Our City, Our Sonics

The Oklahoma City Thunder just won a playoff series for the first time in their brief, three-year history, and I’d like to take this opportunity to pay proper homage to their enormous accomplishment. Congratulations, f**kers. You earned it. Kind of.

You know what, it’s about time we took out some venom on OKC. We’ve spent all this time blaming Clay Bennett, blaming David Stern, blaming Howard Schultz. Why not let the benefactors of Seattle’s greatest heist have it for once, right?

First of all, Oklahoma City, you’ve got nothing on Seattle. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Let me ask you a question. Does anyone in that town of yours even play basketball? Anybody? Because in Seattle, we play on asphalt monuments emblazoned with the logo of OUR TEAM all over the city.

From White Center to Everett, Bellevue to Bainbridge, Greenlake to Queen Anne, there are courts with the sacred emblem of the Seattle Supersonics dotting every neighborhood where every boy and every girl, every man and every woman, every adult and every child who owns a ball, who adores that ball, who bounces that ball with the rhythmic cadence of a beating heart, can go hoop whenever he or she wants to. I’ve seen those courts. I’ve played on those courts. You respect those courts. Those courts mean something because of that logo. You win on that logo, you bleed on that logo, you break ankles on that logo, you hit buckets on that logo, you live on that logo, you breathe on that logo. That logo represents passion, it represents history, it represents a champion. It represents the wound that won’t heal until our team — the team YOU took from us — is returned to its rightful location. That logo is the soul of our city. You know nothing about that logo. You stole that logo. You tried to kill that logo. But that logo still exists. That logo thrives.

This town is basketball. Our best five will beat the best five in any other city in America on any day of the week. No doubt at all. We know, because our best five frequent the gyms and the playgrounds that every ballplayer in this town frequents. We know, because Seattle is a community of ballers that laces up year-round. We put on Nikes and Jordans and Adidases and Reeboks and And-Ones and we run. We run on concrete, on asphalt, on wood, on carpet, on dirt, on grass, on linoleum, on stone. We run until the lights go out. Indoors, outdoors, doesn’t matter. We run in cold, in heat, in rain, in snow. We run because we love the game. And the game is ingrained in the very fabric of our existence because of one team that we grew up with. One team that was taken from us.

We have a building that wasn’t good enough. With banners that don’t hang in the rafters anymore. With ugly red seats that any one of us wouldn’t mind sitting in on a winter’s evening. Where we’d fall in love with our future husbands and wives, where we’d buy our kids foam fingers and cotton candy, where we’d wear oversized green-and-gold jerseys and scream at men in stripes and cheer the simplicity of a round object ripping nylon and a scoreboard that confirmed to us that we, Seattle, were superior on that particular day. We’d do anything for that. We’d kill for that.

You know, that’s all we really want. I’d like to think that we’re not that different from you, but we are. We are. Because I can’t think of one city in the history of modern American sports that has cared this much. That has been so absolutely devastated by the loss of a franchise. And really, franchise isn’t even the right word. Family might be better. Foundation, even. But not franchise. The Sonics were more than that to the city of Seattle. The Sonics are more than that to the city of Seattle.

We don’t expect you to understand. We don’t expect you to see eye-to-eye with us, or sympathize with us, or even hear us. We’re nothing to you. Just like you’re nothing to us. We don’t share a team. We don’t share a history. The team belongs to you now. The history will always belong to us.

They say it’s a business, that this sort of thing will happen, that money drives everything, that you’re just as deserving as we are to have a basketball team in your town. F**k that. It doesn’t get said often enough, so I’ll be the one to say it: we deserve it more than you. We do.

You can have the body but you’ll never have the soul. The soul lives here. In Seattle. On our courts, in our logo, in our hearts. A team — OUR team — fell into your laps. You don’t deserve it. You didn’t earn it. You can’t live and die with it. You can’t bleed with it, breathe with it. This is your commodity. This is our passion.

These are our Sonics. This is Seattle.

16 thoughts on “Our City, Our Sonics”

  1. Written in the same style as “Welcome to Seattle Motherf**king Washington”, and it was beautiful. Keep it up man, you’re a voice for us all in Seattle.

  2. Call me sick but, fuck the fucking Okies.15 years ago most of us felt bad for them. If Tim McVeigh happened now I think.most of us would LMFAO knowing that a few Okies can no longer root for the stolen Supes. Wish Clay would’ve been in the building that day.

