Check Out Your New Point Guard, Husky Fans

The above post appeared on the Twitter feed of one Tony Wroten, Jr. late last night. The future University of Washington basketball player was reacting to a story by prep sports reporter Mason Kelley in The Seattle Times. The article investigated an academic cheating scandal involving Wroten and others at Seattle’s Garfield High School.

You know, it wouldn’t be a story if Wroten’s name wasn’t it. This, according to Wroten.

I’ve spoken with a number of people in and out of local media who all say the same things about this kid: great basketball talent, crap personality. That bugs the sh*t out of me. I certainly hope that Lorenzo Romar can coach the attitude out of his soon-to-be point guard. But until then, we’ll have to keep putting up with garbage like this, trashing the efforts of others and failing to own up to mistakes.

Hey, Tony: be a f**king man. If you screw up, admit to it and let it go. Society has sympathy for contrite screw-ups. They have nothing but venom for cocky pricks that point the finger the other way. It is what it is. You’re talented enough from an athletic standpoint that you’ll learn this one way or the other, the easy way or the hard way. My hope is that you correct your course before the hard way becomes the national stage and an embarrassment for the purple-and-gold.

In Wroten’s defense, the post in question was deleted from his feed shortly after appearing, but not before a number of people were able to get a hold of it. In addition, because Wroten used a third-party service to extend the post past Twitter’s 140-character limit, it still currently resides at this address.

Props to Mason Kelley for doing his job the right way, diligently, honestly, and without subjectivity. True reporter in an era where there are few left. Good work.

30 thoughts on “Check Out Your New Point Guard, Husky Fans”

  1. Haha, that first comment is awesome. “Seriously? Who Cares?” Who cares about what? The fact that the Huskies newest recruit was given a passing grade in a class he never took? The fact that a good reporter did his job and reported it, with the follow up as to how the grade was being made up? The fact that the newest recruit immediately disrespected a RESPECTED member of the media because he didn’t want to own up to the mistake? The fact the the Huskies newest recruit already feels that he is above having to own up to mistakes or show some humility? Which one of those should we NOT care about????

  2. Welcome to being a high school athlete. The only injustice was that he wasn’t given an A.

  3. Tony Wroten is right. If his name wasn’t involved this would be a non story. He wasn’t the only person in the class but you don’t mention Tino Coleman once. You’re articles are funny most of the time but this one is below the belt.

  4. Taking a page out of Wroten’s book, let me give you three important letters: L-O-E.

    Don’t pick on my friends.

  5. James, the article written in the Seattle Times DOES mention Valentino Coleman- Wroten and the other student, Valentino Coleman, told an investigator that last year Valiere did little more than occasionally quiz them in the hallway.- THIS article is about Tony Wroten’s twitter response to Mason Kelley. Tino Coleman didn’t tweet anything to Mason Kelley, therefore he was left out of the article. How is it below the belt for Alex to call out a kid for being rude to someone who is only doing their job? And happy, good thinking, let’s just let star athletes bypass school altogether, that way, when they hurt themselves and can no longer play, they have something solid to fall back on.

  6. Akita’s right, don’t be a dick to Mason Kelly. At least go after Geoff Baker, he likes to bite back.

  7. “I guarantee it wouldn’t even be a story if MY name wasn’t in it.” Well yeah, and the Kobe rape case coverage wouldn’t have been on ESPN if it didn’t center around a NBA superstar. And to be honest this probably would have still been a story if he weren’t in it, it just wouldn’t appear in the sports section. Is that gonna be his response for everything? What if Venoy said that after he was accused of those charges this year? This kid’s ego is out of control.

  8. Alex I normally respect your opinion, but your assumptions of Tony’s character are out of line. Have you ever met Tony? Or do you merely listen to others opinions and read a stupid twitter feed written by an 18 year old KID. Yeah Tony comes off as a little arrogant on twitter, but he does have a valid point about his name being on the investigation. Who in the public seriously cares about Garfield academics unless an all-american and future NBA player is involved?

    “My hope is that you correct your course before the hard way becomes the national stage and an embarrassment for the purple-and-gold.”

    Really Alex? Chill out. Tony is going to be a great contributor to our team and I suggest you give the kid a god d*** chance. How about you discuss the character of a Isaiah Thomas? Cocky, Arrogant, etc but he gets a free pass. I like your articles, but this one plain and simply sucks.

  9. The investigator should of never released the information to Mason Kelley anyway. Isn’t there some type of Confidentiality agreement? In my opinion calling out an 18 year old kids manhood is hitting below the belt but that’s just me.

  10. Alex-you rule. You and I both know how much I love Husky Basketball and in turn how much I love new, all-star recruits. Wroten needs to get his s**t in line before he steps foot on Romar’s basketball court. It’ll all work out.

  11. Tony,
    DAAAAAAAAMN. Hopefully you’re purging this immature shit from your system before you enroll at the dub. I’m pulling for you and excited to see you become successful. At 17,18 you’re a man and should consider taking out quiet time, meditation, deep thought anything to help you think strait when you’re not on the court. Your name IS mentioned. You personally placed your hot steaming pile of crap right out in the middle of the street for everyone to see.

