And Then Jeff Cirillo Had A Baseball Camp

Sensing a golden opportunity with Chone Figgins having surpassed him as the worst third baseman in Seattle Mariners history, Jeff Cirillo knew it was his time. Time, he declared, for a youth baseball camp.

From the Bellevue Reporter, courtesy Josh Suman:

A few things of note to take away here.

One, this would have been absolutely comedic two years ago. Now, though, with Figgins being run out there every day, it’s not half bad.

Two, I have to give Cirillo props for holding this in the Seattle area. Everybody still kind of thinks of the guy as a punch line around these parts, but he’s doing it anyway. That’s ballsy. Gotta respect that.

Three, between this and the Eldridge Recasner Basketball Academy, haven’t we preyed on the children of the Eastside enough already? Come on. I grew up on the Eastside and I can promise you there aren’t that many future athletes in this area. This is like To Catch A Predator the way these dudes are snatching up the genetically-debilitated spawn of these rich, ill-informed techie parents. Then again, the more we can take advantage of those folks the better. So, to backtrack on my original point, let’s keep this thing going!

Four, shout out to former Bellevue Wolverine and Washington Husky Ben Johnson.

Five, you probably should have taken that Rhodes’ Scholarship, Minaker.

Six, you can’t make any of this sh*t up. It’s unbelievable how the world has a way of presenting humor sometimes.

2 thoughts on “And Then Jeff Cirillo Had A Baseball Camp”

  1. What really caught my eye was $325 fee. Are you kidding me. For a camp with Cirillo he should pay me.

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