9 thoughts on “Watch Mel Kiper Talk About Jake Locker, Then Get Sh*t On By Jon Gruden”

  1. Blaine Gabbert that last part just shows you who Gabbert is besides being overrated you want that kinda guy on your team. Watch his interviews he is a typical I’m very bright arrogant punk beside he runs and throws like a women.

  2. I totally agree with what Gruden said. Put Locker in at Alabama, Ohio State, Texas, USC, or some other big time program and he is a Heisman WINNER.

  3. i cant belive the jake bashers ,he has not played yet , he is better than vince was , no one said anything about vince.

  4. Pretend Jake played for Oregon and it was him and Oregon vs cam and auburn…what’s funny is I don’t even need to answer but I will Oregon would have killed auburn.

  5. is mel kiper always such a spaz? I have never seen someone try so hard in 3 minutes to convince people he’s not an idiot just to have it backfire so horribly. Seriously, the guy’s defense mechanism starts kicking in around 1:50 and you can just watch the crescendo happen

  6. Barry,
    Stop, rewind and BREATHE. Love Jake and the Titans are easily 2nd favorite NFL team. Vince won a national championship bro and he got ripped as much as anyone coming in. The only QB in recent memory that hasn’t gotten reduced to ashes before throwing a pass in the league is Sam Bradford.

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