Karate Emergency: Episode XVII

Click here to listen.

Boom. It’s here. The Dating Game episode. Our Skyping Couple versus our Engaged Couple. Josh Sabrowsky and his fiancee Alex. Ryan Divish (Dickens) and his cyber-maiden Cortney. Who knows more about their partner? Find out in this week’s Karate Emergency!

(And for the record, the questions are tastefully absurd.)

Supplementing our foray into the world of relationships is the usual grumpiness, some Husky Basketball banter, our weekly Twitter shout-out, and the week’s news.

Check it…

One thought on “Karate Emergency: Episode XVII”

  1. You guys need to talk about more husky bball. The season is coming to an end and fans really need some colorful commentary going into the PAC-10 tournament. I’d like to hear more discussion about husky bball, in general, than just talking about one foul.

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