Karate Emergency: Episode XXII

Click here to listen.

This might very well be the greatest Karate Emergency in the history of Karate Emergencies.

I really need to start saying that every week.

Anyway, on this episode of KE we discuss Donkey From Shrek, athlete etiquette in interviews, the Mariners, the Mariners’ fake Twitter account phenomenon, and, of course, a comprehensive breakdown of KJR’s (Bigger) Dance.

And just a reminder, you can download every episode of Karate Emergency (for free) via the iTunes Store, simply by searching “Karate Emergency”. Check it out!

6 thoughts on “Karate Emergency: Episode XXII”

  1. No shout out for the Hydroctopus in the M’s twitter personalities discussion?!? That’s it, time for the Green Hydro to drown!

  2. RE: the lacrosse team.

    Seattle sports fans are like the freakin’ music hipsters in this town. The more obscure, niche, unique and non-mainstream, the cooler it is to like.

  3. While we’re on the subject of KJR, can someone tell Hot Shot Scott to stop trying so hard? And all the promos for Gas on the streaming feed are KILLING ME.

  4. Wow. I got a shout too.

    Josh, you said my name right. I’m at work and this is a freakin’ crack up!

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