Operation Writer X

You may know about ESPN The Magazine’s Player X. It’s a column that runs in every issue of The Mag and features an anonymous athlete scribing candidly beneath the guise of Player X.

The appeal of the article is epic in nature and the idea itself is revolutionary. Allowing inside sources to divulge classified information without having to worry about repercussion is an incredible feat that benefits the consumer more than anyone else. In this case, the consumer is the reader. And the reader can walk away from each of these confessionals feeling enlightened by what they’ve just digested.

Now imagine you’re a professional journalist.

At one point in your life, you loved to write. It was great. It was thrilling. It brought you joy.

But then something changed.

Writing became a task, a job, something you were paid to do. The love left when money came into the picture. On top of that, your article subjects weren’t as compelling as you thought they’d be. Some were jerks, some were just boring. Needless to say, storytelling lost its luster.

People view you as a source, rather than a human being. You have things to say but no one cares to hear them. They want your objectivity. They want you to manipulate numbers for them and be a glorified robot. When they see you in public, they don’t ask you how your day’s going or your thoughts on life. They gauge your opinion on work, on how a local team is doing, on what Joe Athlete said on record last week.

And the thing is, you don’t care. No one likes to talk about work. It’s f**king work! You do it because you have to, not because you want to. If you could go lay on the beach all day, or eat ice cream, or have unadulterated sexual flings, or play Mario Kart, or watch Jerry Springer, or just sit on your f**king couch with your hand in your pants all day long YOU WOULD DO IT! And why would you do it? Because it’s not work!

You are a human being. A human being who happens to be a talented writer with an opinion. An opinion that you can’t express. Because a) no one craves that opinion the way they should, and b) because you could get in trouble for baring your soul.

That’s where Seattle Sportsnet comes in.

I’m looking for Writer X. I want your stories. And I want you to tell them without having to fear for your job, your safety, or anything at all.

I want you to be as honest and engaging as you truly can be. And I want people to see that you’re more than just a number-cruncher, a stathead, an unbiased computer.

This is a venue where your words will be appreciated and consumed by thousands of readers who are starving for your insight. No one needs to know you’re behind the X. No one needs to know you’re the contributor. You can trust me.

This is your f**king time to shine. Be ruthless, be fearless, be as open as you want to be.

We can change the game.

Contact me if you have what it takes to be Writer X.

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