Karate Emergency: Episode XXVIII

Click here to listen.

Yes, we know the sun is out and we’re now fighting an uphill battle for your attention. Getting anyone to sit down and listen to a show during the summertime can be a tough sell. The television industry learned this long ago when they cut much of their original programming during the year’s warmer months and opted to broadcast reruns instead.

But you know what, here at Karate Emergency, we’re not big on reruns. We want to give you something fresh each week. We also want to give you options, which is why we now allow you to download the podcast directly you to your computer. This way, you can listen at your leisure, either on your PC, through your iPod, or on a mobile device. You can also find Karate Emergency hosted each week at two other locations: on the 950 KJR podcast page, and via the iTunes Store by searching “Karate Emergency”.

This week, we discuss the red hot Mariners, reveal details of Josh’s celebration of bachelorhood, and in general, do our best to keep you entertained. Check it out.

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