Writer X: Win Forever? Not With Tarvaris

*Editor’s note: Periodically, we will be presenting you work from accomplished scribes behind the guise of the mysterious Writer X. The idea here is that we give our talented journalists the freedom to say what they want about who they want without fear of retribution. Were they to pen these thoughts under their own names, they could face serious repercussions. Writer X, however, is perfectly immune to it all. Enjoy the candor.

“He knows the offense.”

That’s what we’ve heard over and over and f**king over.

Tarvaris Jackson was signed this offseason by Pete Carroll, John Schneider, and the Seattle Seahawks to replace Matt (sic; Matthew) Hasselbeck to be the new quarterback for a team coming off an absurd playoff berth and first round victory. Charlie Whitehurst, whom the team traded a third round pick for just a year prior and led the team to a must-win Week 17 victory over the St. Louis Rams, was left completely out of the equation.

Jackson has spent his entire career under the tutelage of new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, and thus the connection was made that bringing in a new QB1 with direct experience under the new coordinator will ease the transition, what with the lockout shortened offseason. This is a rational conclusion in the abstract. However, this is a f**king travesty in reality and if I hear it one more time, I’m going to burn out my retinas watching the replays of the first two preseason games.

The problem is, you know, I’ve seen Tarvaris Jackson play. In fact, I’ve seen him play all five years of his career. All five of those, Bevell was his coordinator. And you know what? Tarvaris Jackson isn’t good. I don’t care that he knows the offense if he can’t play the position of quarterback at a fundamental level. You could send Nate Robinson to Hakeem Olajuwon to learn the Dream Shake, the Sky Hook, and a plethora of low post moves and I still wouldn’t want him playing center for my team. Nate can’t be tall. And Tarvaris can’t pass.

Now, while I understand the offensive line is in full rebuild and looks susceptible at best, Hasselbeck and his injury history would not have been a good cocktail. And honestly, a mobile quarterback is probably a good idea, but why would opposing defenses respect the pass in any situation against Jackson? London’s got nothing on the blitz the Seahawks are about to see. Whitehurst’s performances in the first two preseason games have shown the promise that Carroll and Schneider saw when they traded for him, promise that has Seahawks fans clamoring for him to be given a real shot at the starting job.

If that wasn’t troubling enough, what is even more strange and maddening is Pete Carroll’s sudden change of philosophy.

The King of “Competition,” who demanded last year and throughout his college tenure that his players must compete everyday for their status as starters and throughout the depth chart, has suddenly bequeathed Jackson the starter without any ability for Whitehurst to overtake. It doesn’t make any sense and is totally out of character for someone who prizes a meritocracy within his teams.

Jackson doesn’t merit taking the clipboard from Clipboard Jesus at this point. Yet, here we are. Three weeks from the beginning of the season and Carroll has made his decision on zero relevant game action. It would appear that the ego we’ve heard so much about has landed. Carroll chased out an admittedly aging franchise quarterback and replaced him with someone he prematurely cemented as a starter and is unwilling or, perhaps more frightening, is unable to demote.

This is not how you Win Forever.

3 thoughts on “Writer X: Win Forever? Not With Tarvaris”

  1. Do you think that the seahawks are possibly waiting for this line to get better and more experienced before naming CBJ the starter? I think around week 4 or 5 when the line gels together better (hopefully sooner) CBJ will be named the starter. He doesn’t have the speed to avoid the pass rush or blitzes that are going to be done again and again until the line gets better. Honestly how well do you think CBJ would of done against the vikes in their last game against the 1st string? I know he at least deserves a chance but i don’t think really anyone would be very successful right now. Also, it really sucks but i think the hawks are trying to build a complete team bringing in a young quarterback next year to have the best possible situation. Tjack is just a stop gap and is not the in the hawks future.

  2. Sounds about right Joe. There is no solution to this. Prepare for the mulligan unless the West implodes again. Even if CBJ started you’d end up seeing TJ at some point. When you’re out of options and there were not many free agent or draft options sexy enough to warrant giving up draft picks, then some principles might as well be tossed out.

    The oline will be good someday, but there isn’t a quarterback in the league that could throw for 270 a week with that youth.

    As for the “competition” jilt, some of you fans are feeling… grow a pair. Pete C. has his faults, but he doesn’t have a recent history of not playing the best player. CBJ and L. Milloy’s twitter account are the only 2 opinions that see it that way as players.

  3. could I take a 2-14 year to get Luck? maybe and wouldn’t be a bad move….but the reality is the NFC west sucks too. So that means the hawks will win some meaningless games against SF and AZ. 5-6 wins and 8th or so in the draft, ugh, sigh….

    Jackson is pretty bad right now. I like to be optomistic, but it’s tough right now. I know it’s pre season, but for god sakes your starter should be able to put up a TD or 2 and some yards in these games….sigh again.

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