    You personally invited and provided front row passes for the local community, team mates, NBA scouts and the rest of the world. You need to protect your name bro. Grand opportunity to suck it up here man. Retake the class this summer. Cut your organized games in half this summer. Consider it.

  12. Quit kissing ass Akita. Mason Kelley is a douche. This posting is worse than Wroten’s tweet. Mason Kelley is using wroten to make a bigger name for himself. This is a non story. The adults are at fault.

  13. Good luck with this guy. A+ talent. F- in PR/academics/character.

    Kid needs to get a clue. If he did cheat, then his academic standing the NCAA may be in trouble. Good luck husky fans. This guys is probably the next one and done bballer at uw…

  14. Husyk18849284whatever, Alex called out IT for playing like a fictional character, Stacy Patton, and drew the ire of one of the best players to ever wear a UW basketball jersey in the process. At least he had a valid point in that article (despite how wrong it turns out he was). Now he’s questioning the character and attitude of an 18 year old kid who has never even stepped foot in Hec Ed. Not fair, not called for, and oh yeah, not a fail on my part.

  15. Seriously, Jim, you think that’s why Mason wrote that story to make a bigger name for himself. Do you really think that he thought, “if I write this story, my name will get bigger and maybe I will get extra cream cheese on my bagel or perhaps a free drink at a bar.”

    Come on, figure it out.

    The adults are at fault? Everyone is at fault. Everyone. Tony included. He knew it was wrong. He was getting credit for a class he knew he never took. Does it happen around the country? Yes. Does it make it right? No. Not even close. They manipulated the rules to get him to Garfield. He lives in Renton. And if he’s willing to allow the rules to be bent now for him, who’s to say he won’t expect the same or try to find someone to do the same in the future at UW.

    And Wroten isn’t some 18-year old kid. He hasn’t been some normal kid when he was getting flown around the country playing basketball while AAU teams fought over him trying to get him to play for their summer teams with allure of shoes, gear and other things. Wroten isn’t a just a kid and he knows it by the more than 11,000 people that follow him on Twitter. He isn’t just a kid when he calls a press conference to announce his college.

    Say that Wroten was enabled by the people around him. Say that they used his talent to win games. But don’t make him sound like he’s innocent in this matter. And don’t say he’s just a kid. He hasn’t been wanted to be treated like just a kid from the very moment someone told him how great he was at basketball.

    If you are going to get on here and defend Wroten, come up with a better argument than someone is a douche or saying it’s a non-story or acting like the kid is innocent. Even Wroten gives a more effort on defense than what you’ve brought to this debate.

  16. Ryan, when did I once say anything bad about Mason Kelley? Please tell me. I believe I stated that Alex’s article crossed the line, not Mason Kelley’s original report. I have no problem with Kelley’s journalism because it’s actually objective, unlike this article by Alex which just talks sh*t about Tony.

    I also never defended what Wroten said. I agreed that he came off as arrogant, but he’s also 18 years old which DOES factor into his attitude. I don’t know if you remember being 18, but you pretty much feel like you’re the sh*t, and that compounded with the fact that Tony is one of the best 18 year old basketball players in the world probably results in a cocky attitude. Yeah, the guys not perfect, but neither is anyone else. You only see Tony because he is a public figure that everyone can tear to shreds because they have nothing better to do.

    I like Alex’s articles, I really do. I wouldn’t read the site if I usually disagreed with him. I merely believe that he attacked Tony only because he likes Mason Kelley. Am I so wrong?

    Husky, the fact that you disagree with me doesn’t make me a douche. How about you try to reasonably disagree with me instead of acting like a four year old and telling me I fail.

  17. there are too many Jims on this damn site. Jim, JIM, James… what the hell. And as I said before, Wroten isn’t a normal 18 year old. He just isn’t. I may have been an obnoxious prick. But I didn’t have a forum to do so and I wasn’t an all-american basketball player that signed with the home town University and interviewed weekly by newspapers.

  18. “I don’t know if you remember being 18, but you pretty much feel like you’re the sh*t”

    I remember being 18, and I definitely didn’t feel like I was anything special.

  19. The content of the tweet reflecting on the udub is one thing…. but the fact he twitters like a 9 year old girl would is criminal.

  20. Thabo – That’s because you haven’t grown since Jr High.

    Dude he’s just a kid. Everyone has done stupid stuff when they’re 18. You might be a grown ass man but you still can do stupid stuff.
    As long as helps UW win a championship I don’t care what he does, right?…

  21. Why would the Seattle School District in financial trouble bother to provide a special tutor for Wroten, why should a student in a public school be given special privleges that the school district cannot afford? Why should a public school (UW) admit a student who cannot make muster, when they are failing Washington students who are more than capable and exhibit a strong desire to do whatever it takes to be accepted and then, because they are Washington students get rejected? Our schools fail, the promise of doing well, making the grades, doing extra curricular work, volunteering, and just being a good student, good person, isn’t enough. From the time our children go to Kindergarten all the way through high school they are given the rules for attending college/university, they accomplish and exceed, keeping the goal in sight. Sorry you are screwed, unless you are an athlete there will be no space made for you. No one will bend over backwards to ensure your admittance, academic accomplishments mean little, better to be an athlete with marginal grades, that means more to schools than education. In the end we are not only failing our students but the athletes themselves. Washington Schools Suck.

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