip to the Alamo Bowl!!

  4. Have fun in the alamo bowl! Rg3 is going to lite up the uw d….but I the bright side San Antonio is awesome! The river walk will rival sd for sure. if you get the chance to go you should….maybe KJR will pay your way…

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