Donkey Watch: Days 2 and 3

Jettisoned from the starting lineup and relegated to a seat in the dugout, Donkey Watch has taken a turn for the worse for all involved. Donkey is quickly moving toward irrelevance, while the Watch is akin to a grass-growing vigil.

Manager Eric Wedge, having acknowledged that he is aware of what fans think of Donkey, did his best to protect the one-time third baseman by locking him up in the stable for a few days.

“He’s been real good on the bench,” quipped Wedge, in an apparent attempt at humor or something.

The move is only temporary, as Donkey will be returning to the lineup sometime in the near future, toting all the luggage in those saddlebags along with him — a .190 batting average, a lackluster defensive effort, and the ability to turn a rowdy crowd of spectators into a sullen group of hecklers with each trip to the plate.

For it’s ONE, TWO, THREE strikes you’re…booing his goofy little ass back to the bench.

Donkey Watch rolls on…

3 thoughts on “Donkey Watch: Days 2 and 3”

  1. Is it just me or would Matt Tuiosispo be a better option at third? He could easly hit .190 and has proved it in stints in the bigs. Also young and hungry my guess is his 3rd base play would have better effort than donkey.

    Wedge: make an example to this team: we don’t care what you make, how vetran you are, if you can’t hit and have a crappy attitude you will sit and watch your triple A replacement!

  2. Check it out !! Saunders just got optioned to AAA, Halman is coming up. Im slavering over ackley man….. what is the holdup.. I want to see him NOW!!! sweet to see four bombs in tonights game though, I think Peguero just bought himself another 2 weeks of playtime.

  3. Time for another Donkey watch post… I was infuriated when he booted that grounder late in the game…

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