Here’s The Best M’s Ad You’ll See All Day (Video)

Your 2011 Seattle Mariners released their new commercials today, but that’s not nearly as important as this ad from 1986. I know in the video title it says 1985, but that’s an egregious and unfortunate error. Dick Williams only managed the ballclub from 1986 through half of 1988. Yes, I was two at the time. But I’m confident in my baseball knowledge.

Anyway, that’s not what matters. What really matters is that there’s a new style of baseball in town. And it’s called Playing For Keeps.

4 thoughts on “Here’s The Best M’s Ad You’ll See All Day (Video)”

  1. Playing for keeps netted 67 wins…6 more than Believe Big.

    I think I just used Baseball Reference for the most pointless reason.

  2. A young Dave Valle, Alvin Davis and Mark Langston…..67-95. Those were the days.

    BTW-Good to see you are getting pumped for opening day.

  3. If you get to read this early tomorrow (Wednesday 3/16/11) morning at 10:30 a.m., please go to (the UW athletic site). MBA will be answering questions from fans about his performance. So if you think maybe that he needs to improve some aspect of his game, you could probably ask him about it tomorrow. Here is a link:


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