Jack Cust Hits His Balls Far, Far Away

Did you get the Shrek reference in the headline? That was my way of being clever. Because as we all know, Cust’s balls rarely travel that far in real life.

Okay, enough of that sh*t. We won’t ruin the rest of this with too many words. Just observe.

Between this…


and, of course, this…

…we’re just a few characters short of a fairy tale season.

*Special thanks to Steven Mataya for the Cust picture, and props as always to Amanda Davis for creating the now-infamous image of Chonkey.

4 thoughts on “Jack Cust Hits His Balls Far, Far Away”

  1. I caught a profile last night watching the game against Detroit (10-1 Bedard win). And had a good chuckle because of something I saw on here a couple weeks ago. Good stuff.

    It’s getting played out tho. Amanda Davis needs a boyfriend. Or just post the donkey pic when you’re refrencing Chone, we all get it. The novelty is starting to feel like Willy Wonka.
    Depp’s version.

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