Dawg Pack Dirt: Florida Atlantic University

Dawg Pack Dirt: Florida Atlantic University

Volume 8, Issue 3, November 13, 2011

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Written by dedicated Dawg Pack members

The game:

-Florida Atlantic Owls @ Washington Huskies

-Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion, Seattle, Wash.

-Sunday, November 13, 2011, 5:00 p.m. PST.

The team:

-Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida.

-Won the Sun Belt Conference regular season title last year.

-Knocked out of the NIT in the first round as a 15-seed; now they think they can make it to the NCAA tourney.

-Alma mater of former Seattle Supersonic Jerome James.

The players:

#1 G (Sr.) Shavar Richardson – Brooklyn, NY

-The saddest looking dude I’ve ever seen. Maybe because he has consistently gotten worse every year. Starting with 11.8 ppg as a freshman, then 8.4 and 5.9. Now this year he’s looking to break the 1,000-point barrier for his career. If his trend continues he won’t make it. We should cheer him up:

#2 G (Jr.) Raymond Taylor – Miami, FL

-Ask him where those dreads went (he looks like the guy from high school musical):

-Tweeted: “Don’t ever hold your applause for me!!!” Make the “Who cares!” extra loud for him.

#3 C (Jr.) Dragan Sekelja – Zagreb, Croatia

-Can’t play this season because he transferred from Baylor.

*Editor’s note: But his name is Dragan!! That’s so awesome!!!

#4 F (Jr.) Andre Mattison – Washington, DC

-Studying “Going HAM” at FAU.

-Apparently having a career high of 8.0 points constitutes as “Going HAM.”

-Hit him up on Twitter @BigDre7.

#5 G (Sr.) Alex Tucker – San Pedro, CA

-Forehead jokes can be made for days:

#10 G (So.) Dennis Mavin – Gainesville, FL

-“Mavin was also impressed by the atmosphere…in a game that had a sold-out crowd.” Talking about when when he was getting recruited to Florida Atlantic. Too bad FAU’s arena holds a mere 5,000. Let’s prove what Hec Ed can do.

#13 G-F (Sr.) Jelani Floyd – Chicago, IL

-Recent transfer from UC-Davis.

-Not even sure what to say about this one:

#21 F (Jr.) Jordan McCoy – Orlando, FL

-Every athlete should follow Jordan’s example and keep their sh*t on lock like he does. No Facebook. No Twitter. This man is like Osama bin Laden. I mean, before the whole getting killed by America thing.

#22 G (Jr.) Greg Gantt – Gainesville, FL

-Sign idea: Gant > Gantt.

Has his very own fan page with a grand total of five “likes.” I’m sure we could give him a little boost.

#25 G (So.) Pablo Bertone – Philadelphia, PA

-Originally from Argentina.

-Be sure to remind him that we will continue to party regardless of Pablo’s whereabouts:

#31 G (Fr.) Omari Grier – Erial, NJ

-Has written two full screenplays. Renaissance man?

*Editor’s note: Adult screenplays. No, that’s a joke. But I think we could all respect that.

-Played for an AAU team called Jersey Shore Warriors. Let’s see if he knows Snooki and JWoww.

#44 F (Fr.) Kelvin Penn – Steilacoom, WA

He’s a huge Natasha Bedingfield fan.

#52 F (Jr.) Kore White – Fort Lauderdale, FL

-Embracing culture:

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