It’s Okay To Be Disappointed

Sometimes, as human beings, we attempt to mask our disappointment by feigning happiness over an unpleasant turn of events. It’s a method of coping that allows us to repress our true emotions and deal with the reality of the situation by creating a happier state in which to immerse ourselves. Frankly, I think it’s a bunch of crap.

I’m not one to run away from my true feelings, which is why I’m disappointed in the Husky basketball team. I am. I’m not willing to apologize for that, nor am I willing to fabricate satisfaction and congratulate the players or the coaching staff on a season well-done. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t horrible, not by any means. But clearly the end result of their work was a bit of a letdown and there’s simply no getting around that.

Look, if someone had told you back in November that the Dawgs were going to lose in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, how would you have felt? My guess is you would have been severely disappointed.

Rack your brains here for a minute. Think back to four months ago. Think about your view on the Washington Huskies back then. This was a team of destiny, a team that was considered by many to be the premier ballclub in the western United States. This team was going to go to Maui and knock off powerhouses, it was going to run away with the Pac-10 conference title, and ultimately it was going to contend for a National Championship. Instead, the season become one bitter disappointment after another, culminating in Sunday’s loss to North Carolina.

Yeah, it sucks. It absolutely sucks. So let’s not pretend it doesn’t.

I’ve seen and heard from too many purple-clad fans who are justifying this defeat by saying that the team had a “good season” in spite of the early exit. Really? If you call this a good season, then I’d hate to see your definition of mediocre. This season was above-average, but it was nowhere near what we hoped it would be. Why adjust your expectations after the fact? You start by settling on something like this and pretty soon you’ll be married to a deadbeat while raising future criminals. It’s a slippery slope.

Now come on. Let’s be honest with ourselves here. We wanted more. We wanted better. Can’t we just admit that? Don’t go all P.C. on me. Drop a few f-bombs if you have to, let your anger out, punch a Duck fan. Whatever it takes to release that frustration.

We’re all human. This is a human reaction. A genuine response. Nothing fake about it. I’m pissed. You’re pissed. We’re all a little pissed. Fair or unfair, our team failed to meet the bar that was set at the beginning of the season. Everyone involved has a right to be disappointed.

Will we get over this? Yes.

Will we hold a grudge forever? No.

Will we be just as optimistic next season? Very much so.

You don’t have to keep the blinders on to be a real fan. Don’t ever forget that.

We had an okay run that resulted in a poor finish. Better luck next year. Go Dawgs.

7 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Be Disappointed”

  1. Before I begin, the “mask” you are talking about is called reaction formation or intellectualization (I’m a little unclear on what you are referring to with the “mask”) of freudian psychology. With that said, I would like to add my take up on the game:

    The Senior Class

    The senior class featuring Justin Holiday, Venoy Overton, and MBA (Matthew Bryan-Amaning) had some big problems this year. I hate to say it, but the clear backbone of the UW men’s basketball team came from either two places: I.T. (Isaiah Thomas) or the freshmen (C.J. Wilcox and Terrence Ross). I know that Darnell Gant and Scott Suggs is also in the mix, but i’ll get to them later.

    Matthew Bryan-Amaning – I said before the tourney that MBA would be the breaking point of the UW men’s basketball team. He was either going to do really well or fail miserably with a slam dunk after time expired in the second half screaming “And one” (see 2/19/11 Arizona v. UW game). MBA performed the latter (without the slam dunk) with only fourteen points. The main problem with MBA (besides tons of missed shots making him a very unreliable shooter) is his terrible defense. Most of the points of UNC near the bucket could be attributed to MBA’s defense. And even if they miss, he fouls a player to make sure that there trip to the basket was worthwhile. MBA has averaged four personal fouls in the last three games (one away from fouling out). I would like to add one other note that MBA’s height made him a key figure in the game against UNC. However, MBA could not follow through.

    Justin Holiday – Holiday used to play amazing last year and was the co-captain this basketball season. However, last season the huskies had Pondexter, which probably helped. Holiday did not play at the same caliber this year. His shooting was off on some crucial game nights, especially against UNC only scoring four points (making him one of the lowest scorers for the Huskies). The fact is that UW relies on Holiday’s three pointers to help carry the team. Without Holiday able to score, the Huskies were left with one less weapon.

    Venoy Overton – All jokes of “the incident” aside, there are several aspects of Overton’s game pre-“incident” and post-“incident” that hurt UW. Overton is another dangerous fouler on the team (see UW v. WSU game technical foul at Hec Ed at end of second half). The problem is also the costly turnovers that Overton has by failing to complete a complex play to drive the ball into the net. I know people keep on saying that Overton was amazing last season, but this isn’t last season! Overton sometimes fails to provide crucial assists (that I.T. does) during tight games. Also, five points (although not the lowest scorer) during a crucial game is never okay.

