Cycling I Can Endorse

I’m not really big on the hazards of bicycling. You all know this.

That said, I can support a good cause. And in this case, a great cause just happened to team up with…cycling. I mean, it’s not ideal. Let’s be honest. Good causes plus eating contests? Yes. Good causes plus walk-a-thons? Okay. Good causes plus charity softball games? Perfect. But good causes plus cycling? Well, like all the goofy clothes you got for your birthday as a kid, it’s really the thought that counts.

All jokes aside, I’d certainly appreciate it if you could take whatever spare change you have lying around and donate to support the fight against multiple sclerosis.

My friend, Chelsea, and her husband, Rémy, will be cycling 150 freakin’ miles around our great state on what I can only assume are bikes slightly better than the Huffy I had when I was younger. Seriously. One-hundred-fifty miles. That’s nuts. They can do it though. Chelsea was the most reliable pickup baseball player in our entire neighborhood during grade school. The only one I could always get to come throw and hit with my little brother and I. She’s tough.

You can read Chelsea’s story here. Her goal is to raise $1,000. If everyone who reads this chips in a buck, we’ll have it taken care of in half a day. And if I know anything about my readers, it’s that you’re extremely generous people. Also good-looking. And intelligent. I can keep going if I need to.

Look, I know how it is. People ask you for your money all the time. I get it. I yell at homeless people every now and then because, while they may have nothing, I owe people money. “Hey, bum! At least you’re at a break-even point. I’m negative! You should be helping me out!” That’s horrible, I understand. But what can I say, I don’t like mean bums. Those guys suck. Also, fat bums. Fat, mean bums are the worst. Try looking the part, jerk.

Okay, that was a huge digression, I’m sorry.

Point is, one dollar is nothing. Most of us piss that away on iTunes without thinking twice (I mean, I assume most of you who get your songs legally do that, at least). So please give. Your contributions will benefit the National MS Society and help fight a debilitating disease that affects so many of us.

You guys are the best. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Cycling I Can Endorse”

  1. An MS explanation:

    My name’s Melodie. I was diagnosed with MS when I was 20, and we can trace symptoms back to infancy. Like Alex I’m a DawgPack alum and (with MS) jumped up and down for the full two hours (them lazy kids now-a-days).

    The average person with MS fights their disease for 7,665 days (21 years) before diagnosis is made, and then goes on to fight it, usually for another 10,000 or so days. You really get a lot of bang for your buck in donating, all things considered. MS tends to start developing when a person is in their 20s, so they’re diagnosed around 40.

    MS is a very life disruptive disease; the simple explanation is that neurons are misfiring, and anything under the sun can go wrong. You can sleep 18 hours a day for six weeks, and then be totally normal. You can have 20/20 vision one day, +200 for three months, and then wake up one morning and be back to 20/20. Heat is usually the big complaint because it causes nausea, but due to our country’s obesity I’m pretty convinced few have experienced the true cold. For a small person with MS hypothermia occurs rapidly and the effects are devastating: you can’t see, you can’t talk, and you’re level of consciousness drops like a rock.

    Best way to avoid MS? There’s been research that points to a lack of vitamin D having some effect on it, so drink your orange juice and take your supplements.

    Oh and to anyone wondering about what it’s like to be best friends/etc. with someone that has MS… it varies a lot. I wouldn’t know what to tell you considering 99% of America’s dislike of personal responsibility. Generally I would say that MS is kind of like being a little person: it’s just life. Sometimes we look a little funny and act a little funny, but laughter is the best medicine; ANYONE with MS will tell you that.

    Go Dawgs!

  2. a) Thank you for sharing your story. Everyone can benefit by reading this.

    b) Thank you for *your dedication to proper grammar.

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