God, I Love Mark Cuban

Check out this excerpt from an article entitled Whistled While They Worked in the May 30th issue of ESPN The Magazine. ESPN’s Kenny Mayne interviews a panel of sports figures notorious for running afoul of the rules, including Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Here’s how the article comes to its conclusion:

Mayne: Are you worried about fallout because you spoke candidly about referees?

Cuban: There’s always a risk of my getting fined. But in this case there’s no solid ground.

Mayne: What if in the transactions it said, “Mark Cuban fined $100,000 for talking to that bastard Kenny Mayne from Seattle, the city we stripped of a franchise”?

Cuban: That would be money well spent.

In the words of Jeffrey Spicoli, “Awesome. Totally awesome.”

Thank you, Mark Cuban.

Go Mavs.

2 thoughts on “God, I Love Mark Cuban”

  1. One of two owners (Paul ALlen) to vote against relocation of the Sonics. I’m a Mavs fan right now! GO DIRK!

  2. I’m an investment analysis and when Cuban was trying to make a back door bid to buy the company that owns the Braves, I got a chance to talk with him on the phone and he is just an awesome, awesome guy. Not afraid to say anything.

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