Dawg Pack Dirt: Georgia State University

Dawg Pack Dirt: Georgia State University

Volume 8, Issue 2, November 12, 2011

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Written by dedicated Dawg Pack members

The game:

-Georgia State Panthers @ Washington Huskies

-Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmunson Pavilion, Seattle, Wash.

-Saturday, November 12, 2011, 2:00 p.m. PST.

The team:

-Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia.

-Georgia State is a member of the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA).

-Last season’s Georgia State team finished with a 12-19 overall record.

The players:

#1 G (Sr.) Josh Micheaux – Missouri City, TX

-Lovin’ his sparklers:

#4 G (Sr.) James Fields – Savannah, GA

-Nickname is Boom.

-Was in a high speed chase with campus police last spring.

*Editor’s note: Awesome.

-Disclaimer: we suggest all fathers hide their daughters before reading the following tweets…

-“Ladies I got so much flavor it don’t make sense…. I be #fresh

-“Damn I pulled my groin today….sorry ladies but its a no go”

-“I need to talk to some body daughter til I get tired”

-“I’m not a father just yet but I’m about to treat myself to some Red Lobsters”

-Hit him up on Twitter @Boom9489.

-Girlfriend is named Brittany R. Jones.

#10 G (Fr.) Kevin Shaw – Louisville, KY

-A McDonald’s All-American nominee who averaged 22 ppg in his final prep season.

-Seems bitter he wasn’t recruited by Louisville. Let’s ask him about it.

-Full name is Kevin Durand Shaw Jr.

#11 G (Fr.) Tony Kimbro Jr. – Louisville, KY

-Girlfriend from high school, Naysha Kayy, tweeted her favorite #highskoomemorie was Tony getting in trouble “and being like ‘what, I’m Tony Kimbro’ than walking away.” Let’s let him know that attitude is not tolerated in our house.

-Father, Tony Kimbro Sr., was Kentucky’s Mr. Basketball in 1985 and played for Louisville. Seems to me like this Georgia State team is full of Louisville rejects.

-Was featured in an article with Tony Wroten Jr., where they referred to Wroten as “the best freshman in the country.” They described Kimbro as “not afraid to make mistakes” and “still developing physically, mentally and emotionally.” Our Tony Jr. > Your Tony Jr.

#12 G (So.) Devonta White – Alpharetta, GA

-Blessed. Averaged 5.2 ppg last year before suffering a high ankle sprain that ended his season after 12 games.

-Catch him on Twitter @tay_white.

-Sick tats:

-Feelin’ it:

#14 G (Sr.) Jihad Ali – Atlanta, GA

-For whatever reason, it looks like Jihad prefers to go by his middle name, Rahman. To be on the safe side, let’s just go with Mr. Ali.

-Ali is on the CAA All-Academic Team, majoring in Finance.

#15 G (Fr.) Tyler Gamble – Commerce, GA

-Careful, Gamble:

*Editor’s note: Shortly after this photo was taken, Gamble accidentally shot a bald eagle out of the sky. Unfortunate.

-Girlfriend is Anna Lecia Appling.

-Even the baby knows to be afraid:

#20 F (Sr.) Eric Buckner – Erhardt, SC

-Arguably the most boring man on earth. No info exists on this guy. Though I hear Erhardt is beautiful this time of year.

#21 G (Fr.) Ryann Green – College Park, GA

-Catch him on Twitter @R_Green21 for wisdom like this:

“Ball so hard my ankle hurt.” Man, is he hardcore. Better get out of his way.

“The only thing I learned today came from twitter.” I think Green needs to get to class.

“When you ask someone if they’re good at basketball, and they respond ‘I’m best at defense’ ……they’re trash.” Can’t wait for him to meet UW and our “trash” players.

“everytime I move, something cracks.” This guy must have been ballin’ real hard.

“I AM RYANN GREEN.” Thanks for telling us.

“I feel like givin up everyday.” Don’t do it, homey.

“I honestly don’t know how I make it eaach day.” Poor guy, we better cheer him up.

“When you need a shoulder to cry on girl I wont listen.” How mean…

-11,095 tweets since January 9th, 2011. Thirty-six (36) tweets a day average. Maybe he should go to class more often.

*Editor’s note: He’s got me beat by 2,500 in half the time. I’m thoroughly impressed.

#22 C (Jr.) James Vincent – Columbus, GA

-Had a birthday on Nov. 5th. Ask him to do a birthday plank for us:

-He doesn’t ball like Green:

-His nickname is “Oak” or “Big Oak.” Let’s knock him down.

#24 F (Sr.) Brandon McGee – Chicago, IL

-A 2007 graduate of Chicago’s Crane High School. Rated as one of the top 30 prep players nationally at the time.

-Signed with Indiana out of high school and averaged 1.5 points and 1.0 rebounds in 17 games for the Hoosiers in 2007-08.

-Sociology major.


-Dude likes to drink:

-Probably after a night ragin’ with the Goose:


“This goes out to a very special person… Bi*ch stop callin me!!!!” Yeah, bitch.

“Free Spado. Thug by birth not by choice…” Whoever or whatever Spado is, he tweets a lot about freeing it.

“Loyalty def has a expiration date…” Everyone knows expiration dates don’t really matter.

“Just because you put syrup on sh*t dont make it pancakes!! Anybody can win the lottery!!!l” This is just stupid.

-His Twitter bio: “Indiana, Auburn, Georgia State!! Whats next-NBA”

-Finished last season as team’s second-leading scorer, averaging 7.8 ppg. Pulled down 4.8 rebounds per contest, tied for second most on the team.

#25 G (So.) Rashaad Richardson – James Island, SC

-One-star recruit.

*Editor’s note: Ouch.

-Played AAU basketball for Team Truth.

-Career highs of three (3) points and 11 minutes.

-Find him on Twitter at @freeshev25.

-His dawg is RJ Berger:

-A quote from Rashaad: “Dang they canceled the Ross concert for homecoming SMH! Stay away from drugs kids bad things like seizures happen to you when you hit the weed too much.” That’s some solid advice right there.

-Rashaad “felt like being a little different” — but to me it seems like he got dressed in the dark:

*Editor’s note: They’re fakes.

#55 F (Sr.) Jamar Taylor – Charleston, SC

-Knows Spanglish.

-Career highs of 18 minutes and 7 points.

-Seems to be into art — not sure if some of these are his or not… doesn’t seem likely: Taylor Made Album

-Twitter: @JayTaylor55.

-His own mother??! Now that’s just cold.  Let’s ask the anti-mama’s boy about their relationship:

-JayTaylor55’s Pearls of Wisdom:


-I bet this is how he keeps his teeth so white:

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