Remembering The Worst Ad In Mariners History

It’s been four years since this ad first hit the airwaves. I figured I’d take this opportunity to remind you of whimsical suckiness gone by.

The Double Play Twins. Sure, they couldn’t actually turn a double play. But they were pretty good at grounding into them.

On top of that, they did everything together. Brushed their teeth side-by-side, ate cheeseburgers with one another (Jose might’ve had one too many of those), played Connect Four, practiced the accordion, rode bicycles built for two, and probably Eiffel Towered the heck out of unsuspecting jersey chasers. High five!

Try not to let that cheery tune get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. (Jose and Yuuuuuuuuuni…)

And a special thanks to The Red Hydro for bringing this 2007 commercial to my attention. It takes a hydro to really remember the good ol’ days.

2 thoughts on “Remembering The Worst Ad In Mariners History”

  1. Worst ad in Mariner’s history? Have you seen the one they are running this year with the guy getting his chest waxed and he says, ‘it’s okay. I can handle the pain. I’m a Mariner’s fan.”?

    Then Jack Zzzzz comes on and says, “I know, I know, but we’re gonna get better…” or something to that extent.

    Since when is it okay to actually admit that you suck heading into a season? To actually say that the team stinks and then, not to say, but hey, we are looking good now, but “we have some pieces in place”. That has to be the most uninspiring commercial that I have ever seen. I hope they aren’t wondering why we are setting Safeco Field records for poor attendance. The commercial is almost as bad as the apology letter that Jack Zzzzz sent out via email at the end of last year. How pathetic has it gotten when the GM actually apologizes for how bad the team is at the end of one year and then basically admits in an advertisement that the team still sucks?!

    I could really let it all out from here, but I’ll save the rest of my bickering for a future article named something like “Why the Mariners have the most boring fans in baseball.”

    By the way, I still torture myself every day by watching this team and wondering when I am going to stop. My heart won’t let me, but my brain says quit. I guess I figure that all this torture will make winning a division title that much sweeter when it actually happens.

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