Dawg Pack Dirt: Washington State

Dawg Pack Dirt: WSU

Volume 7, Issue 13, February 27, 2011

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Written by dedicated Dawg Pack members

The game:

-Washington State Cougars (17-10) @ Washington Huskies (19-8).

-Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion, Seattle, Wash.

-Sunday, February 27, 2011 7:00 p.m. PST.

The team:

-Washington State University, Pullman, Wash.

-WSU played some difficult non-conference games earlier this season, beating Baylor 77-71 on a neutral floor, and losing by five points to Kansas State at home.

-The Cougs have Coug’d it a couple of times this year, most recently at ASU last week.

-After beating the Huskies in Pullman last month, the Cougar faithful rushed the court. We didn’t forget. Let’s welcome them to an actual city and show ’em what true fans look and sound like. Onto the Dirt…

*Editor’s note: You probably already know that Washington State is coached by former UW assistant coach Ken Bone. Likewise, you might very well be aware that former Husky point guard Curtis Allen is one of Bone’s assistants. What you may not know is that Cougar assistant coach Jeff Hironaka (who was previously employed as the head men’s basketball coach at Seattle Pacific University) is one of the most entertaining assistant coaches in THE ENTIRE FREAKIN’ WORLD! My advice to those of you attending Sunday’s game is simple: Enjoy Hironaka. Do it.

The players:

#0 G (Jr.) Marcus Capers

-Thinks his teammate Dexter Kernich-Drew looks like “Drake on crack.”

-Likes to utter the phrase “half a sandwich,” which appears to be his own unique synonym for “smh” (shaking my head, for the non-Twitterliterate). When he misses a shot, ask him if it’s “half a sandwich” worthy.

-Here’s Marcus finding some form of entertainment in Pullman. How sad:

#1 G (Jr.) Klay Thompson

-Klay’s mom is definitely not half a sandwich:

-Dad’s name is Mychal; has two brothers named Mychel and Trayce. Note the self-indulgent presence of the letter “Y”. Mychal Thompson is a former NBA player, most notably with the Los Angeles Lakers.

-Last week, Klay was benched at the outset of the team’s game against ASU. He violated team rules by arriving late to the bus, a penalty that earned him an automatic timeout at tipoff. The reason he was late? He was looking for his iPod, which was later discovered in the bag of teammate Brock Motum. Motum may or may not be a thief.

-Here’s another picture of Klay:

*Editor’s note: Klay has a penchant for choking in clutch situations. Just sayin’.

#2 G (Jr.) Mike Ladd

-Originally from Seattle, Ladd is a transfer from Fresno State and will be eligible next season. Ladd played high school ball at Rainier Beach, alongside fellow Cougar teammate Reggie Moore.

-Real first name is “Mychal.” Seriously. What are the odds…

-Has a girlfriend named Sherese.

-Even though he is from Seattle, he is a huge Thunder fan. “Even if they bring back the Sonics, I’m still rockin OKC,” he says. What’s up with that?

*Editor’s note: Oklahoma City, huh? I already know I don’t like Mike Ladd.

-His dad is also named Mychal. Has a sister named Myzhanique.

*Editor’s note: Myzhanique. Not a real name.

-Mike recently posted: “My older lil sis just told me she got accepted too WSU, she’s super smart.”

-His guilty pleasure is Lifetime Original Movies.

#3 G (So.) Reggie Moore

-Reggie is a Rainier Beach alum and was recruited by Washington’s Lorenzo Romar until the Huskies’ received a commitment from point guard Abdul Gaddy. Moore was openly sad about being dropped from Washington’s plans.

-In December, Reggie was arrested and held overnight for possession of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.  Bring out your DARE shirts and remind him “Suggs, not drugs!”

-Started the mercurial “Sky Blue” movement on Twitter. Nobody seems to really know what this means, other than that it’s “chill.” As far as movements go, Raise the Roof > Sky Blue.

-One of Reggie’s favorite quotes: “you’d look too if you thought you were gonna see a unicorn.” If that doesn’t scream stoner, I don’t know what does.

*Editor’s note: Reggie is my favorite basketball player in the Pac-10. I wish we had him on our team, no lie. That said, you gotta let him have it for the weed issues. Puff, puff, pass…every time he touches the ball.

#5 G (Fr.) William DiIorio

-Will seems to be very popular with the DG sorority at WSU. They ask him to come over via Facebook quite often.

-Said “Pullman is the best city in the America!” Will, do a favor to “the America” and stay in Pullman.

-Will was upset that ESPN at one time had him listed at 18 lbs.

#11 G (Jr.) Faisal Aden

-Faisal was born in Somalia before moving to San Diego at age nine.

-Here he is in a Phillies cap. Faisal wants to make one thing clear: He might be from Somalia, but he is NOT a pirate.

-Try to get Faisal’s attention by speaking his native language. Here’s some Somali that might make him turn around: “Wahali,” “Warya,” “Egga Amos.”

*Editor’s note: Faisal Aden has the world’s largest forehead. That hat is actually fully on his enormous dome in that picture.

#12 F (So.) Brock Motum

-An Australian who was supposed to be a big contributor coming into WSU, but so far has been nothing short of a disappointment.

-His Twitter profile says “Don’t follow me, I don’t know where I’m going”… sounds like he has some insecurity issues.

-Here’s a self-explanatory photo of Motum:

*Editor’s note: May be responsible for the murder of Albus Dumbledore.

#13 C (So.) Steven Bjornstad

-In a relationship with a girl named Kayla Lynn.