    The UW Center

    A lot of people say that finding a good center is probably one of the hardest things to do as a recruiter in college basketball. You need someone with height, who can defend down low and can handle the ball well enough to come up with big plays, when needed.

    Aziz N’Diaye – First, N’Diaye committed four fouls, which continued to kill UW with the free throws. Second of all, he scored four points (tied with Holiday for being the lowest scorer) and in a game where height matters, that number is unacceptable. N’Diaye needs to work on his ball handling ability and his shooting. Often times when he is flustered from heavy pressure, costly turnovers take place. I think N’Diaye needs to get more physical (without fouling) to get near the rim. On defense, I think any easy layup or any easy drive to the rim could be attributed to N’Diaye as well. His defense needed improvement against a team that thrives off points from down low. That’s my take on N’Diaye.

    Thomas Was Not The I.T. Factor in This Game

    Isaiah Thomas – After the Pac-10 championship, I.T. is pardoned for life from any collegiate subjective sports writing. I would also like to note that this was a game of height, meaning that MBA and N’Diaye should have stepped up.

    And Who Says Freshmen Can’t Be Amazing

    Wilcox and Ross – They were both amazing on offense and assisted greatly on defense. I can’t wait until next year!

    Last, but not least

    Darnell Gant – Gant is one of those players that should be classified as a “just incase player” meaning that if your shots are off, Gant is often there with a second shot or a rebound. Gant played a good game.

    Scott Suggs – Also played a pretty good game. Suggs can be a good shooter and he played one of his best games yesterday.

    Final Thoughts

    Checklist for improvements for next year:

    EVERYTHING ON DEFENSE – UW seriously needs to work on defense

    Down Low – We need someone besides I.T. who can make easy lay ups down low

    STOP MAKING STUPID FOULS – Many would say we lost this game because of fouls (UW had twenty personal fouls, UNC had nine). As you are taught in kindergarden, keep your hands to yourself!

    I would like to end on a positive note that we kicked butt this year. And although UNC beat us this season, we will be back next season! Good luck seniors on your futures and GO DAWGS!

  2. F****************************************************************************CKKKKKKKKK………………. Nope, don’t feel any better :/

  3. Twas their own fault they ended up in Charlotte where a a Carolina clock keeper can overrule refs. Twas their own fault they turned the ball over in the waning seconds that made the clock keeper matter. Twas my fault when I heard it said they would go 18 – 0 in the PAC 10 and I listened. Disappointed, yes, hit a Duck, no. Kick a tar heel? Now we’re talking!@!!!!!!

  4. Aziz probably has some of the worst hands I’ve ever seen in a big man, and no touch at all around the rim. Needs to spend all year locked up in a gym and he can become a pretty decent offensive threat.

  5. where’s the statistic that shows how many teams advance in any round of the NCAA tourney when they score 7 points and turn the ball over 5 times in last 5 minutes in the game? Seems like everyone is pretty much at fault for that flub.

    Remember when our Seniors where showing that typical “4th year in the Romar system and now I’m realistically a candidate for All Pac 10” swagger?? Hard to say now, but Holiday was hitting over 45% of 3s for the first 1/3 of the season and definitely our most consistent player in Maui. The guy was on draft boards (2nd round was highest i remember him). After Maui, MBA started physically dominating offensively and defensively. Venoy was not looking great, but I figured he was playing hurt.

    Some bizarre switch just turned and all of a sudden the whoe team’s focus was derailed early in teh Pac 10 season and none of the Seniors were the same the rest of the way. My feeling was that our team was a dominant point guard away from greatness and then Gaddy got hurt. Then IT stepped up! Then “The Incident”. Then there was just a vacuum that sucked the focus and mental sharpness out of our team. IT and the frosh eventually got over it, but our Seniors got worse! Holiday lost his shot, got concussed, and started doing stupid things on the court for the first time in his career. MBA started choking at the rim. Venoy was a zombie until the last two or three games of the year and then lost his brain in the last 20 seconds against UNC.

    I feel worse for Holiday than anyone else I guess because he always had his head on straight and was such a baller for the last 3 years. Somewhat like a defense-first Quincy, all he needed was some confidence and a decent shot and it was possible to see him in the NBA some day. Not sure it’s as simple as “the incident”, but Holiday was playing lights out the first half of the season then disappeared.

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