  3. Love the Sonics. Lov’m. Great writeup. You do a fantastic job, rep’n our city with your “Anthems” i.e. “Welcome To Seattle…”.

    Okie H8er, you are sick sick sick in the head. Anything goes here on SeattleSportsnet, including me telling you, that I despise that statement. That devil slaugtered 168 and 19 children under 6.

    To the people of Oklahoma, I’m embarrassed and sorry for those comments. I still feel your/our pain. God Bless.

    To the OKC fans, I hope you read “Our Sonics, Our City” make a poster size copy of it and shove it up your ass. Your top 5 couldn’t sniff the sneakers of a random selection of 5 from Walla Walla.

  4. awesome piece alex, you’re like a blogging eminem! you’ve got a lot of passion, i think you should email this to Howard Stern

  5. You are immature whiners, and part of the reason there are no more Sonics. Yeah, you can one-up OKC by having the “history” of the Sonics, while the Thunder can actually get a championship THIS YEAR. Seattle has no style, and no claim to fame.

  6. It usually is racist, but in this case it’s not, the fail of the year goes to “White People.” You, sir or madam, are an idiot. The Zombies will not win the championship this year. To pull a “style” or “claim to fame” argument for OKC over SEA is like telling a Hawaiian to buy a parka.

  7. I am not here to bash the True Fans of the Sonics, your team was taken from you. For that, it does truly hurt. The problem is the city as a whole out number the True fans of the Sonics. So I91 got passed and set your fate in motion and now you are without a team. I understand your hurt and hate for Clay Bennett and all the others for taking from you your beloved Sonics. However we are just people like you and we love our team more and more everyday. Please don’t attack us because we are like you, True Fans.

    Now on to Okie H8er, I am not sure why you went where you did. I hope that you are a parent and think about having your children blown up in a building on a senseless attack. And everyone that died that day was someones child. I am sure you if are a parent will want to protect your child from any harm. EVEN after reading your statement, I would never wish that upon you or anyone in your city. I am pretty sure our HURT was way more then losing you basketball team. You in time will get a team back, a life once gone will never come back.

  8. Okie H8er, you went way too far. I hope Alex deletes that post. There is no place for commentary like that.

    Alex, as much as I share your hurt and enjoy bashing Clay Bennett, the time for crying over spilled milk is over. As a city and as a united fan base, we need to start thinking proactively if we ever wish to have a team back in Seattle. It won’t be OKC. That ship has sailed and whether we like it or not, they are successful in OKC. I hope one day we will have the opportunity to get a team back in Seattle and begin to crush OKC in some meaningful playoff games. I’m not saying we have to get over the injustices or forgive Stern, Schultz, or Bennett, but the time has come for this city to move onward and upward. We need to get over our first love. She moved to another state and left us forever. We need a fresh start with that next girl who we believe will be better and hotter than the one we had before (same badass name still though).

    Maybe we can build something, knock OKC out of some future playoff rounds and show our ex how far we’ve come and why she never should have left in the first place.

  9. Sorry Travis, the pain’s still real and it feels great to rip on OKC every once in awhile. Well done Alex, I appreciate the rip job. It does in fact make me feel a little better about myself. Admittedly it’s not their fans that did anything to us, but who cares I’m/we’re still pissed, especially when the Thunder are killing it in the playoffs.

    That was a classy post, Okie Lover. Okie H8er you’re a tool. Go through some puberty, grow up some, get some education. Your post’s an embarrassment to this site and Seattle.

    Keep rattling cages, Seattle!! Until we get a team back!!

  10. A couple of points here.

    First of all Alex is spot on. What follow is from Men’s Fitness’ “Fattest Cities in America” which rated OKC 2nd.

    “Basketball courts are practically nonexistent here, among the fewest per capita in our survey. There’s just one court here for every 12,162 residents; the national average is one court per 6,909 people.”


    Comments praising Tim McVeigh are out of line.

    To the trolls that say we deserved to lose our team. When is OKC going to build the half billion dollar arena Bennett wanted from Seattle?

  11. @TheRealThabo I’m not saying OKC has style. I’m just saying Seattle doesn’t.

  12. I know that your city is full of white people who wish they had a sports team so they could fantasize about black athletes.

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