-Was not pursued by WSU initially, signed with Nevada, then came to WSU once Ken Bone (finally) extended an offer. Definitely remind him that he’s not wanted.

*Editor’s note: “Girl, don’t you know you just sloppy seconds?” –Sidra O’Neal, Love and Basketball.

#15 C (Jr.) Chris McNamara

-Dating Morgan Hay.

-Turns out Chris is a giant nerd:

#22 G (RS Jr.) Ben Loewen

-Ben is a transfer from Whitworth University (in Spokane), but a native of Pullman…he tried to escape.

*Editor’s note: He failed.

-Has recorded less PT than Brenden Sherrer this season, appearing in only four games. In those four games he has played in, Ben has scored zero points and picked up one foul.

*Editor’s note: Would it be wrong to say those are Aziz-type numbers? Yes? Okay, then pretend I didn’t bring that up.

-He is a second generation Coug, and likes playing and beating his dad at golf.

#23 F (Jr.) DeAngelo Casto

-This big guy just got rid of his nasty cornrows…tell him thanks (because they were awful…almost as bad as Joakim Noah’s hair).

-DeAngelo enjoys playing chess and doing Sudoku puzzles, but hasn’t declared a major.

*Editor’s note: Sudoku can be really addicting.

-His Facebook says he lives in St. Louis. He must not want to claim Pullman as his residence.

-His favorite books include Don’t Read. And his favorite movies include P.S. I Love You and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. He likes chick flicks.

*Editor’s note: As someone who is also into romantic comedies, I can tell you that Casto is absolutely full of sh*t about his penchant for chick flicks since P.S. I Love You is straight garbage. Anyone who’s seen that movie could tell you that. It doesn’t even have a happy ending and it relies too heavily on Harry Connick Jr., which is akin to relying too heavily on a rickety fence. Plus, listening to the ghost of Gerard Butler speak the whole time is absolutely soul-crippling. Casto’s a poser. Just trying to get laid.

-He has 21 siblings. We should test him.

*Editor’s note: My heart goes out to Mrs. Casto, who must have the Panama Canal of birth canals at this stage in her life.

-Last year’s Dirt Diggers reported that Casto rarely takes off that headband…he thinks he looks cool. It’s probably pretty sweaty. Last year’s Dirt Diggers also found this gem:

#24 G (Fr.) Dexter Kernich-Drew

-This Aussie is relatively boring, however his high school was named Caulfield Grammar…he must be fairly proficient in his verb usage.

-We have a beef with this guy too; he rejected our friend request three times.

*Editor’s note: This guy is smarter than he might otherwise appear.

#25 G (Fr.) Andre’ Winston Jr.

-Comes from a basketball family; his father played collegiate basketball at Utah.

-Andre’ is a native of Lakewood, Wash. and attended Lakes High School.

#31 F/G (RS Jr.) Abe Lodwick

-Abe missed a potential game-tying, wide open three-pointer at the end of regulation versus Arizona State. In disbelief, Abe said, “I thought I had it.” CHOKE.

-Abe is known for looking great in practice, but then proceeding to brick everything during games. Kenpom.com rated Abe as a “nearly invisible” player on offense.

-Here’s Honest Abe and ex-teammate Robbie Cowgill getting ready for a night out in Pullman.  Fortunately for them, it doesn’t take too much effort to get lucky in P-Town:

#40 F (RS Jr.) Charlie Enquist

-Charlie’s younger brother, Oliver, goes to UW. Oliver’s smarter.

-Has a girlfriend named Katie.

-Here are two photos of Charlie Enquist doing whatever it is that Charlie Enquist does:

#44 F (Fr.) Patrick Simon

-Has a girlfriend named Abby.

-At a party this summer, he signed some guy named Justin’s butt. There is photo evidence, but it’s disgusting.

-Pat has gone scoreless in his last four games after getting off to a hot start to the season.

*Editor’s note: You may remember Patrick Simon as the 14-year-old who originally committed to Washington State as a high school freshman back in 2006. The hubbub surrounding the barely-pubescent Simon’s commitment to then-coach Tony Bennett’s program spread far and wide, and was even discussed on a national level.

A native of Ephrata, Wash., Simon enjoyed a successful prep career at Class 2A Ephrata High School, helping lead the Tigers to a 2008 State Championship.

All that said, with such a lofty reputation preceding his Cougar basketball career, Simon has yet to get off the ground at the college level. The 6’8″ small forward is averaging just 3.6 points and 1.6 rebounds per game. In spite of those numbers, a handful of Cougar fans have recently started an online petition-of-sorts to Free Simon, if you will. These particular fans are demanding that Coach Ken Bone unleash the former high school superstar and insert him into the starting lineup for the team’s final three regular season games. We’ll see how it goes…

9 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: Washington State”

  1. Okay, this is a hot mess. Snape murdered Dumbledore, not Voldemort. My God.

    Also, I love you.

  2. Sure, Snape allegedly murdered Dumbledore. According to that harlot J.K. Rowling. But we all know how shaky allegations can be.

    No means no.

  3. Do your research. Oliver Enquist is an unintelligent do nothing member of Dawg Pack that at 6’5, still managed to get cut from the crew team. Sad to say, but Charlie is actually a lot better.

  4. How did this “dirt” work out for you guys? Did it prevent a sweep? Well, at least you guys have an awesome little roller-coaster cheer that your student section did during a timeout. Immediately following this cheer, a UW alumni behind me said “Yeah, that was really stupid”. Nice work.

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