Your 2011 Seattle Mariners Nickname Guide

The 2011 baseball season is nearly upon us and, lo and behold, you have no idea who half the guys on the Mariners’ roster are. Lucky for you, we do. We don’t just recognize the new faces, though. We’re here to offer more than that.

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know the team’s broadcasters pretty well. Dave Sims, Rick Rizzs, Ron Fairly (he’ll be back in the booth this year, filling in for the late, great Dave Niehaus). We also have a pretty good idea of how this trio of voices will refer to the new crop of M’s. But you may not. Which is why we’re here to bring you your 2011 Seattle Mariners Nickname Guide. Don’t thank us. It’s all part of the job.


Player: Dan Cortes

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Cortesy

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Dan Cortes

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Hernando Cortez

Player: Manny Delcarmen

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Manny

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Manny Delcarmen

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Manny Ramirez


Player: Aaron Laffey

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Laffey

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Aaron Laffey

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Alvin Lackey


Player: Josh Lueke

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Lueke

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Josh Lueke

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Bill Risley


Player: Michael Pineda

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Peeny

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Michael Pineda

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Freddy Garcia


Player: Chris Ray

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Chrissy

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Chris Ray

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Rey Quinones


Player: Nate Robertson

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Natey

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Nate Robertson

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Nick Rowland-Smith


Player: Chaz Roe

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Roey

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Chaz Roe

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Preacher Roe


Player: Tom Wilhemsen

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Wilhelmsey

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Tom Wilhelmsen

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Todd Williams



Player: Miguel Olivo

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Miggy

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Little Miguel Olivo

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Miguel Marzano



Player: Dustin Ackley

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Ackley

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Little Dustin Ackley

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Damon Utley


Player: Adam Kennedy

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Kenny

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Little Adam Kennedy

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Jack Perconte


Player: Matt Mangini

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Mangini

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Matt Mangini

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Eric Mangini


Player: Brendan Ryan

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Brendy

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Little Brendan Ryan

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Nolan Ryan



Player: Jack Cust

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Custy

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Jack Cust

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Russell Branyan


Player: Gabe Gross

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Grossy

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Gabe Gross

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Kevin Gross


Player: Greg Halman

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Halmany

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Greg Halman

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Franklin Gutierrez

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