It Looks Different

I changed the look and feel of the site this weekend. You probably noticed. I don’t want to insult your intelligence by pretending you didn’t notice. You’re all very astute individuals. I just thought I should point out the obvious because, well, better me look foolish than you.

So anyway, you’re probably asking yourself why I changed things. Well, frankly, the site has looked the same for roughly two years and four months. That’s a long time to have the same boring-ass theme. It was time for something new. So I spiffed up the layout, tweaked the color scheme, rearranged the furniture, and the end result is what you see before you today.

Aside from the aesthetic alterations, here are a few of the big changes of note:

  • The “Subscribe to SSN” feature in the sidebar to your right. I put this here because it would be absolutely swell if you subscribed to the blog. What does a subscription entail? Well, every time I make a post, you get an email alert in your inbox. That’s about it. We don’t have any get-togethers for subscribers, nor do I have any free gifts. Although if you see me in a bar and tell me you’re a subscriber, I might just buy you a drink. Or at the very least give you a high-five.
  • The “Conversation” widget, also in the sidebar to your right. This area will constantly populate the ten most recent comments to be left by you, the readers, anywhere on the site. If you leave a comment, it will show up here, thus giving your opinion more exposure and stoking the burning flames of discussion for others to join in on.
  • Fatter Facebook badges. You may have noticed I made my Facebook badges fatter. There’s really no reason for this. I just wanted to do it.
  • Removal of two site pages from the menu at the top of your screen. I had to do it. SSN TV needed to go (we had one freakin’ episode), and Sounders FC really needed to go. The Sounders FC page was basically one big punch line. I’m a fan of the Sounders in theory, but the disdain I have for soccer wasn’t doing my coverage of the team much justice. So they’re gone. You can still find the articles that appeared on these pages in the archives or through a site search. They just don’t have their own page in the menu to call home anymore. (And for the record, I haven’t updated the pages in the menu in quite some time. I’ll get around to it. But it’s kind of tedious. And I’m kind of lazy. Ipso facto, two evils colliding equals crappy results.)

So that’s basically it. Whether you like or hate the changes, I hope you’ll keep coming back and reading the articles. I don’t really care about the look of the site too much. I’m more concerned with the content. Why waste my time putting the makeup on when I could be toning the core, right?

Twenty-eight months with the same look and layout, thirty-one months in business. Not too shabby. This Seattle Sportsnet thing might just catch on.

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