Perpetually Upset

A few people have asked for a Seattle Sportsnet Bracket Challenge, so overcoming my own laziness, I went ahead and created a bracket pool through ESPN.

The group is free, open to everyone, and will undoubtedly result in my being humbled by more than a handful of you. The winner will get all the glory of knowing they did an amazing thing…and I’ll probably give you some love on these pages, or if not that, an episode of Karate Emergency.

So check it out and feel free to join in. It’s March Madness. The only time of the year when Valparaiso and George Mason and Wofford, yes Wofford, matter.

One thought on “Perpetually Upset”

  1. I just realized something and this is very unconventional. But I believe we should have a Dawg Pack Dirt article for Georgia. First of all, it’s the tourney, so any conventional methods should go out the window. Secondly, we are playing a team, who we will never play for a while after this game, that has a UW alumnus for a coach (from what I heard). It would be nice to see what we could come up with, even if it wasn’t an “official” Dawg Pack Dirt article, we could still post it on this site for fans to see. Just an idea.

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