Karate Emergency: Episode XVIII

Click here to listen.

We’ve given up Ryan Divish for Lent, as this week’s KE features Josh, Ashley, and yours truly discussing everything you want to hear about.

We investigate the recent rash of criminal activity at the local college level (Venoy Overton, Klay Thompson, Reggie Moore, Johri Fogerson), talk a little Husky Basketball, issue a public apology for one part of last week’s Dating Game episode, shout out to a Twitter follower, get some grumpiness off our collective chest, and wrap up with the news.

Check it…

5 thoughts on “Karate Emergency: Episode XVIII”

  1. We don’t know what Venoy did or what went on that night. All he’s accused of is providing alcohol to a minor. Other than that, it’s all word of mouth.

  2. Well done. That was the first time I’ve gotten one of those to play through my work’s firewall… time to play catch-up all day.

  3. All I know is, if adults can be arrested and jailed for soliciting 45 year old women/men pretending to be 14, then the reverse should happen for Venoy, if he was solicted by 16 year old females pretending to be 21. How many people ask to see ID before going forward with a “date”? I do not know the facts….just stating.

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